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Interview with Lara - HR Department!

Created by Uman. on 06 Aug 2020, 18:00

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, how long do you work for CipSoft?

So, most people here call me Lara. I studied Corporate Communications, and in my past, I have worked already with cars, books and anime. I'm currently at my second year at CipSoft, which means I am kind of a young and fresh flower in the CipSoft garden.

2. How looked your career in CipSoft?

My first contact with CipSoft was 2018, when I applied as a product marketing manager, but then it took till 2019, until I got invited to become a human ressources marketing manager instead. Which means I play my marketing piano for the employees and the company itself. I am on my path to a "specialist" career at CipSoft.

3. Have you played CipSoft games before you've joined company?

I have played a lot of different games but unfortunately none of our own. For example, Tibia is not very well known in Germany. Since I am into MMORPG's, however, I did start playing Tibia and yeah, it is a really tough game! You have so many possibilities and actions, it is fascinating!

4. What was the reason for your aplication at Cipsoft?

Games have been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid. After my previous jobs, I really wanted to do something fun and fulfilling. So I wanted to combine hobby and work and I looked out for a matching company, which was also well organized and professional. This is how I stumbled upon CipSoft, which is a perfect match for me!

5. How looks the process of recruiting to CipSoft

We are searching for new employees on various recruiting platforms. In addition, we are sponsoring a few events, where we also pin our vacancies on boards etc. Further, you can meet us at different job and university fairs in Germany. Currently, for example, we are looking for an in-house recruiter who optimizes our recruiting from A to Z.

6. Do employees got an chances to drive on courses? If yes which teams and what kind of courses?

Every employee has his own budget to participate in further training. This budget is split in two: There is one budget that the team lead can use for team members, if in a department a special skill is missing, for example, that would be useful. So this part of the budget is used for necessary further educational courses of the employee's work specialty. The other part is in control of the employee. He can basically get additional training or visit classes on things he's interested in, that are somewhat work-related, but not really necessary for the department at that specific time.

7. How do CipSoft motivate their workers?

A specialty of CipSoft is the real balance between work and private time. There is flexible work time, and an employee can also choose to reduce the weekly working hours, or increase them - in a given framework. So employees can organize their working days pretty much to their liking. That is a big motivating factor.

In addition to that, we have a very motivating game room and a socializing room, where we can sit down to have nice chats among colleagues in order to recharge motivation for the daily tasks, if needed. You can take a short break from work whenever you want. Regardless whether it is 15 minutes or 2 hours. As long as in the end the work gets done, and the hours that you should spend on work have been spent on work, you can organize your day pretty freely within a very lenient framework. That is possible, since most employees are really passionate about what they do and also share a passion about games, so the motivation is already high in each employee from the beginning.

8. If I would start to work to CipSoft today, how would my day/week look like?

It would probably start with a nice cup of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer. Both is available for free for CipSoft employees. You would greet your colleagues and then start working in your office room, as you see fit. If you are lucky and it's a Monday, you can join the free Monday lunch with the whole company. After that yummy break you would go back to work, maybe with an afternoon tea and some free fruits? Of course you would probably also have a few meetings and you do need to finish your daily tasks. ;)

9. Do you offer a special courses/classes/documentation for new beginners or they usually learns by doing from colleagues?

We have a structured onboarding program, so no one is left alone during the first days. Also, you will have colleagues, who will gladly share with you how everything should be done. And: there is a really huge documentation of nearly everything, so you will also spend time learning the ropes by yourself and you can search for quick specific workflows.

10. We read on your webpage that the employee free days are rising with amount of years he work to you, how does this system works?

That is right. We want to show appreciation to employees who stay with us for a long time. So there is a rise of the vacation days after a few years. This happens several times, always after a specific period of time. This is actually done with the help of a certain formula to avoid any mistakes. So the longer you work for CipSoft, the more vacation days you will end up having - up to a certain limit, of course.

11. Do your workers hangs out after CipSoft work hours as well, like a special game-night in game-room, or any other activities?

As mentioned before, we indeed have such a gaming room, where some colleagues play all sorts of games together and can hang out. In addition to that, we have special events for our employees. There are "Get Togethers" every few months. At those events we do different activities together. It could be a game evening, or also outdoor activities.

12. Do one need to speak perfect German to get employed by CipSoft?

I would say not perfect but very fluent. You need to understand the internal documents and working instructions which are written in German. So a good level of German is really needed and required.

13. We read on your webpage about "Initiative Application" how does it look to your company, what one should write and for what kind of employees CipSoft looks the most?

The initiative application is open to all positions. If you think, you would be the perfect community manager, for example, but there is no vacancy listed at, you can send us your application anyway.

With your agreement, we then keep your application in mind and contact you and ask if you still want to apply, as soon as a position you look for is available. The application should cover the most important parts like: CV, motivational cover letter, certificates and references, the salary you would like to have and also how you noticed us. The "most wanted" new employees are usually senior game designer and senior developers who fit to our corporate culture.

14. How does the application process at CipSoft work?

After you have sent in your application, it will first get checked, if you have formally sent us everything that we need. Then the human resources manager screens applications together with the specialist of the team you applied for, in most cases that is the team lead.

All the data you have sent in is regarded and then it is decided whether your presented skill set matches our requirements. The next step then would be an invitation to our office. You would come in for a job interview and a chat and we would get to know each other better. If all of that goes well, and we think you would fit to the position and that you would be the perfect addition to the team, you will be invited again in order to speak with the managing directors. They have to give the final "ok" before anyone can join CipSoft.

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