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Upcoming New Store Products

Created by Urgith. on 23 Aug 2016, 13:00

Three brand-new products are going to be added to the Store next week, Tibians! We would like to give you an overview of the products that can be bought for Tibia Coins soon: XP Boost, the Gold Pouch and the Gold Converter.

Please read the following information thoroughly to make sure you are fully informed:

XP Boost

  • Increases experience points for killing monsters by 50%.

  • Only applies to the character which bought the XP Boost in the Store.

  • Automatically set to active after purchase and lasts for 1 hour of hunting time: Similar to stamina, the duration of the XP Boost will only be reduced while you are hunting. If stamina falls under 14 hours, the XP Boost will be paused as long as stamina remains below 14 hours.

  • As long as an XP Boost has not been used up completely, no further XP Boost can be purchased in the Store.

  • Between two server saves, every character can purchase up to 5 XP Boosts at most.

  • The price for an XP Boost increases with every purchase between two server saves: 1st XP Boost = 30 Tibia Coins, 2nd XP Boost = 45 Tibia Coins, 3rd XP Boost = 90 Tibia Coins, 4th XP Boost = 180 Tibia Coins, 5th XP Boost = 360 Tibia Coins.

  • Adds up with other XP modifiers such as double XP weekends, for example.

  • Via the skill window, all players will be able to check their current XP gain rate and see which bonuses or maluses apply. The remaining duration of a bought XP Boost and the stamina bonus of premium players ("happy hours") will also be displayed there.

  • Please note: For the first one or two weeks, XP Boosts will only be buyable on the preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera so that we can make sure that they technically work as intended.

Gold Pouch

  • A special container in which you can store as much money as your capacity allows.

  • Only gold coins, platinum coins and crystal coins can be put into it.

  • Can only be stored in the depot box or the first place of the Store inbox of the character who bought the pouch in the Store. A Gold Pouch cannot be given to other characters.

  • Each character can only buy one Gold Pouch. You cannot lose a Gold Pouch in case of death.

  • Price: 900 Tibia Coins.

Gold Converter

  • Allows you to change either a stack of 100 gold pieces into 1 platinum coin, or a stack of 100 platinum coins into 1 crystal coin.

  • Can be used 500 times. Once used up, it will break and vanish into thin air.

  • Can only be stored in the depot box or the Store inbox of the character who bought the converter in the Store. A Gold Converter cannot be given to other characters.

  • You cannot lose a Gold Converter in case of death.

  • Price: 1 Gold Converter (500 Charges) = 5 Tibia Coins.

We understand that especially buyable XP Boosts are a controversial topic. If you have questions or concerns about the new products, please also check the FAQ we have prepared for you in the Auditorium.


XP Boosts

Q: Does an XP Boost also affect skills?

A: No, it only boosts the XP gain of a character, it does not apply to skill gain.

Q: Does an XP Boost add up with double XP weekends or double XP/skill vouchers?

A: Yes, it adds up with other XP modifiers such as a double XP weekend or the stamina bonus for premium players, for example.

Q: Can you explain again how many XP Boosts a character can buy, and at what price?

Every character can buy up to 5 XP Boosts between two server saves (usually the time between 10:15 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. the next day). The price for an XP Boost will increase with every purchase within that time period:

  • 1st XP Boost between two server saves = 30 Tibia Coins

  • 2nd XP Boost between two server saves = 45 Tibia Coins

  • 3rd XP Boost between two server saves = 90 Tibia Coins

  • 4th XP Boost between two server saves = 180 Tibia Coins

  • 5th XP Boost between two server saves = 360 Tibia Coins

After the next server save, the price for the 1st XP Boost will be 30 Tibia Coins again.

Q: Will you offer higher XP Boosts in the future, e.g. double XP?

A: At the moment, there are no such plans. We'd like to see how things go with the 50% boost before we start to think and discuss about potentially higher boosts.

Q: Why have you decided to offer buyable XP Boosts? Is Tibia pay-to-win now?

A: By now, there are numerous games out there which offer experience boosts without exhibiting a huge or extremely aggressive pay-to-win factor at the same time. XP Boosts in Tibia are more of a time-saving convenience. For example, they allow players who have less time to play due to work to keep up levelling-wise to a certain extent.

We are aware that XP Boosts are a very controversial topic and we understand the concerns of players who are against them or the whole business model behind it. At the same time, a survey among Tibians confirmed that there is also a considerable interest in buyable XP Boosts. So while there are players who dislike the idea, there are also players who would like to buy such boosts.

Of course, the introduction of XP Boosts also has financial reasons. Earning money is vital to ensure the continued existence of our games and the sustainable success of our company.

Q: Why is the number of XP Boosts you can buy limited to 5 between two server saves?

A: Together with the increasing price, this limit is meant to keep excessive use of XP Boosts and their impact on the game in check.

Gold Pouch

Q: If I buy something from an NPC, in which order will the money be deducted from me?

A: The money will first be deducted from containers in your inventory, then from your Gold Pouch, and lastly, from your bank account (if you have premium status).

Q: How many slots does the Gold Pouch have?

A: You can put as much money into the Gold Pouch as you can carry but only the top 20 stacks of coins will be displayed to you. To access the other coin stacks further down, you will have to take one of the visible stacks out of the pouch.


Q: There was a survey a few months ago in which other ideas for new products were listed, e.g. a blessing that completely removes the death penalty upon death or the ability to buy gold in the Store. Does CipSoft plan to also add these products?

A: At the moment, there are no such plans. Please understand, though, that we cannot rule such things out completely for the future. If circumstances change, we may have to adapt to those changing circumstances in one way or the other so we have to keep all our options open.

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By Suprimer on 24 Aug 2016, 11:48

I was pretty mad reading when i was first reading these news, but prices seem high and i don't think it will be that bad. Ive lost reason to compete on highscores for years now due all botters so for me nothing much changes, i just play to have fun on my own with my highest level being 140.

By Zathroth on 24 Aug 2016, 19:21

Indeed. I feel the same as you. Cipsoft dissapointed me in so many ways and for so many years that I just decided to focus on the things I enjoy most. And everything else know...

By Uman on 23 Aug 2016, 13:27

Hate to see that a game everyone loves goes into pay2win sack. We will see what this decision will bring, I see already on forums it is hard to find even one positive post.

By Cidragon on 23 Aug 2016, 13:52

Damn, I was writing a super long comment with my rage but it's totally unnecessary and repetitive.

I just don't know what the heck is cipsoft thinking, pretty sure they don't even know which business model to follow (even p2w has steps to follow). Looks like they just put random stuff to get money and mix p2w features with convenience ones and that's something I never see before.

Luckily (to me obviously) I stop playing months ago and I'm going to wait until they sell tibia (which I don't think so but dreams are free, right?) to see what's happen next.

By Zathroth on 23 Aug 2016, 17:19

I think I hate Cipsoft for what they have been doing to Tibia in the past seven years.

By alesc on 23 Aug 2016, 17:50

To me, this has been the worst news I've heard since I started playing again 2 years ago. Someone needs to tell CipSoft that if they want money they need to bring new players and mantain their actual costumers happy. It makes me so mad to think that now I will have to spend my tibia money on this new complements to keep myself on the experience highscore on my server, is sick, maybe I will level up to 400 and stop because this will be out of control and I rather spend my tibia money on items than on tibia coins. There is no way I will spend my real money on this nosense store products. Argh

By Uman on 24 Aug 2016, 07:15

I totally understand you, I also do believed that to grown in the buissness you need a ground. Solid good ground - player base. Without it you would need a very good product, which at the very moment we cannot say it is as there are more problems then positives. As much still players are addicted and do play the game, this might very easy change in few years, as we already seeing a deep in players online. I think if the core problems of game are not solved, then no matter of what products you offer, people will less likely to buy them.

I do believe the product such as EXP boost, would be less negative if the problems with botters and customer support would be lowered.

By Urgith on 24 Aug 2016, 11:47

I hope they will reconsider this, because only bots are bound to benefit from this. Probably Cipsoft is fine with that, because money will flow one way or another...


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