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Tibia 11 Client - a good change?

Created by Urgith. on 07 Jul 2016, 11:00

Since 5th July everyone is able to test the newest Tibia client version marked with a number 11. Why is it so special and what are the changes? Read on!

Tibia Client 11 - comparison

The new client looks pretty much the same as previous ones, however there are some minor visual changes, which one can take as an advantage and the other as a disadvantage. Let us start from the very beginning:

The Icon

Cipsoft changed the icon of the new client, but we do not know whether it will be a permament change due to the fact that there is clearly visible letter B on the shield, which might mean the Beta version. Probably the shield will be gone after the official release. The main difference is the color of the shirt and a shield presented on the bottom right of the icon. One way or another I really love the new one! They should stay with it!

- new one - old one

Title window

Looking at the title menu we can clearly see that the art is not so pixelated as before. Also the main menu is located on the upper-left side of the title window (not at the bottom). The standard login box is in the middle, as it was before. Just below the login section you will be able to read currrent message of the day. For those who did not know yet who created this epic game, they have put a clearly visible logo at the very bottom of the client.

General options

As we can see they added and moved some of the options here. They added 'Show private messages in a game window' and 'Stay logged in for session'. However, 'Auto-switch hotkey preset' was moved to another tab.

Graphics options

Main change here is that we are not able to choose the screen resolution anymore. It is gone. Again we can choose our graphics engine, and if unsure what to pick, there is an 'auto-select' option. Also a 'level separator' was implemented here (a feature well known to those who played on a flash client). It distinguishes the light level between floors in Tibia. Finally there is this brand-new option: V-sync (vertical synchronization). This should be enabled, however Cipsoft stated that if you have low FPS you can turn this option off for better results. Be careful, though because turning this option off may in some cases lead to screen tearing.

Console options

The one and only change here is that the 'Show private messages in game window' was moved and substituted here with 'show link warning'. This is the message, which appears when you try to copy the link from the game as a precaution. Back in old days entering unknown websites was the main reasons of account hacks. It is good that Cipsoft still keeps that in mind.

Hotkeys options

There are not many changes here, except that everything is more clear and readable. In fact, this is a great advantage.

Help options

Those options were optimized to make them more legible. The old client had 6 positions here: client help, tutorial hints, tutor help, rule violations, manual, FAQ. Now it was minimalized to the most important ones, that is: rule violations, manual, FAQ and info. At least those do not look that scary at first glimpse.

Tibia Client 11 - gameplay

I was testing the new client and one thing is for sure. It runs a lot smoother than the old client. FPS do not drop as they were before. I had solid 60 FPS no matter if I entered any teleporters or areas with bright light. Sometimes the FPS went down to 59 for a second and that was it. Obviously they had to change a lot with the engine and the outcome is great. Also hitpoints and every numbers which appear on the screen during battle are displayed in a more fluent way. It seems the only trouble people found so far is that sometimes the player moves one sqm ahead. It is like the game did not notice that we have stopped pressing the arrow button. However during my gameplay I did not notice that at all. They have implemented a new font. Also, while talking with a NPC, some dialogue words are highlighted. In this client we can click on it without typing and the character will automatically send it to the NPC. It enables more fluent way of communication with NPCs (similar to those in flash client). Personally, I love the new Tibia Client 11!

  • smooth gameplay

  • legible menu and options

  • I really like the new font

  • solid 60 fps

  • easier way of communication with some NPCs

  • I did not notice any :)

Why implementing a new client?

Cipsoft stated that they had to do it because it was very hard to add new content and fixes for the old engine, and as we know a lot of bugs appeared not even connected with the changes. Something was obviously wrong. They believe the change would help with everything in the future, including adding new content and changes.

It is still a Beta, however you should get used to it already. One day it will be a mandatory client to play.

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By Cidragon on 07 Jul 2016, 23:13

Changes should be made, but to me a new client is totally useless if I can't play either by lag or bots. Anyway, maybe this is just a pointless comment.

By Zathroth on 08 Jul 2016, 01:15

Well, I know how you feel, but let's think this is a first step in other to solve those problems. But there's a rumour that new cheating software are being developed for Tibia 11, sadly. Check this

By Sheepyy on 08 Jul 2016, 16:46

It's not a rumour. It's a new market. There is an obvious demand for botting in Tibia. Any person who has half a brain cell would create a bot with the new architecture solely because there is no competition right now. Which means, the first bot out there for Tibia 11 will profit the most, and have a influx of new customers. Why? Because they're the ONLY bot for Tibia. Tibia redid every single memory segment. The programming for Tibia was rewritten entirely. Which means redoing a bot isn't as easy as simply updating it. The base code was changed from base C to C++ or C# libraries. Which means the structure of a bot cannot even tie into the new code. This doesn't stop bot makers though. They'll start from scratch and work their way to an operational bot. It'll be like it was back in 7.6, where the bots were just barely coming out. It will take awhile, and I am certainly going to enjoy the short amount of time that we will be "bot-free".

By Klarck on 07 Jul 2016, 12:31

I had the same impression about the Beta as you, the smooth gameplay and solid fps are just amazing, tho they could add custom key mapping just like Flash client.

By Uman on 07 Jul 2016, 13:46

I had very same impression.

I think the most important at the very moment is to make this client solid and stable. After this developers can expand it very easy with new features. This is the reason why they have re-program it, so it is much easier to expand it.


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