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New Features for Tibia 11

by on 11 Oct 2016, 10:00 , 0 users liked this news

It is time to add some long awaited features to the Tibia 11 client.

With today's update you will be able to sort your battle window and to choose what you want to get displayed in it. We added five buttons on top of the battle list to activate different filters: "Players", "NPCs", "Monsters", "Non-Skulled Players" and "Party Members". It is up to you which filters you select. You can hide any other players and NPCs for example, if you want to focus on the monsters you are approaching. Check out which combination suits you best to stay on top of things while fighting a war or hunting in busy grounds. If you do not need to make any adjustments to your battle list, you can hide the buttons anytime, which results in more space for other things. Furthermore, you can sort the order of appearance by your own needs. Per default the battle list appearances are sorted "by Display Time" which was also the case in previous client versions. You can open the different sorting options with the corresponding icon at the top of your battle window as well as with a right click in your battle window itself.

Additionally, we implemented a new hungry icon which helps you to keep track of your satiety. As soon as your food timer has run out, this little icon will show up in the field below your inventory which also displays other special conditions such as burning or poisoning. No more hunting on an empty stomach!

Another new feature is the possibility to attack your previous or next target via hotkey. Check out the hotkey menu to set your favourite keys.

We hope you enjoy the new features and are happy to receive further feedback from you!

Kind Regards,

Your Community Managers

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