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Balancing Changes and Goshnar's Tribute

Created by Tibiasula. on 28 May 2021, 14:00

Tibians, after further observing and analysing hunting behaviour in the Soul War hunting grounds, we still consider both their XP and loot too high, especially in regards to the level ranges that are currently able to hunt there profitably.

Also, while taints already pose a challenge, albeit mainly in regards to bosses, they do not yet impact hunts on a grander scale. We want to change that.

In order to address both aspects, we have decided to curb the XP and loot in this area again but also to reward players if they take on a higher risk.

Therefore, the following changes will be implemented on June 1, server save:

  • XP and loot of all normal monsters in the Soul War hunting grounds will be lowered by ~12%.

  • Those who are willing to take on a challenge will be able to increase their gains from normal monsters there through Goshnar's tribute:

Each taint grants an experience boost of 4.5%. Additional taints raise the experience points these 4.5% will yield due to compound interest. Moreover, each taint will also give you a 4.5% chance for a second loot roll.

For a party, the member with the lowest number of taints within shared experience range will be the reference for Goshnar's tribute and determines the boost for the whole party:

  • Example 1) A has 1, B has 2, C has 1, D has 1 = Goshnar's tribute for the party is 1 which yields 4.5% XP bonus and a 4.5% chance for an additional loot roll

  • Example 2) A has 1, B has 2, C has 1, D has 1, E has 0 = Goshnar's tribute for the party is 0 which means no XP and loot bonus through taints

The higher the number of taints, the higher the risk, and the higher the bonus you can get. Handling taints, especially several ones, requires sufficient strength and focus, and also guts, which fits very well with our vision for the Soul War hunting grounds.

On a general note, we will, of course, continue to observe and analyse huntings grounds across Tibia since balancing is an on-going process so further changes will be made in the course of time.

Additional info Goshnar's Tribute

  • A character without a party also benefits from Goshnar's tribute which, in that case, is determined by the character's own number of taints.

  • The 4.5% loot bonus per taint indicates the chance for a second loot roll. If succesful, the server log will mention Goshnar's tribute.

  • None of the aforementioned changes affect the loot chance for a bag you desire.

  • An XP increase due to Goshnar's tribute will be applied before other XP bonuses. The result then forms the basis for the calculation of other XP boosts (e.g. stamina, prey).

  • Having Goshnar's tribute on 3 would approximate experience and loot of the state up until June 1, server save. While it should be mentioned for completeness that having Goshnar's tribute on 4 or 5 will each yield an additional 4.5% boost as well, we do not expect players to be able to consistently manage five taints in actual team hunts that are still profitable.

  • Additional taints factor in previous XP bonuses due to Goshnar's taint (compound interest): e.g. the XP bonus per taint for a monster with 10.000 base XP would be +450 (1 taint), +470 (2 taints), +491 (3 taints), +514 (4 taints), +537 (5 taints). Compound interest does not apply to the loot chance, though.

  • Benefits of Goshnar's tribute do not apply to bosses.

Affected creatures



All the aforementioned creatures will give ~12% less loot.

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