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Item Rebalancing

Created by Uman. on 10 Mar 2020, 12:00

It is finally time to rework some of the many items found across the game. Specifically, some of the weapons are going to be changed.

We have compiled a list with changes we plan to make on March 17. The list is available to you here, containing all adjustments. Please feel free to comment on any glaring problems you see with the new stats so that they may be addressed.

There is also an FAQ available in which we address pertinent questions and detail our motivation for this endeavour. Some changes to certain items are also explained in particular.

We are also planning to introduce new best-in-slot weapons in the upcoming summer update. After the release of these current changes, there are going to be feedback forms available where you can provide your feedback regarding this topic.



What is the goal of these balancing changes?

We want to make the two-handed weapons more attractive by buffing them considerably.

We want to balance the weapons among each other to make further mid- and longterm development viable and create capacities to build on top of them, as we are planning to release best-in-slot weapons in the upcoming summer update.

We want to address criticism which was brought up during external tests.

Why did you nerf all the destruction weapons?

The destruction weapons are to be adjusted as their value-for-money ratio exceeds any other weapon. They are simply too good considering their fairly low price. Due to NPC Yana selling them for gold tokens, they are widely available to a lot of players. Moreover, they are really powerful – at their level and in general. Not only should getting a strong weapon be a rewarding experience however, designing new weapons with the destruction weapons around in droves is particularly challenging and severly restricts our possibilities.

Why did you remove one imbuement slot from the one-handed destruction weapons?

Knights effectively had four imbuement slots while carrying a one-handed destruction weapon and a shield, resulting in a jarring imbalance between vocations but also in the vocation itself between users of one-handed and two-handed weapons.

So what happens if I'm currently using all three imbuement slots and the changes take effect?

While the imbuement slot will be removed at once, the imbuement used will still be in effect until it expires.

Why are you changing the level requirement of certain weapons?

We want to adjust the weapons relative to each other. For example, the "bow of cataclysm" at level 270 is too weak compared to the falcon bow at 300, hence the reduction in level. We are aware that many players have already far exceeded these level requirements which makes them a non-issue to anyone above.

Finally you've changed the resizer, what took you so long?

Some things take time. We wanted to approach the weapon balancing holistically instead of tweaking one weapon at a time. Moreover, we have been continually working on improving our analyzing process to change items in a sound way.

Why did you only buff two falcon weapons, the falcon battleaxe and falcon longsword?

Originally we did not intend to touch the falcon weapons at all as they are the gold standard at the uppermost end currently. However, since it was our goal to buff two-handed weapons, we felt it necessary to improve the falcon battleaxe and falcon longsword as well.

So the best weapons are still the falcons, but how about after the summer update?

We are planning on introducing new best-in-slot weapons in the summer update. Whether every falcon weapon or only some of them will be trumped by a new weapon has yet to be decided, however.

Are you going to change other items in the future?

There are currently no plans to adjust further equipment. We do not rule out making more changes at a later date, however. We will inform you about any future developments in due time.

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