Winter Update 2019
Find out the newest information about the Winter Update in Tibia!

Hunting Tasks and Configurable Control Buttons

on 04 Nov 2019, 10:00

Are you looking for an extra incentive to go hunting? The Hunting Tasks will reward you for killing scores of creatures.

Happy Halloween

on 31 Oct 2019, 00:00

Halloween is here! From today's server save till server save November 3, the Mutated Pumpkin will rear its ugly head west of Darashia to instill fright and dread in the hearts of many an adventurer.

Party Hunt Analyser and More

on 30 Oct 2019, 00:00

Is it up to you to split the loot after a successful hunt? Are you wondering if one of your team members is really pulling their weight? Then the Party Hunt Analyser will make your life a lot easier.

Small Price Adjustment for Webshop Products

on 29 Oct 2019, 00:00

We want to inform you in advance that we are going to adjust the pricing of our Webshop products Premium Time, Tibia Coins and the extra service Recovery Key soon.

A small price rise in the low single-digit percentage range will take place on Nov 12, 2019, 10:00 CET.

Double XP and Double Skill Weekend

on 25 Oct 2019, 00:00

Between the server saves of November 01 and November 04, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

What Lies Beyond

on 24 Oct 2019, 00:00

In my continued quest to get to the bottom of the activities on the astral plane, I have identified several locations which are key to understanding the inner workings of this phantasmal realm.

Darkness Before Dawn

on 22 Oct 2019, 00:00

Diary of Para Norbert, Entry #21

When I awoke in the dead of night, I knew immediately that a nightmare had held me in its grips just moments ago. I could not remember one detail, not even a fleeting glimpse of what my eyes must have beheld in the tenebrous netherworld of dreams;

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