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Created by Wolfy Silverpaw. on 18 Oct 2016, 12:00
Table of Contents
Find the egg
Quiz Night
Hide and Seek
Football Tournament
Task Manager
Race of the drunks
Additional information
Are you a member of any guild, or perhaps even leading one? Or perhaps you are a group of friends that just like to have fun in-game? Then I hope this article will be something that makes your life a lot easier but most important: funny!

Oh I can't wait to get started, so let's shoot!

Find the egg

Needed: 30+ parcels and 10-20 eggs.

Prepare: Put parcel into parcel many times, and do this into two different parcels. Decide a number for yourself, for example number 8 and then in that parcel you put one egg. Do the same thing in the other stack of parcels, and it is important to put the egg in the same amount of clicks so the game will be even for each player.

How to do this: You compete 1 vs 1 in this game, and the goal is to find the egg and put it on top of the parcel first. If the player eats the egg, well then he's out and lost that round. For example you can do a small tournament with this

game where winners compete against other winners. This game is frustrating but very fun, so click click click and do not eat the egg! :-)

Quiz Night

Needed: A decent prizepool to make it interesting, use goblets (golden, silver & bronze) to make it even more interesting.

Prepare: This demands some preperation for sure, I would advice you to write down 20-40 questions and the questions can be both Tibia related but also questions about RL. There are multiple ways to edit this event so it suits you, it can be questions where you are in need to search for information before you answer but also some easy things. Try to variate your questions as much as possible to make it more fun.

How to do this: Have a seat around some table, and place yourself in the center. You are the host of this, introduce your event and explain the rules you decided (e.g first correct answer in local chat wins, typos is the same as a fail, money for each question will be given out/top 3 win different kind of prizes and so on). Then it's time to shoot some questions, and control the answers!

Hide and Seek

Needed: Knowledge about the Tibian map

Prepare: Would be nice to have atleast a few places figured out in advance.

How to do this: Depending on the difficulty you should decide if it's allowed to use exiva or not. You can also decide to that you are the only one who's hiding, or if the hiding person will change (first to find; next to hide).

Football Tournament

Needed: Atleast 2 teams, the more the merrier!

Prepare: Actually nothing, since today you can find a football field in-game in Yalahar.

How to do this: Gather in Yalahar and make up the teams. Decide how to win: time limit, amount of goals and so on. Then it's time to play. You can of course make this as a winner vs winner tournament to make it even more interesting. Simple and fun!


Needed: Visit Carlin, Edron, Kazordoon, Thais or Yalahar and find a game room with chess board.

Prepare: Unless you are into changing pieces to Zaoan Chess there's not much more than learning the rules of chess.

How to do this: Can be done as a tournament as well, but I would advice you to take a game of chess from time to time since a game can take very long time if you are playing it as unlimited. If you have a group of players for this you can also use more than one field at the time.

Task Manager

Needed: Depends on the planning.

Prepare: Make sure you prepare different small tasks for you and your friends.

How to do this: Let's mention a few example. You can make this event pretty advanced with a full story of "a lost adventure who got lost and now is in need of help to find his way back home" and so on. There are million of ways to host this one, so I'm certain that you will find the way which suits you. Last time I hosted this one I used the theme "Help the magician". I used different "soldiers" (friends) who were acting NPC's to get a true RPG feeling, so if you are able to go for it. The magician were in need of convincing King Tibianus and his red soldiers (the soldiers used red outfits of course) that he was a good mage, and to achieve this the magician were in need of a few tasks. Getting a book from the Royal Archives, cast the spell "utevo lux" close to one of the soldier to light up his mind, harvest 3 wheats as an ingredient for a magic liquid which were needed to be used on the other soldier (just use a vial and get some water or slime inside it).. Well, only your fantasy can limit you in this event. Find a theme, and plan it well and it will be great!


Needed: Nothing

Prepare: It's always handy to have a full list of different outfits and combination of the colours.

How to do this: This should only be used with standard outfits and do not pay any attention to addons in this game. The idea is that you line up your friends in front of you and explain how it works, and then you begin to change outfit and colours. If you use mage, with the colours black, purple, purple, purple your friends are supposed to change to the same outfit and the correct combination of colours as quickly as possible. First correct outfit win a point!

Race of the drunks

Needed: Alcohol!

Prepare: Buy a lot of alcohol and find a proper path to run at. From the bank in Venore up to the ship and then back to the bank for example.

How to do this: Do make this more fun you can compete 1 vs 1 here. Both participators should drink 3 bottles of alcohol, and then you count to 3 and the race starts. First one who's running the correct path and arrives first back wins! Of course you are not allowed to use any dwarven rings during the race ;-)

Additional information

When it comes to events it's always built upon trust, that people doesn't cheat the way to the top. This article is based upon the fact that you are doing the events with people you trust, otherwise will the fun of course go away quickly.

To increase the feeling of an event it's always a bonus to use the goblets with a personal text. It's something that many players enjoy and actually saves.

A prizepool isn't of course needed, and some of these things can be done totally spontaneous or as very organized mini-games night. I highly recommend you to do both of them, and share the love with your friends! Also have a die in your backpack if you are hosting a mini-game. You can do so much with it, everything from hosting a small casino but also different games where you are for example handing out presents containing a few k's to them who rolls a certain number.

I hope that you got inspired enough to start planning atleast something from this article. Perhaps you will find out that you are a true master of events, or perhaps you already are? What's your own favourite in-game event?

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