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A night out

Created by Wolfy Silverpaw. on 08 Jul 2016, 17:00

Tibia offers us plenty of things, and it's not only gaining experience, quests and a strong community. We are also able to find prominent taverns here and there and in this article you will be able to get a perspective of what they are offering to the customers. Let's make it interesting and compare some of them, a reason for having a great night out but also to know where we can find the cheapest but also the best quality when it comes to: alcohol!

For those who realized their issues with drinking I will also put in sober options, but I believe that a majority of us is living in denial when it comes to our alcohol habits so let's move on..


Let's start in Venore, the city surrounded by swamps and disgusting creatures as swamp trolls and giant spiders in the middle of the city, on top of the main depot, you find the tavern "Hard Rock Racing Track", with Boozer behind the bar.

Offering: Beer , 2gp. Wine , 3gp. Lemonade , 2gp. Mediocre beer, aftertaste of wood and swamp..

Enviroment: Small place, not really the place to hang at. Feels more like a good place to stop by to take one beer.

Service: Boozer is doing his job, no more or less.

Bonus: Possible to get a delicious ice cream cone for 10gp, perfect as desert after the well cooked meat!

In total: Small place, almost decent food and drinks ain't worth the price. I give "Hard Rock Racing Track" 2/5 points!

Additional comment(s): Who decided to have a ladder up to a tavern? Someone who never experienced the effect of alcohol?


Next stop on this night out will be Thais, and since I travel by foot I hope the tavern will live up to the rumour I heard. People from all around Tibia are visiting Thais just because of taking a drink and, according to the rumours, get a taste of the best ham players even tasted! A combination of the hipster era in combination with a highly populated city should be a winning concept for a tavern like the next one: "Frodo's Hut"!

Offering: Bread , Cheese , Ham or Meat . No alcohol for sale, what! Do not fear, if you bring your own mug or bottle you will be able to drink as much as you wish to since there's free access to the casks.. But be careful, some players

drink until they drop dead..

Environment: Big, outdoor seating and plenty of players passing by. Local, but still a big city feeling.

Service: Frodo's can tell a few stories, but I get the feeling that he's a tired tavern owner that should retire soon..

Bonus: Free access to the alcohol, so you got to take the bad with the good things.

In total: Overhyped hipster place, but the food was really tasty. 3.5/5 points, would been 4 if Frodo sold some bottles.

Additional comment(s): The passed out players should perhaps get a free ride to Thais Hostel so they can recover from the free access to the casks..


Let's continue our late night tour and visit the dwarves deep deep down in Kazordoon! The city located below surface where it's easier to find a underachieving, drunk dwarf than it is to find a fish in the waters around Cormaya. Since it's party party we better use the ore wagons, totally worth the required gold for a ticket to skip the sneaky path for the tourists.

The tavern is easy to find, the dwarves realized the value of having the tavern close to the depot. The tavern "Jolly Axeman" are runned by Jimbin and his wife Maryza . Maryza offers the food while Jimbin are in charge of the drinks.

Offering: Home baked bread and rolls , Beer for 2gp and cheap water to keep the guests more sober.

Environment: Big tavern with many seats, the toilet could perhaps be cleaned more often..

Service: Call them by their names, and don't ask twice. Simply order, take a seat and shut up.

Bonus: The local celebrity Grodrik ! Let's have a talk to hi.... Oh, it wasn't any bonus actually. Rude dwarf!

In total: Cosy feeling, feels a bit like when you visit your parents-in-law.. Sadly. Best bear around though, so 4/5 points!

Additional comment(s): Seems like the tavern could benefit from some cleaning.. I swear that I saw a spider behind the casks, and that spider was almost bigger than a dwarf!


Taking the ore wagons out from Kazordoon and once again I have to use my sore feet.. Next stop will be in Carlin, the city where the women decided to outlaw all alcohol. Since Carlin are ruled by Queen Eloise the wishes of the women had a huge impact in this question, and Queen Eloise herself consider the women to bring justice and wisdom to whole Carlin.. Of course alcohol wouldn't be a proper tool to reach wisdom. You could believe that this would scare thirsty travellers or inhabitants away form Carlin, but no! Karl, a freedom fighter decided to make a heroic deed and open up a hidden tavern down in the sewers.

So if you ain't afraid of bugs and brings plenty of gold you will be able to get a few drinks even in Carlin!

Offering: A Beer for 20gp each.. Suppose it's not just to save the males in this city, Karl is making some huge profit here!

Environment: Primitive. You have to stand and drink, but if you have enough of gold you are actually able to drink until you can't stand.

Service: Kind staff, but won't get any tip due to the high price.

Bonus: Some local drunks are down here often, and even if you can't hear what Toothless Tim is saying I bet he's a nice guy.

In total: The Beer is almost worth the 20gp, but I suppose it's due to that the beer itself is forbidden.. But the society gain this tavern a strong 4/5 points!

Additional comment(s): Knights; bring your swords! The bug legs can be chopped off and used as a drinking decoration. It grabbles!

Liberty Bay

Time to travel some by boat.. The thought behind "A night out" was to keep it to the the mainland and not use any boat or carpet, but I heard from a friend of mine that I should check out two taverns that I couldn't miss. The next stop I had to do was actually a bit more tricky to visit.. And especially since I'm a bit afraid of pirates. I never understood people who are afraid of the clowns, they underestimate the danger in a drunk pirate for sure!

Anyway, I took the boat to Liberty Bay and then I took an even smaller boat that barely floated.. A bit lucky that I reached my destination, and I could for sure use some beer at this point.. Oh, I forgot that these pirates prefer rum.. Well, I suppose it will taste great as well after this trip.

Offering: Fruits to eat, fruits to squeeze and some meat.. What's this?! No drinks? According to Ariella they are running a bit dry on rum, but for the smart guest it's possible to sneak in behind the bar and drink from the cask as much as you please.. And this rum, oh holy Banor it's good!

Enviroment: Feels a bit like a vacation to be honest.. A private island, even if the frog was making me go bananas.. And speaking of bananas; it's not in their favour that the frog ate one of my bananas!

Service: Very kind pirate lady, didn't threat me even once with her sword or threw any throwing knife after me

Bonus: The possibility to choose between healthy and tasty!

In total: 4/5, I will for sure give this place a visit again. I will probably order a few more extra bananas next time due to the frog though..

Additional comment(s): Don't visit the island if you have pollen allergy!


Time to travel some by boat again! Next stop I got tipped about was in Edron; Mirabell's tavern "The Horn of Plenty" should top the list of all taverns, and I'm here to find out!

Once again the owner thought the location of the tavern must be in the center just as in Kazordoon, but also in combination with a very pleasant balcony where the guests of "The Horn of Plenty" can sit down and watch the players passing by. My expectations are for sure high!

Offering: Beer 2gp, Wine 3gp and the best lemonade I ever tasted for 2gp. Rumours says that the lemonade is made by fruits from Eremo's Island, but that's nothing that Mirabell wants to confirm. The drinks here are in high quality, something for the upper classes that's having Edron as their residence.

Environment: This has to be the paradise of all taverns. Beautiful view, service minded staff and goods produced from local suppliers.

Service: A++, nothing to add

Bonus: The lemonade, wow! I have to admit that I drank more lemonade than both beer and wine, and all 3 of them was top-notch!

In total: Not surprising anyone with 5/5 points here. The perfect tavern, and I hope this tavern will remain a bit as forgotten but

perhaps the article is a bit counterproductive to my wish..

Additional comment(s): All hipsters, please stay at "Frodo's Hut" in Thais. We want to have "The Horn of Plenty" for ourselves!

That was all that I had to report from this night out. It's been a night filled with interesting meetings, both high-quality drinks & food and mediocre experiences as well. I hope my investigation will be interesting for you and perhaps you can even prove me wrong with visiting the other taverns. Thank you for reading, now will I simply sit down at the balcony with a very fine mug of wine..

Have a nice weekend, I know that I will! :-)

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By Cidragon on 10 Jul 2016, 20:57

Fun fact: In some places while you're drunk some languages are easier to understand.

Great review :D


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