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Bug Fix

Created by Urgith. on 02 Sep 2016, 13:02

The server save on all game worlds might take a bit longer today, up to 30 minutes. We are releasing a bug fix that should solve the recent problems with the transfer of gold or items to characters that were not logged in.

After today's server save, transfer of gold or items should work normally again. Unfortunately, though, the replacement of the missing items and the missing money will take a bit longer. We are still analysing the situation, and kindly ask for your patience. You do not have to contact our customer support team about any missing items or missing money, we are certain at this point that we will be able to identify all the situations that were caused by this bug. We will let you know you as soon as we have further information.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards,

Your Community Managers

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By Zathroth on 03 Sep 2016, 05:33 - 10.97

I'm impressed on Cipsoft failures.

-They want to implement these "microtransactions" thing, yet the market is bugged and tons of players lost their money and items.

-Devovorga Event seem bugged and there are no official news about it.

-There were two reports that is possible to hack accounts using links of the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

-And the eternal story about lags, kicks, DDoSs, dominando guilds, bots, black market, etc...

It's disgusting...


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