Winter Update 2018
Find out the newest information about the Winter Update in Tibia!

New South American Optional PvP Game World

on 22 Oct 2018, 15:00

Next week, we will launch an Optional PvP game world in South America:

Celebra will start with no initial transfer or premium-only restrictions.

New Outfit

on 19 Oct 2018, 14:00

A new outfit has been added to the Store today!

Spooky Rumble in the Jungle

on 18 Oct 2018, 10:00

Oh no, there is that spooky ruin again... That means that I have been walking in circles the whole time. Great, I am completely lost. In this dense jungle, the trees all look alike.

Shattered Dreams

on 16 Oct 2018, 05:00

Imagine a place full of peaceful creatures living in a perfect symbiosis. A place without envy but with a thriving and prospering community, isolated and protected from any danger or negative influences.

Contribution Event Winners

on 15 Oct 2018, 22:00

We are finally able to announce the winners of our latest event!

The Lion's Den Explorer

on 09 Oct 2018, 10:00

All thirsty, in the middle of the desert, with death hanging over them, Snoopy and Truly discover a huge shadow-casting rock and their destiny for that day changes completely. Read on to hear about another adventure of Snoopy Moony and Truly Dooly...

Rapid Respawn Weekend

on 05 Oct 2018, 10:00

Have you already grown used to the new improved respawn rate in Tibia? Good news, Tibia will speed up that rate during the next rapid respawn event even more!

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