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Mysteries for beginners III

Created by Urgith. on 09 Dec 2016, 09:00

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Kazordoon is known of endless mysteries. This place was so mysterious that in early days newbies did not know how to get to the city depot. Thus, the city was considered as the least favourite of all. However, due to its location and many hidden corridors I will risk saying that this is the nest of the biggest mysteries of all times.


Who does not know the legend of the mighty Basilisk?! Basilisk is a woman. Of course it must be a woman, only a woman can look pretty and can turn you into stone in one second. Basilisk can also be seen as a snake, like here in Tibia! As far as I am concerned it is located on the deepest part of Tibia, meaning that the digging holes on the ground are just fake. Nobody, however was able to reach the basilisk and came out alive. Is the legend of its eyes really true? Or it is again a joke played by the creators. This Basilisk is clearly trying to say something. What could that be? 'Pet me, please' or 'Hey, dude, have a look...'. Seeing it from the distance is not that scary. In fact, I bet I could kill it with my bare hands. Hold my beer...

It is real! Basilisk is real. I am looking at...

A Sleeping girl

There is a girl... not a regular one, but I guess the most beautiful of all... (I hope Queen Eloise from Carlin will not read this). So there is a girl I would date without any hesitation, however there is a small trouble. She is sleeping all the time, locked in a room with seven beds. Now you probably ask yourself, how is it possible that I see her sleeping in a bed when she is locked in a room. Well... I must confess I am a voyeur and I saw it through the key hole. Getting to her room was quite disturbing as she was guarded by a witch and 7 dwarfs. That reminded me of a story my sister used to read to me... "Snow White and the seven dwarfs". I guess I had better luck dealing with the evil witch, because she died after one hit. Dwarfs were more laughable because I had to kneel down to deal some damage. They started the rumble, I was willing to talk. Coming back to the story... the girl is sleeping in one of the seven beds and it means that one of the dwarfs was unlucky, sleeping on the floor haha. The witch was probably so evil that she did not sleep at all. What is more, there was an apple on the table. Did the princess taste it and fell asleep? Or is she dead already? Since I cannot question the witch (because she accidentally jumped on my axe and (again accidentally) got killed), and dwarfs (who were not tall enough to bare the witness of my full might) I guess I will wait in front of the door and whisper some naughty words wishing to wake her up. I mean, come on, she has to wake up. All fairy tales ends well, after all. The best idea is to find the key. I searched it within dwarfs beards but found nothing except some rusty equipment, louses and three moths. Keep looking, and if you happen to find the key... GIVE... IT... TO ME... !!!

Forgotten city of Beregar

You may have heard about the mysterious city of Beregar, hidden from Tibians for many centuries. Some of you claim to visit the island already, and some wish to get there, but they do not know how. It is no mystery that it can be accessed from Yalahar only, however... There is a story told by many NPC's involving dwarfs and a huge fight they were having among themselves. The story has its origination in Beregar, where tribes were forced to battle. It is said that one of the tribes took the passage to mountains - that is Kazordoon as destination. But how would they manage to get there from Beregar? We know that dwarfs are great miners, but... they usually mine using explosives. Yeah, I did some investigation, and riddle me this: why in both places there are unaccessible doors with red handle. They seem to lead down the tunnels. Is it really a passage from one place to another, however sealed with piles of stone? Probably cradles after explosion. The real reason of the fight is yet unknown and probably hidden along with the keymaker, who could access those doors. Maybe we should ask more questions. I bet there are still some old dwarfs who know a thing or two, and they would spill the beans for a great mug of beer. Just say it, you would love to have this kind of shortcut between Kazordoon and Beregar. It could be in our grasp already!

Treasure room

One of the best guarded treasure rooms, ever! Not only the Emperor is standing nearby with his guards, but also other dwarf guards are ready to chop your head off, if you manage to get too close to the vault entrance. To get there just follow south from the Emperor, who does not seem bothered by you and let you there freely. Weird. The first thing you see are those funny tiles on the ground. It says that they might be some kind of levers. Yet, standing on them does literally NOTHING. It is probably some kind of joke played upon treasure hunters, and that the only way to enter his vault is by having this particular, the one and only, legen-wait-for-it-dary, small dwarvish key. By peeking through the keyhole we can see many treasures there. One of them is a very nice looking crown. It would really suit me best. I asked him once to lend it to me... with failure. Either he has no access to his own vault, or his greed is unimaginably strong.

Emperor Escape Tunnel

Emperor Kruzak - everybody knows the name! He is the most importan dwarf in Kazordoon, after all! We know already that his throne room is just next to the treasure room, however some of you may yet never heard about his fears. Yes, he is in great fear for his life! There are rumors that he does not sleep at all! He is always ready to run away leaving all of the treasures behind. It seems he values his life more than the gold he gathered. If you walk north from his throne room you can see this tiny passage to the west. This is his escape route! It is well hidden, indeed! What a chicken he is... Is his fear even real? Is there a threat? I tried asking him but he got paranoid and kicked me out of his chambers. The nerve! With this attitude no wonder why he has got so many enemies. Yet another thing, if you are in fight and running with a white skull, this is one of the best possibilities to hide or run away and remain intact!


Venore is one of the most inhabited cities in Tibia. New players usually pick this city, because of its location and great architecture. Even though, the city looks so modern, it also has got many mysteries around. I will focus on some of them, trying to pursue the dream of every treasure seeker!

Banshee in the desert

Every newbie Tibian knows where the desert is! It is the yellow area between Venore, Thais and Kazordoon! By reaching level 20 you get access to one of the best quests ever, also known as Desert Quest! The quest is quite popular since the reward is 100x Platinum Coin . For a 20 level this is a huge pile of money! I remember those good days, searching for someone who knew the route through the desert depths. One wrong step and you were dead. Sadly, many people after completing the quest never went back here to reveal more secrets of the place. This whole dungeon desert consists of many corridors and hidden traps! Some were deadly for a low level, but not for me! As I was wandering deeper I managed to find something weird. A wall. Okay, the wall was not special, but what was behind the wall - was! A single Banshee in a non-reachable room, with one lever and one teleport! It was non-reachable for me from the way I was standing, but maybe there exists a way in from the other side. Is she guarding some ancient secrets? A small tip, if you are a level 20 and see a banshee, run! Run as hell! This place has no mercy, and she is the meanest creature there. Those of you who wish to see her for yourself, go ahead. Maybe you will find a way to her chamber and reveal the mystery within!

The secret dragon lair

Here is some information for dragon maniacs! Yeah! Not so deep near the desert there is a cave with many fire devils. Those, however, are reckless and would love to see you begging for life. But, if you are brave enough to go down there and know where to dig, you may end up in a funny place. Fire devils are now attacking you from the distance and at the end of the short passage surrounded by gallons of lava you will notice a small prison cell to the north. Lava + metal grate + energy walls prevents us from getting there.

However, we do know where is the lever to bring the metal grate down! Still, there is lava and energy walls on the way. Why would someone put some dragons here? Are they guarding something?

This mystery is probably as old as the Tibia itself. Maybe it is nothing special since nobody was able to solve it by now. Or... Am I missing something, again?

Elf Fortress

Elf Fortress is yet another place where low level characters are able to gain their experience. In this place we can find at least two known quests. However there is at least one hidden, waiting to be revealed! When you reach the final room of the Elf Fortress Quest (the one in which the rewards are: Time Ring, Elven Amulet and Crystal Ball) you can find something strange. This place is heavily guarded by many elfs along with some Arcanists. If you were paying enough attention, then you did notice strange energy walls on the western part of the room. Those walls are by far impenetrable. Nobody has ever been on the other side of them. This is another mystery for us to focus on. As we see there is a chest there, and inside that very chest might be everything! Back in the days there were rumors, that passing those energy walls will grant you the Silver Mace. Yet this mystery is still hidden... There could be anything... Some answers are in front of our eyes, but we neglect to see what is crucial in our surroundings.

Unsolved PoI quest

After completing the Pits of Inferno Quest you may have encountered the hidden room with mysterious sword. Do not worry though, this place is not guarded since you have beaten the ruthless seven to get here. The history of this place speaks about the sword named 'Excalibug'. Many NPC's are referring to this sword saying that it has to be found and wielded again. Some even give us specific information where to look for it. Many years ago this sword was indeed possible to obtain due to some mistakes of the map creator. The name 'Excalibug', however, was not given by the creators, but players, who found this situation funny. Today when you look at the sword, you will see nothing special. Are they trying to hide something, or is it only a tribute to the mistake they made. I always wonder how many 'mysteries' are out there in Tibia, and how many are just unreachable places. There is only one way to find out. Solve it!

As we see there is a teleport to the right and many switches. Cipsoft is known of creating very complex mysteries, but is this one solvable? Or maybe nothing special is really nothing special and we have to deal with it.

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By Rgeoz on 31 Jan 2017, 08:44 - 11.04

Am i the only one thinking that you might indeed seen Princess Lumelia through the door lock? That would certainly explain your crush on her. It is told that everyone who ever saw her fell in love, just look at the Hero's.

By Venner on 09 Dec 2016, 20:52 - 11.02 (Winter Update 2016)

This is AWESOME! I love it! I can hold your beer, Yoori, but... the crown would suit me better! And good luck with the princess, I bet she will wake up soon if you whisper those naughty words! ]:>

By Akinaxis on 19 Apr 2017, 20:18 - 11.20

About the POI Unsolved Quest, might be, just like the spike sword in rookgard. Sometime, long time ago, It was supposed to be a do-able quest, with the mage minotaur and all, but no one ever got it. Might just be there to tease the whole tibian world... Wouldn't be a new trick under the sleeve in the coat of CipSoft.

By Uman on 20 Apr 2017, 23:32 - 11.20

Well, I think you can still make the spike sword disappear from rookguard. I do believe the thing with spike sword was always a "funny thing" then a real quest. The only spike sword that was on rookguard was one given by "gods" as far I remember.


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