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Tibia Royal major improvements - Part I

Created by Zathroth. on 29 Sep 2016, 23:10

Tibia Royal started to implement a new plan in order to offer a better experience to our community of users. Instead of trying to pursuit a big goal at once, while working during months behind the curtains, and without "noticeable changes", we decided to release all these improvements in stages. That way, we try to give a quick response to the growing needs of players and at the same time try to collect as much feedback as possible to improve our services even further.

Stage I: Database Improvements.

One of the most important aspects that a serious fansite must cover, is to offer detailed information about all the relevant topics of the in-game content that new and old players may have contact with during their journey through the Tibian lands. This is why having a complete database is crucial, and of course, one of our most important goals. From the Staff we have decided not to stop until having one of the bests databases in the history of Tibia, and yes, it is a very ambitious goal. Our dream already started to become true with the introduction of the Contribution System, and the thousands of submissions provided by our most loyal members. Since then, we kept improving this feature in several ways.

Quick and firendly access...

Quick and friendly access from the navigation bar, integrated with an advanced search function that, just with clicking on the glass icon, displays all the available information, separated in categories!.

Fancy RPG display...

But that's not all. Image is also important. That's why your contributions are stored in the "Tibia Royal Encyclopedia" (Game Guide section), improved and presented to you in fancy pixel art designs, to recreate a role-play atmosphere. Ideal for magicians thirsty of knowledge and wisdom!...

Detailed and well presented information...

And now, our most recent improvement, the database page's presentation. We realized that information about items, creatures, mounts, and the rest of the categories of the Tibia Royal Encyclopedia, could be displayed in a better way. A more clever and firendly way. Today, and for the second time, we will release the revamp on the Creatures Section. Step by step, we will be completing the rest with new amazing things!.

That's how we separated the info in sub-categories, created new icons for each point inside them that would help you to recognize what you are looking for in a faster way, placed the most and less relevant information in more comfortable places to save space, added the official description provided by Tibia official website, and further more, we added the exp boost information next to the experience bar yield by monsters.

Next steps...

Besides al these implementations, we still need to work on several details to get it finished:

  • Some parts of the information will change places. For example, self-healing will be displayed in the sub-category "Behaviour/Habilities" instead "Attacks". Due to these changes, some information will have to be readjusted. Also, some new icons still need to be implemented.

  • The add form will be totally revamped and adapted to these sub-categories. That way, submiting information will be more firendly to our members.

  • In addition, we are working on the possibility to edit stuff directly from the page, without redirecting to the add form!.

  • Once the "creatures" section gets ready, the rest of the sections like items, spells, quests, etc., will be revamped aswell.

  • Animations will be automatically generated by code!.

New features we are working on!...

As we already stated since the release of the contribution system, we have tons of ideas to improve the fansite. To build the best data-base, we also need another features and tools, like a mapper, in order to add locations, and a better system in which our users could submit spoilers, guides and quests. But, just to be clear, we don't only think on information and spoilers. We want our users to have fun and have the chance to interact with an active community!. To accomplish that, we are discussing about implementing some "social features", consisting mainly in improving our forum, creating a life-thread feature, and expanding contributions to our Community Section. Obvisouly, all step by step. Just for now, check a preview of the mapper!

We need your feedback!

What do you think about the recents changs in Tibia Royal?. All your ideas will help us to improve and, as always, they are more than welcome. So, don't forget to submit your comment and stay tuned!

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By Tibiasula on 30 Sep 2016, 20:14 - 10.97

Great. It looks beautiful. Good to know that the page is prospering :)

By Cidragon on 30 Sep 2016, 05:58 - 10.97

Nice work guys! keep pushing forward.

By Uman on 30 Sep 2016, 07:06 - 10.97

Thank you, in next week we hope to release the add/edit new mask, which will allow edit or add creatures easier and faster :-)


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