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Character Auctions

Created by Tibiasula. on 13 Aug 2020, 13:00

Dear Tibians,

today, we have an extraordinary announcement for you: Character auctions are coming.

We understand that this short statement alone probably raises a multitude of questions you want answers to, so we come prepared: If you wish for a comprehensive overview of the matter, we recommend you to read this news in its entirety and then check out our FAQ as well. If you have specific questions or maybe only a singular question, you should head there as well, if this news cannot provide answers. Now then, let's get to it.


Over the years we have noticed a growing interest in selling characters or purchasing them. There are various reasons, for example: Some players want to have a smoother return to the game after a time of absence and play with old and new friends who in the meanwhile levelled up, some players want to switch to a different vocation or experience higher level content without having the time to level a new character, and some players do not want the effort they put into the game to go to waste when they decide to stop playing a character. Overall, the game becomes more active and alive when characters are transferred instead of being permanently inactive.

Of course, we are also continuously rethinking our point of view and positions since circumstances and player needs change constantly as well.

We are fully aware that the possibility to auction characters is a remarkable milestone in the history of Tibia. To preserve Tibia's core values is equally important to us as is moving the game forward, and we are convinced that this is the right step for the future of the game.


Security plays a crucial role in character auctions. Hence, using an authenticator is mandatory to partake in character auctions and payments have to be made using transferable Tibia Coins only.

Only characters will be auctioned, not accounts. The character will be moved from the seller's account to the buyer's account. No personal information will be transferred, no new recovery key will be needed. Only the buyer will have access to the character after the transfer.

To mark the clear distinction between account trading/sharing and character auctions, we have revised our rules and guidelines. An account includes personal information about its holder, e.g. payment information and registration data, and is a key element of the relationship between a specific individual (the account holder) and CipSoft. As such, an account is untransferable and we do not condone the trading or selling of accounts. It goes against the terms on which CipSoft offers you access to an account. Therefore, we are going to add a new passage to the Extended Service Agreement, for cases in which the agreed upon stipulations have not been upheld. In return, Tibia Rule 5a) Account Trading or Sharing will be abolished. The Service Agreements will be amended on September 14, when every player has to agree to the new terms and conditions. Please note that the new terms of service will only be available from this date forward, not before.

Clarity and Ease-of-use

Characters will be auctioned off for a commission on the Char Bazaar. This is a new, secure platform which we created. It is entirely run by us, with no middle men involved. There are no unexpected additional payments or hidden costs. Everything is as transparent as possible, with lots of hints, tooltips and descriptions along the way. Since payments are made in transferable Tibia Coins only, there is no chargeback risk for the seller.

The Char Bazaar offers a comprehensive overview showcasing everything relevant the character possesses – items, skills, charms, charm points, achievements, mounts, outfits, and so on, to give interested parties the opportunity to be as well informed as possible before making a purchase.

Traded characters are clearly marked ingame and on the website for a certain period of time. Furthermore, the VIP and friend list will be cleared upon transfer.

We welcome any constructive feedback and input you might wish to share with us about this new feature.

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