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Seyva, Cipsoft member

Created by Uman. on 25 Nov 2014, 10:00

First of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up in the south of Germany in a rather small town. I was never a girly girl, so while my friends were busy learning to ride horses, dreaming to become a vet, I read a lot of books, played computer all day long and learned self-defence. After my Master of Arts degree, I joined the QA team for a well-known development studio in Germany for another big online browser game. It was my first job as a tester, before I had the honor to get this job here at CipSoft.

Did you know Tibia before applying for the job?

Of course I had a look at all of CipSoft's products before applying at the company, but Tibia is so huge and has been around for so many years, that I only had a first impression of what was to come. I hadn't played Tibia before I learned about the job opening here, if you were referring to this.

How did you end up in this job?

I'm a big fan when it comes to certain real-time strategy games and wanted to work for the company that created them. As I already mentioned, this was not yet CipSoft. After my degree, I thought I'd just try and go for it. As it turned out I am rather good and got the job. After two years, I wanted to return to the south of Germany to be closer to my family. Also, I heard about CipSoft's great working conditions and wanted to know how other testing teams are organized. So I applied here. I love to learn more about making games and coming here broadened my horizon very much.

How it is being the only girl in the Tester team?

It is not an issue that I'm a girl. I often see things differently than my colleagues, but most of the time that's due to the fact that I have a different educational background, not due to my gender. It is always a good thing when the testing team is diverse, since so are the gamers that play our products. The more diverse a testing team is, the easier we can understand different points of views and the better we complement one another.

What are your daily tasks in CipSoft?

Most of the time, I verify bugs we get from our players and test new features or new content for Tibia. But I also test components outside the game like the internal tools, the website or the payment system. These components might not be as much fun as the game, but they are very, very important, too.

Do testers have their 2 cents in the development of Tibia? Example: if something does not work as intended can you give hints on how it might work?

Yes, of course we give hints why things don't work as they should. Over the time a tester acquires a lot of knowledge about the products he or she tests and is therefore always a good source for ideas in that regard. Since I am still fairly new, my colleagues are a lot better yet, but I'm a quick study. When it comes to improvements or the actual development, our influence on Tibia is limited, since we are a testing team (not QA). That means we only get the new features once they're developed and mostly test against requirements that were set beforehand.

What do you like to do in your free time? Besides Tibia, do you enjoy other games? (Computer & board ones)

Yes, I do enjoy other games. Working for an MMORPG is fun, but in my free time I rather play real-time strategy games or Point&Click adventures. But our company has a game room with several consoles, where we can play during our free time. I very much enjoy the opportunity to get to know different genres and consoles and try things out. I don't really play board games, since I lack the opportunity. Apart from that, I still love to read – mostly Sci-Fi or Fantasy – and I travel a lot in order to see my friends and family. I'm still new in this town and don't know a lot of people apart from my colleagues.

How this year CipSoft celebrated Oktoberfest? Did you (company / your team) attend any special event in these weeks?

CipSoft didn't celebrate the Oktoberfest, but the company invited us to a similar social event. It is called the ‘Dult', a regional annual fair, of which I had never heard of before coming here. I enjoyed it very much, since those social events always give you the chance to talk to your colleagues and get to know them outside of work.

Is testing the new client one of your tasks (if this rumour is true) ?

We test everything before it goes live. Currently, our test team focuses on the already existing Stand-Alone client and the Flash client, though.

What are in your opinion strongest and weakest aspects of Tibia?

I think the strongest aspect of Tibia is its community. All the fans and gamers out there who love to discover its secrets and share it with the others. Their passion and solidarity is what makes playing Tibia an experience. Even the people who rant in the forums mostly only do that because they care about it and want it done what they think is the right way. Tibia is an old game and has come a long way. Therefore it is very complex and difficult to handle sometimes. I hope to be able to help make Tibia more accessible. I very much enjoy the action bar in the flash client, for example, and that everything you can use gets highlighted, when you place your cursor on it.

As we know every CipSoft employee has to play Tibia. How advanced are you? Do you play Open, Optional or Hardcore server?

How advanced I am? I'm a lvl. 2 noob who just logged in at Dawnport, trying not to die. I'm a lvl. 500 Elite Knight with an Umbral Masterblade, hacking and slaying the monsters left and right. I'm a sorcerer with a summoned demon and the action bar filled with hotkeys for spells and runes... I'm a tester. I am whatever the next test requires me to be… so I play Open, Optional, Hardcore, Preview and now Retro. But I have private characters on Optional and Open worlds. I hope I could satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy Tibia!

Whole Tibia Royal would like to thank Seyva for time and answers!

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By Eric on 12 Jan 2016, 22:27

"Even the people who rant in the forums mostly only do that because they care about it and want it done what they think is the right way."

Agreed :P

EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 12 Jan 2016, 20:06

"But I have private characters on Optional and Open worlds."

and only TEST hardcore and Retro Servers.

This seems like the mind-frame of a player from tibia ,2010-2012.

Not any of the players I play with.

By Uman on 30 Jan 2015, 23:34

Any ideas on whom we should interview next?

By nozyy1234 on 08 Feb 2015, 15:44

Awesome interview! I think interviewing a game content designer next would be awesome!

By Spuge on 29 Nov 2014, 19:10

Nice one! Been some time since i last read good interview of Cip member.

Avar Tar
By Avar Tar on 27 Nov 2014, 00:29

Cool! Nice to know about her and her job. It's good also that it's not a long interview, therefore not boring to read. =)

Sir Waz
By Sir Waz on 25 Nov 2014, 18:52

A very interesting read! Quite fun to read and easy to get into.

By Uman on 26 Nov 2014, 19:41

It's all Seyva, she did a great work answering our questions! I am really happy you liked the interview!


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