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Dev Note About Imbuing

Created by Urgith. on 18 Aug 2016, 15:24

Tibians, we would like to give you the opportunity to give us feedback about something that is currently on our drawing board!

With this year's winter update, we plan to introduce imbuing, a new feature that allows players to add certain temporary effects - imbuements - to pieces of equipment if specific requirements are met.

Now we have a few questions that mainly deal with imbuements and imbuable items and we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.

Therefore, we have posted a new dev note in the Auditorium that includes further info on imbuing and a set of questions for you!

Interested in finding out more and helping us with your feedback? Check out the dev note and post your answers in the designated thread until August 26, 10:00 CEST.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Community Managers

Please read the following information carefully since it provides a bit of a framework!

For the time being, imbuing will not be available for:

  • items that can be enchanted or charged with effects

  • umbral creation items

  • ammunition

General remarks concerning imbuements:

  • Imbuements of the same type will be available with varying degrees of effectiveness (e.g. speed +5, speed +15). Imbuements with higher effectiveness will have higher requirements.

  • Certain pieces of equipment may be imbuable with more than just one imbuement at a time.

For the time being, the following types of imbuements will be possible:

  • elemental damage

    • turns a certain amount of physical damage into elemental damage (fire, energy, earth, ice, holy, or death)

    • only available for melee weapons

    • cannot be added if weapon is already imbued with any elemental damage

    • not available for melee weapons that already have an element (e.g. fire sword)

    • only affects damage that is dealt with the imbued melee weapon (does not affect spells or runes)

  • elemental protection

    • raises protection against elemental damage (fire, energy, earth, ice, holy, or death)

    • not available for weapons

    • imbuements of the same type can be added if their effect varies in terms of strength (e.g. holy protection +5%, holy protection +10%)

    • not available for items that already have elemental protection

  • skill boosts

    • boosts one of the following skills: axe fighting, sword fighting, club fighting, distance fighting, fist fighting, shielding, magic level, or walking speed

  • raise of critical hit chance and/or damage

  • raise of hitpoint leech chance and/or amount

  • raise of mana leech chance and/or amount

For the time being, equipment for the following body slots will be available for imbuing:

  • head slot

  • torso slot

  • legs slot

  • feet slot

  • weapon slot

  • shield slot


Already existing equipment may become imbuable and new imbuable equipment may be added. This does not mean, though, that imbuing will be available for each and every piece of equipment.

Everything presented in this dev note is still in development and subject to change. There is no guarantee that we will implement imbuing as described here. It is also possible that it will not make it into the game at all. Please also keep in mind this dev note will only provide a rough idea of the key aspects of imbuing, it does not list all parts and details of the feature.

Questions which CipSoft would like to ask you

General remarks:

  • If one of your answers include elemental imbuements or skill imbuememts, please always specify the element (e.g. earth) or skill (e.g. distance fighting) you have in mind.

  • If you have a particular imbuement in mind, please mention its specifics in your answer (e.g. magic level +2, ice protection +5%).

Please share your thoughts by answering the following questions:

  1. Which imbuement do you find most appealing for your main character and why? Please include the level and vocation of your main char in your answer.

  2. Which combination of two or three imbuements do you find most appealing for your main character and why? Please include the level and vocation of your main char in your answer.

  3. Which existing piece of equipment would you like to imbue with which imbuement(s)?

  4. If you could create a new piece of equipment according to your own wishes, which type of equipment would it be (e.g. helmet, sword, shield)? Which basic stats and requirements would it have? Which imbuement(s) would you like to add to it?

  5. Which kind of imbuement or combination of imbuements would you consider overpowered?

  6. Which kind of imbuement or combination of imbuements would you consider useless?

  7. Which type of imbuement fits best to which type of equipment (e.g. walking speed - boots, legs)?

  8. Are there any tips or concerns you would like to share with us concerning imbuing as described so far?

Please focus your comments on these questions instead of diving into different topics.

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