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Mysteries for beginners II

Created by Urgith. on 09 Sep 2016, 10:00

This time I focused on two cities. Carlin and Svargrond. Both located on north-western part of the map. There are some mysteries which were discovered already, however there are some waiting to be revealed...


Carlin... one of the very first cities a newcomer is bound to see. Almost half of the players were choosing this city as their home town back in the days. Today it is not so occupied due to the fact that the Tibian land expanded so much that Carlin is just a city from the past. Those who have premium account rarely visit this city, and free accounts prefer Venore or Thais now for better hunting grounds. The city is very old, and so are the traditions there...

Male opression

Probably not all of you know that the Carlin is ruled... by... women! Seriously! Do you want to feel safe in the city? No problem, female guards will crush into pieces all enemies in the 50 square metre radius... using charm and heavy hammers, that is! What? You don't believe me? There is Blossom Bonecrusher on the east, Bambi Bonecrusher on the north and (my favourite one ;)) Busty Bonecrusher on the western gate of the city. Do you want to buy a Parcel ? Liane will sell one to you! Run out of supplies? Rachel will sell you some! Want to marry a random person? Alia will perform the ceremony for you! Also, Eva is the one from who you can withdraw your money! I could carry on... but you got the point, right?

Many of you will say: 'All right, a city full of beautiful women, how can that be bad?' Well it can! And it is bad! Imagine this:

I was wandering searching for adventure and somehow I find myself in Carlin depot. I was so thirsty. I kept asking: Where can I drink some great beer? Some girls laughed. Other looked like insulted. And then, suddenly, one of the girls shouted: BY THE LAW OF Queen Eloise ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED IN THIS CITY!!! And males are not so welcome here!. I was stunned! How can a fine beverage like beer be prohibited in any part of the world? Is this a joke? Sadly, it was not! I was ready to leave this strange city, when suddenly I saw a Toothless Tim who mumbled something about resistance and fighting the opression. I asked him what is he talking about. He told me about a secret bar run below the city by Karl . I went there immediatelly!

It appears that Karl is running his own underground business selling alcohol to local people. So this is how they fight the opression... Karl told me that they are hiding here because women are ruling the city and this is their last hope for freedom. There was also William there, but all of them were too drunk to hear me out, so I bought a Beer and left them with their problems.

Will they ever stand up against women? Will alcohol always be prohibited in Carlin? I do not know... bring me some fine beer, woman!

Ghostland's Horror Story

While walking through Ghostland you probably did not even notice how spooky and haunted this place is. South-western part of this cursed place you can find many mirages. One of the worth mentioning is A Ghostly Woman located on the ground floor. She can bee seen from a distance, but the closer you come, the faster she will disappear leaving only some skeleton remains of a dead body. If you have time, you could observe her from the distance. She is walking near a damaged wall with a Bookcase . There is also a Chest of Drawers with a Cleaver on top. There is a fresh Dead Human next to it.

It is a mirage, however the wall is there even today. Is it possible that this is showing a bloody massacre that happened at this house? Also this A Ghostly Woman is probably the ghost of the victim here, who is not aware of her state of being dead. She is wandering Ghostland now, searching for peace.

Has she commited a suicide or has she been murdered in her own house? Who was the girl from the mirage? Is she going to find peace and leave this mortal world for good? I will try to contact her somehow...

The Isle of Kings Long Shortcut

West from our great Carlin city there is a Dalbrect near the small shipyard, who is willing to bring us to the Isle of Kings for a small favour. Once you will travel safely to the isle, Costello will greet you warmly and warn about not going up the mansion. Buttttttttt... what if you are a little rebel and did not listen to the old man rumbling and went up the mansion and unfortunately you do not have enough money to pay your way out? 'YOU WILL ROT HERE' - whispered the Queen of the Banshees viciously in your head. None of your friends are online... are you doomed? No you are not! I have no idea whether Cipsoft knows about it, but... there is a way out of the island without paying your debt to the monk! However it is a very long journey. If you have access to the tombs beneath the mansion, then you are ready to go. Open the door with a red handle and off you go straight to the bottom through various tombs. Travelling north-west and use a pick in this spot:

Now follow the way to north-east and enter the hole here. Now you will find yourself in a room with 2 Giant Spider Do you remember this place? Ohhh you should! You are very close to one of the Queen of the Banshees seal rooms! You can sing on the way, but you have to be careful for banshees do not like intruders! And if your voice is rather annoying, then you better stay quiet! The queen herself is just east from here but all you have to do now is to go way back to the first seal room and reach the entrance to The Queen of the Banshees Quest! Voila! Safe and sound, with experience and without paying anything to greedy Costello ! This adventure will bring you money and glory! Ok, forget about the money, but the glory is real!

I will not pay anything to this guy in a cape. Who does he think he is? I.. will figure something out!


Man In The Cave

"Uhm... anyone here? I need some help... I am stuck in this dark, gloomy cave... and I do not have a rope! Please, help me! I pay 5k, but... please!!!" How many times did you see this on world or help chat? It happens a lot... when a new player goes on the first encounter and forgets to bring some basic equipment. Now, Cipsoft saw this too and came up with this magnificent idea of adding a guy who is actually 'helping' wanderers on their way in a very peculiar and twisted way. There is also a theory, that a series of unfortunate events from Luminera had an impact upon adding this guy to the game. There is an icy place... in Svargrond... and if you happen to be in the exact spot and exact time you will be very, very lucky... or unlucky... because Man in the Cave is willing to drag you up and attack!

This is probably a revenge from a random guy on those newbies, who tend to forget their equipment. Be careful, though, you will be also surrounded by monks and they will try to bring you down. He is probably sleeping most of the time, but when he is awake, he is trying to trick other people. One is certain, once you encounter him, you will never forget your rope again!

Why is he doing it all the time? Maybe he wants to meet a friend... because friend in need is a friend indeed!

A date with Yakchal

You sit alone in a dark room drinking tea and thinking about crucial decisions in your life. Knowing that you do not have a girlfriend makes you even more sad. Why do you need a girlfriend, when you can spawn one?! Are you fond of ice? Are you afraid of fire and warm places? Do you like eating frozen potatoes? Then we have a perfect date for you! Yakchal is the one you are looking for! Now you probably wonder how could you make her fall in love with you... Do not worry, I have got your back, and believe me, she will love you till death! Your death!! Muahaha... oh, ok that was a little bit dramatic. Do not worry, you can handle her. All you need to do is to show her your Frozen Starlight But yet another question comes to your mind I see. You have no idea where to find her? You are lucky to know me. Listen closely...

All you have to do is to go to the deepest parts of Formorgar Mines. Yeah to the very bottom. You should find yourself in the place where you attempt to do the final mission of The Ice Island Quest - Retaliation. Just follow north-east until you encounter a door with the red handle. Be careful, however, due to the fact that the way is full of demons and other ugly creatures. You should find a coffin in the middle of the room...

Alright alright, this coffin was stolen from some witches, but what could go wrong? What? Are you afraid? Do you want to live with cats for the whole life? No? So stand up and carry on. Go, and show her the Frozen Starlight She will be delighted! Just use it on the coffin!

Have a nice dateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......aaaa aaaa aaaaaaaaaah!

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By Xaros on 10 Sep 2016, 12:40 - 10.97

Well written article with a dose of humor, waiting for more :)


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