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Happy Holidays

Created by Tibiasula. on 23 Dec 2020, 11:00

Traditionally, at the end of a year, it is time for a review. 2020 was a memorable year, the most dominating topic world wide being the pandemic. Corona has influenced all of us in various ways, but apart from that, lots of things also happened in Tibia throughout the year. Let's take a look:

The first quarter started as usual with the First Dragon world event. We then announced plans for a Hunting Ground Rebalancing, causing quite an uproar. A thread with almost four hundred pages in the auditorium is testimony to that. Balancing was the main topic of the entire first quarter. After hunting grounds, we worked on items.

As the pandemic spread, CipSoft employees were advised to work from home. Nobody imagined back how long Corona would overshadow our daily lives. Despite public life coming almost to a halt, development in Tibia moved on, however. We started a feedback collection for best-in-slot weapons. At that time, we also celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Fansite Programme. Since not only CipSoft employees, but also a lot of Tibians stayed home, many spent this time in Tibia and enjoyed the events.

We addressed the extra time that people spent ingame by expanding stamina and prolonging the Double Daily Reward month. To support the fight against Corona, we donated 100,000€ to Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders), and joined the #PlayApartTogether initiative, promoting gaming while practicing social distancing. In addition, there was also a special Store offer: Three mounts could be purchased, which became available to all characters of an account. The proceeds of this sale, 166,000€, were donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund of the WHO. And just recently, we donated 100,000€ to charity once again.

Also, Tournaments had been overhauled. So in April, the first new Tournament TRIUMPH took place. In May then, it was time to get ready for the summer update. Teasers were published, and the test server started in June.

In July, the summer update was released, including the new best-in-slot items, new questlines, e.g. the highly challenging Soul War quest, a team finder, as well as a backup possibility for client settings, for example. In August, the Tournament VALOUR started, and - as a big surprise to many, character auctions were released, allowing Tibians to sell characters in the new Char Bazaar.

In October, we announced our plans for vocation adjustments. With the help of your feedback, they could be released shortly before the winter update, which was then published at the end of November.

Now, there are only a few days left of 2020. Time to trade your Christmas tokens with NPC Ruprecht. He has a new doll in store, the raccoon santa. Try your luck to win one in the traditional holiday raffle. Simply participate in the feedback form: What has Santa given you?.

This year, we all experienced something out of the ordinary. We truly feel that this has brought us closer together. We appreciate every single one of you and are very proud of our Tibia community. Thank you Tibians for being with us during 2020.

We wish you a nice and calm holiday season and will start 2021 once again with the First Dragon world event. We are ready to see what the next year will bring!

Happy Holidays, and see you in 2021!

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