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Tournaments are Back

Created by Uman. on 09 Apr 2020, 10:00

The long-awaited return of Tournaments is finally here! A new round of mayhem and glory-hunting is about to start very soon with the Tibia Tournament TRIUMPH, so let us look at what is in store for you this time.

If you are yet unfamiliar with the concept of Tournaments, you can check out our FAQ or find more information in the thread to get a quick rundown of what a Tournament actually is.

While the overall structure is unchanged compared to the last Tournament, we have made numerous improvements to the formula in order to accomodate participants, based on the feedback we have received:

  • The prices for tickets have been lowered: A restricted Store world ticket (for Endura, Endera and Endebra) costs only 300 TC instead of 500 TC, whereas a regular world ticket (for Velocita, Velocera and Velocibra) costs only 2,000,000 gold instead of 5,000,000 gold.

  • Besides buying a regular ticket during the sign-up phase, you can now also buy a Late Registration Ticket for a higher price if you miss the sign-up phase (330 Tibia Coins or 2,200,000 gold respectively depending on game world type or a Tournament Ticket Voucher).

  • You need at least one character with level 50 on your account. This has been lowered from previously level 100.

  • Aside from there being a daily playtime, a total playtime has been introduced. The daily playtime shows how much time you can spend earning points during a day, whereas the total playtime shows how much time you have to do so during the entire Tournament. The daily playtime for TRIUMPH will be 4 hours while the total playtime will be 14 hours. Hence, you do not have to play every single day in order to maximize your entire playtime as you can play a maximum of 4 hours a day and 14 hours total during the seven days of the Tournament.

  • Playtime is only spent as long as you have the battle sign. You can now stay online once your playtime has run out, but you will be sent to the temple immediately upon receiving the battle sign and you can no longer gain or lose XP, earn points of any kind, make progress with bestiary entries, etc.

  • Several values regarding rules and score set as well as the amount of Tournament Coins and Tibia Coins you can win have been improved according to your feedback. More details about this can be found on the Tournament website section and the Tournament window ingame soon.

  • New rewards await you!

    • A number of new rewards await the best players:

    • The Tournament winners receive a golden replica of the legendary crown which is going to be a tradable item. In the future, an item with the same sprite but different name will be available to be purchased with Tournament Coins. It will be a Store inbox item however and thus bound to a character.

    • The best three characters of each game world receive a gold, silver or bronze cup respectively. Each Tournament will have its own version of these cups as reward. The cup contains the name of the Tournament character, the achieved rank, the name of the Tournament and is signed by CipSoft.

    • The best ten characters receive a gold deed, characters ranked 11-50 receive a silver deed, characters ranked 51-100 receive a bronze deed and every other participating character receives a papyrus deed. The deed contains the name of the Tournament character, the achieved rank, the name of the Tournament and is signed by CipSoft.

    • Several new deco items can be bought in exchange for Tournament Coins.

    • The names of the winners will be inscribed on a "Column of Tournament Heroes" which will be placed throughout the cities of Tibia. The names will be swapped out once new winners have been determined in a new Tournament.

    • The character names of the winners will be shown in gold in the "Friends" interface while they are offline. This applies to all first-ranked players across all Tournaments except the initial test Tournament.

  • Characters ranked 11-200 have a chance to win a Tournament Ticket Voucher.

  • The Tournament page now shows a selection of special rewards and rewards that can be gained in the current Tournament.

  • A Tournament archive will be available on the website, containing rules and score set as well as rewards of past Tournaments.

  • The client's login screen now informs you of an upcoming or running Tournament.

  • Game worlds can now be selected directly when you create a character. You can also change the world later when you buy a ticket.

  • The sign-up for the Tibia Tournament TRIUMPH will start next Tuesday, April 14! The Tournament itself will run from April 20, 10:00 CEST, to April 27, 10:00 CEST.

Once the sign-up phase has begun, you can find all details about the rules and score set as well as the rewards on the Tournament website section and the Tournament window ingame.

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