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Cidragon - the achievement hunter

Created by Uman. on 15 May 2016, 10:00

How old are you?

I'm 25 right now, :feelsOldMan:.

Where are you from?

I am from Chile.

How started your journey with Tibia?

I can't remember how I find it but I discovered Tibia in 2002. At that time English almost doesn't exist in schools and I bought a dictionary to learn myself so you can imagine how difficult was start to play this game.

Anyway took me like a month and more than 10 deaths to leave Rookgaard. Fun fact, when I reach Mainland (Carlin by the way) a friendly guy presented me to Queen Eloise, he said that she was part of a quest with 1k reward, you can imagine what happened next.

What do you think about Tibia nowdays?

Well, there is a lot of thing you can do nowdays but people focus too much in get more levels and I don't know why, must of the people play for like 3 month all day leveling and suddenly they stop playing because they say "this game it's about level and I'm tired". People should stop to thinking like that if they really want to enjoy the game.

Also and sadly the quests are more easier in the RPG way because 99% of them you only say hi-mission-yes and people don't read the history behind. I know there is some new quest with a lot of complex stuffs but it's like 0,1%.

What's your favorite city? Why?

Carlin for sure, I have too many memories there and I just leave the town in the recent implementation of global depot. Oh boy I feel bad now, probably I'm going to come back to Carlin.

Why I choose Carlin? Because it's the noob city that's why.

What kind of world do you prefer? Why?

It's hard to tell because almost all world are similar right now but I think enforced are the better choose if you want to play like "the old times", but still too different than before. I feel like in this world is more hard to abuse to others because people doesn't care much about deaths. Why am I still playing in an open-pvp world? Because I have a lot of friends in my world.

Tell us what's your favorite tibia memory?

I have a lot of good memories through time. My first dragon, black knight (back in days took minutes to kill this guy), 10 people hunting dragons jaja… sadly I don't have old pictures :/. Also when raids were implemented Orcs respawn in my face and I died in a horrible way, but it's really funny to remember.

In the recent times I'm really proud of my lvl 100 even when it's super common, annihilator (I did it in lvl 100 and the team were 3 paladins + druid but the druid died) and POI/inqui because took us like 10 hours and a lot of planning to did it (the max lvl was like 170 in both quests). I can't forget all my friend of Vinera because even when I don't play much I speak with them a lot in teamspeak.

What's your current goal in tibia?

In one phrase: Gotta catch'em all… achievements of course. But isn't my ultimate goal, you know in a game like tibia goals changes all the time.

If Uman could tell you just one of the Tibians secrets, which one would you choose to learn? Why?

There is a lot of things I should like to ask but I definitely must ask for the Sword of Fury first.

If you could ask Zathroth to destroy something in Tibia, what do you choose? Why? How do you to rebuild it?

There are too many islands!! I want a strong earthquake that erase yalahar and each quarter put them in a different place (mainland please), Edron crash with Cormaya, the Goroma's volcano explode and make new ground fusing all those islands. Due the incredible mess some boats doesn't work and people should use other ways to travel. Also, I want a big crack in mainland that weak up all kind of monsters… it's too much? I could be all day jajaja.

What are the good deeds you had to do in Tibia?

I try to kill at least 100 creatures from the "killing in the name of..." quest every time I play, currently I have 84 points but I started very late in tasks (I bought premmy at lvl 70 or something), until last week I did every day the "goblin merchant" tasks but I finally get the achievement so right now I'm searching new challenges. Also, I check the market a lot because I pay my premmy with him.

What are the bad things you already made in Tibia?

Well, "bad things" are relative... I actually like to imagine myself in Tibia so basically I try to by gentle. But, I like RPG too so I have some characters with the goal to destroy the greatest evil of tibia: Bots... I mean Zathroth should be a great option too but I don't want to fight a god jejeje.

Do you often follow any official tibia fansite? Why?

Well, I visit guildstats time to time because they have an incredible tool called "achievement checker" everyone should use it!! Tibia.wikia it's another great fansite and I suppose everyone know it. Tibia-stats it's another great but a bit outdated page, I really like his statistics approach and obviously I can't miss tibiaroyal with his interesting contribution system.

What kind of information do you look at an official tibia fansite?

Mainly quest/achievement related because I like to track all my possible paths. Sometimes statistics about damage, loot or items price. Pretty standard things. Also I like to read some transcripts of NPC, sadly it's just a tibia wikia feature.

What would you like to find in an official tibia fansite?

I would like to find some background information about NPCs because sometimes you need to do multiples quests or talk a lot with the NPC to really know where is he/she from or why is he/she there. Did a community tried to make a full history of Tibia considering all the books we have? Should be interesting to see.

Someone already think in use programs like teamspeak, raidcall, ventrilo, etc, just for know each others? At least we have chat here (insert "it's something" meme).

I would like to see some events where people should make characters in X world do to some rol thing, We founded a religion in Vinera just to troll people jaja (just an example).

Do you usually participate and comment in official tibia fansite's forums? Why?

Until last year I followed tibiahispano a lot but they lost his fansite status and the page it's just dying. I feel sad because I used a lot of my time doing a lifethread there and an achievement guide but admins aren't doing almost nothing to survive.

What was your easiest achievement to take & how you did it?

There is a lot of easy achievements but it's all about time and money. If you have tons of money you can easily get like 300 points but the life is funny and when you have money, you probably don't have time so others achievements are very hard to get (like goblin/hive tasks). Considering that, some achievements aren't time/money consuming like Oops , Do Not Disturb , Happy Farmer and a lot more.

What was your hardest achievement to take & how you did it?

Definitely Task manager it's the hardest achievement I have. You need 86 days to finish it and even when take like 10-15 minutes per day it's all about mental endurance. This achievement took me like a year because I give up a lot of times but then come back.

Is there any achievement which you actually working on but it is so hard that you might give up, if yes, why it is so hard

Well, I recently try to get Askarak/Shaburak nemesis but the respawn of the "bosses" are too slow. I calculate that you need like 3 hours to get one of the achievements and for me that a lot of time! So I kill like 20 and just give up.

The next one is Hive tasks, I do it just when I feel bored and no more than 3 in a row because 100 tasks each it's a lot.

Quick Quiz

A Tibian place? Carlin

A Tibia item? Bright Sword

A Tibian boss? Demodras

Tibian players:

I don't like to choose people for their vocation but for what they did.

Arieswar: A famous RPG player in the early Tibia world. First know man to get the magic longsword.

Cachero: He definitely chance the way how we hunt this days... but not a really nice guy in RL (at least back in days).

Astronis: He's well known for his Annihilator video.

Sadly, I don't know many players.

A Tibian Dream? No bots!!

Tibia Royal would like to thanks Cidragon for this interview! We wish you a happy achievement hunting!

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By Makadamia on 15 May 2016, 18:04

Nowadays, when Tibia is full of high level no-name players (often bought characters) who are able to make pg, levels and nothing more people who feel rpg are the most interesting. Have fun Cidragon... and good luck in making achievements of course! :)

By Iggykoopa on 14 May 2018, 06:14 - 11.75

This guy! Someone who doesnt care about leveling and just enjoys the game!

good guy!


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