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Bug Fixes Tibia 11

by on 15 Sep 2016, 14:00 , 2 users liked this news

Due to your feedback we were able to further improve Tibia 11:

  • In order to solve the problem with making an extra step when pressing a button to walk, which mainly concerned high level characters, a new option was added to the options menu. With Keyboard Delay you can now adjust the delay on your keystrokes in the options menu. The default delay is now set to 250 ms, while it was 0 before.

  • Opening the dialogue to switch characters via CTR+G is now possible again if the dialogue had been closed before using ESC.

  • The chat mode no longer automatically resets to Chat Off when logging out. Chat On* does still reset to Chat Off, though.

  • The hotkey default for Movement: Go South-West was changed from Y to Z.

  • The layout for long hotkey text entries was fixed.

  • The NPC channel title should now be displayed correctly when opened via hotkey.

  • Player X has logged in. is now also shown in the server log, if you chose Notify on login. on your VIP-List.

Thank you all for reporting. It helps a lot. Keep it coming!

Kind Regards,

Your Community Managers

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