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Tjured has been interviewed

Created by Zathroth. on 13 Jan 2014, 10:00

Tjured, first than all, we would like to know something about yourself! What are your personal tastes? Do you have any hobbies or what you like to do in your free time?.

Hello. That's an easy start. I play the drums in a band, do some sport, I like to go to the cinema, watching good (and bad) movies at home, reading fantasy books and crime fiction. Furthermore, I like football (FC Bayern Munich), Heavy Metal, and games. I prefer games like Baldurs Gate and Dragon Age, but I am also addicted to games like Civilization or the Command & Conquer series, and of course Tibia. And I am very interested in politics. Also, I am Batman and I hunt criminals in my free time.

Aurora Velvet from Secura would like to know your shoe size (perhaps she want to gift you a new pair for your birthday or something :P).

Sneakers: US 9, EUR 43,5; Boots: US 9, EUR 42,5. I prefer black shoes.

Fosilman from Secura wants to know two things: "Are you a true ninja in real life?, What are hot dogs called in Germany? ".

Yes. My Ninja skills are legendary. Otherwise, I would suck as Batman. Hot Dogs? If you translate it, it would probably be something like "heiße Wärstchen" but usually we just call them hot dogs as well.

Fay Memoria from Secura asked on this topic:

What place in the world would you like to visit the most?

I would like to see the Thermopylae in Greek. I would also like to visit Scandinavia, Iceland, and New Zealand.

If you had a bucket list, what would be the top 3 on that list?

Meet and talk to Christopher Tolkien about the books of his father.

Visit the Rock in Rio Festival.

Crossing the Alps like Hannibal did, but without elephants'

Do you follow any tv-series, and if so, what?

Yes I do. Currently, I am watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Criminal Minds and Sherlock Holmes. I am also a fan of The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

If you could not have schnitzel, what other food would you have?

Pizza, I'm a ninja turtle. Cowabunga!

If you would get stranded on a island in real life, who would you bring and what would you bring?

If I can only bring one person with me I would bring my girlfriend. If it's possible to take more people with me, I'd take my best friend and my family as well. What would I bring? The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, a chess set, and an axe.

How you knew about Tibia and how you ended working for Cipsoft?. Do you have any personal character to play?, if this is the case, you play it actively?

A friend tried to convince me to play Tibia for years. I guess the first time he tried to convince me was about 2003 or something like that. I always told him that I prefer to play pen & paper games, and that I am not a fan of games like that. Well, he did not give up and one evening, we played Diablo II together at his place, and he told me that he have to feed his chars. I watched him doing that and fell in love with Tibia's graphics. At the same evening I created my first Tibia account which I still play. I play both, optional and open PvP. I also got a character on one of the Hardcore PvP worlds, but I haven't played him for a while and to be honest, he is way too low to have fun with him, yet.

How did I end up here? Well, short story. I was looking for a new job and thought, why not try to find a job at the company that develops the game I love and play so much. As you know, I had luck and here I am - since 2 and a half years.

Usiris from Phytera sent the following question: "Are you the most involved into Tibia (like a player) inside of Cipsoft?"

I guess I am one of the most active players inside the CipSoft team, if you mean that.

In what consist the job of a community manager? How is a normal day of work at the office? Which part of your job you like and which part you hate most?

We are responsible for the community boards. That means we are gathering the feedback there and forwarding it to the responsible departments. We also check other channels for feedback, for example the feedback forms or our official facebook page. We answer questions in the Auditorium as best as we can. Unfortunately, sometimes players are not 100% satisfied with an answer. Often, we just can't give the answer that players would like to hear. Some information is confidential, and sometimes we have to ask for an answer internally before we can respond. Therefore, it might take some time till we are able to give a concrete answer on a concrete question and it can also happen that we can't give a more concrete answer, than we already gave.

Also, we are the ones that write tickers, news, featured articles, and one of us takes care of the supported and promoted fansites. Then we have, of course, internal stuff as well, for example, meetings with other departments, working on documents, self-analysis, etc.

A normal day starts with a cup of coffee and with checking the forums. We check if there are any questions that need to be answered. If so, we are answering them or, if needed, we ask for the required information from our colleagues of other departments. Then we check if we have to write any news or tickers soon. In that case, we have to be sure that we have all required information to write the news or the ticker. So it can happen that we have to schedule a meeting with the responsible people to get the information. Also, we have CM internal meetings. There we talk about the feedback we collected, analyse it, and forward it. Furthermore we talk about what lays ahead the next days and assign tasks. Facebook also takes some time. When we make a screenshot, for example, we need to create the settings we want, summon monsters, give our characters the needed flags for the outfits or quests etc. And we also have projects we are working on, for example, player contests. Right now, we are gathering all information regarding the upcoming winter update and we will soon start with the teasers.

Which part I like most? Well, I guess it's the test server phase. It is the time when you can have some fun with the player base. I really enjoy that. Also, I love to write teasers.

Which part I hate most? Well, hate is such a strong word. Of course, there are things that are annoying. You will find such annoying tasks in almost any job. The most annoying part, I guess, is when I am waiting for information. But I can't blame anyone for that but my lack of patience sometimes. All in all, I am very satisfied with the job itself.

Lupus Aurelius from Lunara wants to know: I know that a CM's character has some super powers…would you mind to list them? :P

Well, since we don't have super powers on our player accounts it not a big deal. Many of you have probably seen that power on the public test servers. We can create items, creatures, teleport us, and players, and stuff like that.

Lenorah from Olympa asks: “Do you often get frustrated/mad at certain players and how do you deal with it?, what's your in-game experience?, Do you have a favourite player-made proposal?”

Not often, but sometimes. For example, if players don't read what we write and ask the same questions over and over again. But well, that's part of the job and I agree that the forum could be improved to make it easier for players and for us as well to follow certain topics.

Sometimes it is frustrating, when players raise their voices but not using constructive feedback but are only flaming and ranting, and even insulting. Even if we can understand it that certain topics are really frustrating, it does not help anyone if feedback consists of nothing but slander. But even that is part of the job. How I deal with very frustrated situations? Well, we are a good team. We talk about such stuff, and usually, after you talked to someone, you feel better.

My in-game experience? I guess, you mean my experience as a player. Well, I started to play Tibia years ago and I'm still active. When I am playing tibia I am just a player as you, with the same feelings of satisfaction if I manage a challenge and with the same frustration if I die due connections problems, for example. About the proposals: well, there many good ones, but I do not have a favourite one.

Kalasbruden from Premia wants to know : “What are you doing at work when you don't answer questions in Auditorium?

As I answered above. Maybe Lupus can set a link? That was the question: 3) In what consist the job of a community manager? How is a normal day of work at the office? Which part of your job you like and which part you hate most?

I remember when you started as a CM, you were very active in proposal board, for a few weeks. You closed threads and also explained why. You did a really good job there, we could see that you really cared.

Is it lack of time, from your side that Proposal board is not very well moderated today? And if so, do you feel that you have too much to do at work and wish that we had a few more CM's?”

Well, we still do care. But as you can see the whole proposal process is stuck at the moment. Also, the whole process is so slow that we do not want to raise false hopes. And you are also right that it is a question of time as well. It is more a question of priorities than of having too much to do. If we were a few more CMs we could think about doing more fun stuff. For example doing more events, also ingame events could then be possible. And we would maybe moderate the proposal board better. But that is only theory.

Druid Druz from Amera sent this question : “Most of the community we once had is kindly gone. Do you guys have any plan in mind to 'build' a sense of community we once had in this game?”

That is a hard question. I guess it is always hard to try to bring things back. Also, many of the old players grew up and stopped playing due to real life issues or are playing other games right now. I am sure that is a phenomenon all “old” games experience sooner or later. And I guess it would be hard for any developer to find the right way to restore old feelings. Also, a community is a living thing, and it's hard to set the agenda how a community should evolve itself. When you are talking about the community of a mmo game you have to keep in mind that you have people from all over the world playing the game. That means you have to deal with different cultures, opinions, wishes, likes and dislikes, various age groups, different ways of playing the game, etc. Everything is always developing and it is hard to say if it develops for the better or for the worse. It is subjective. So, I am sorry, but I can't answer your question any better.

Unkillable White Deer from Honera asks: How are you planning to kill him now? He told us that you were such an abuser on the last test server!

A free nexus teleport should do it.

Fay Memoria from Secura asked on this topic: “If you could have any other job beside the jobs you have, where would you work and why?”

I assume you are talking about other jobs outside the games industry and not inside CipSoft. Well, I always wanted to become a police man. Must be that Batman thing again. I could also imagine to work as teacher for history and social studies since I studied that stuff.

Zain of Loughlan from Amera wants to know: “Why did Guido leave without so much as a goodbye?”

I can only quote our official statement:

Regensburg, June 01, 2013 - After careful consideration, the CipSoft GmbH has decided to reorganise its management structure. By focusing the management on a dual leadership, represented by Stephan Vogler and Ulrich Schlott, the independent developer aims to work more efficiently towards goals.

Stephan Vogler states: "In the past, the internal coordination between the four managing directors was too time-consuming. Therefore, we decided to slim down the management team to only two managing directors from now on. Reducing the overhead in the decision-making process on top level will also enable us to respond to new challenges and opportunities more effectively."

Nevertheless, all four founders will remain equal owners and proprietors of the CipSoft GmbH. Stephan Payer will focus on his tasks as head of the departments organisation and payment. Guido Luebke will no longer be actively involved in the company's daily business. This decision was mainly driven by his desire to pursue a new challenge after having worked as a managing director for more than 11 years.

It was Guido's decision.

Ok, now we would like to make you some questions that aren't related to your job as CM, we already know that you can't give us official answers about this, but at least we would like to hear your personal opinion, and in other cases give us little clues…on the following topics:

Ancient Tibia Mysteries…What do you know and what could you tell us about them?

Mage Rani from Elysia (and also Erfu from Solera who asked something similar) sent this question: “I'm sure I speak on behalf of all the adventurers and mystery lovers when I ask: Is there still something in Tibia that we do not know about or have not found yet? Is there a solution for a few of the well known mysteries?

Just one small hint or confirmation would give us the motivation we need to keep this community going!”

It is forbidden to talk about it.

Zain of Loughlan from Amera asked: “Why won't CIP actually tell the playerbase if an old quest is complete or not? Many times new quests are spoiled by the staff to make sure they actually work correctly, while old ones you can't even verify that they are actually quests. I find this very frustrating...”

Well, I understand what you mean, but those quests are legendary and full of myths and that's a part of Tibia. And it is also a part of Tibia that they are unsolved, yet. We do not want to destroy the fun by spoiling anything there. The myths about these quests have grown with the years, and it would be a sacrilege to destroy these myths.

In your point of view, which is the best part of Tibia?, and the worst one?... What could be done to improve the game?

Well, in my humble opinion, the best part of Tibia is the fact that you have to communicate and to act with other players if you really want to enjoy the game. I made a lot of good friends from all over the world over the years. I am still in contact with most of them, even if some of them retired.

The worst part? Well, things take a lot of time to be improved. But that it's more a problem of resources then of the game itself.

And what could be done to improve the game? I am not the right person nor am I in the position to decide what would be the best. I guess that many players want to hear something like: we should listen more to the community or something similar. Well, partially this statement might be right but it's definitely not the solution for all problems, big or small ones. Players' wishes and suggestions vary significantly depending on their own subjective ideas and beliefs how the game should be. But the developer might have other plans, aims, strategies, etc. he has to follow. One way or another, this is not a question that can be answered that way. It is a question our developers are trying to answer in the best way every day. It is obvious that we want to improve our game. We want satisfied customers, who like to play and who stay with us. We are a company and have to work like one.

Hard round, uh?... :P, the following question isn't easy to answer either…but I feel forced to do it since it was requested by many many players… I just would resume them:

What are your thoughts on the cheating issue? Are you aware that the fairplayers are becoming a rare kind?

I was waiting for it. Well, I do not want to talk the cheating issue down. As I said above, as players we can understand and we share your frustration concerning this topic. My Account Management page is full of reports as well. Also, there is not much I can tell you. We are working on it, always searching for ways to improve our system or searching for new approaches how to deal with it. As our lead product manager recently tweeted: we have a concept that looks promising but some questions are still unanswered. Will still need some time, work and testing.

But as a community manager I want to add something to that comment. We have learnt our lesson in the past and therefore, we won't promise anything. So, all we can do it right now is to work hard on solutions and try our best.

Last but not least, would you like to say something to the community?

First of all thank you for your time you spend on our forums, reading our statements and comments. Thank you for your feedback, negative or positive. And especially THANK YOU for bearing with us during that hard time we all suffered from during August and September. You just rock! Also, sorry if I did not answer all questions or misinterpreted some. I tried my best to answer them as best as I can.

Tjured, In the name of the Tibian community, thanks so much for your time and you efforts answering our questions and also for your dedicated work as a community manager. Please, accept this wallpaper as a token of gratitude, I really hope you like it!

My pleasure, dear Lupus. I already use it as desktop background image. It rocks. Thank you a lot. See you in Tibia!

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