Winter Update 2018
Find out the newest information about the Winter Update in Tibia!

Triangle of Luring

on 05 Feb 2015, 16:00

Some locations simply seem to lend themselves to hauntings, perhaps due to the dramatic or grisly events that occurred there in the past. Get to know the Triangle of Luring - what now is simply a haunted area, in ancient times of Tibia...

Old Hunting Style

on 11 Dec 2014, 19:00

The vocations were confusing those days! A knight would use ultimate healing runes to heal himself while hunting. An experienced level 40 mage would use a skull staff to kill rotworms. And a paladin would use sudden death runes along with crossbow and bolts to kill demons...

Seyva, Cipsoft member

on 25 Nov 2014, 10:00

Seyva is one of the four persons responsible for testing new things at Tibia. She answered few questions about her daily work at CipSoft. If you wish to know what she has to say, check this interview!

Powergaming: 2005-2013

on 13 Aug 2014, 17:00

While finding a level 60 was something to make our eyes widen in the old times, nowadays the scenario is completely different. Is powergaming a reflection of today's community? Check out this article and share your feelings with us!

Tools improvement and more!!!

on 14 Jul 2014, 00:00

In the last days we have been working on tools and some other new features for our forum. With the new update, Cipsoft tries to encourage party hunting and make it more appealing. So we decided to improve our experience calculator and adapt it to this changes!. Also, we added an outfitter together with a feature that will allow you to chose an outfit to show in the forums, and the "character hover", that will show your registered tibia character basic information. Check them by yourselves!

Tibian Artists - Understimated Heroes

on 23 Apr 2014, 00:00

Craban more or less used to say in one of his blogs, the majority of players dream to become heroes, to reach the unreachable, do something that we can't do in the modern and anonymous real life of the twenty-first century. Only a few will write their names in the sands of history of this fantasy world.

Prices of premium time rises!

on 24 Mar 2014, 00:00

Today every Tibia player have recieved a letter, an open letter from Cipsoft. It's about a really hard topic..."money". The premium time and extra services price will rise from April. The date is not yet known but we can predict it will be sometime by the middle of the month. You can find the new prices of premiums and services in a table below. You can know about the new ways of payment that will be implemented in the official website. We think that the whole payment system will be new. We do hope it will be much easier for the community.

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