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Mysteries for beginners

Created by Urgith. on 06 Jun 2016, 18:00

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Liberty Bay

Mysteries, we all heard about them, some of them we have already seen but still they are unsolved or just a myth. In this article we want to show you a few secret places in Tibia which neither become a myth or they are yet to be solved. The interpretation of each we leave you to decide.


Boss who's armor was too light

Turvy , Topsy and Gamon are traders from Venore. But are they really? They do have a lot of important supplies. They exists since ever in Tibia. As we can see, one floor above them, there are two doors with red handle which symbolize quest doors. When we look around, all bookcases has (Vol.) that mean, they are not quest related, but maybe something inside is, a key, maybe? When we try to speak with the sisters downstairs we see that the whole mood in company is rather strange. Both girls believe that they are spied by one of the fellow traders - Gamon. When asked about the quest, Topsy responds that she is just a trader and there are no quests available, however her sister Turvy might have something for us.

This was very misleading since Turvy says pretty much the same and sends us back to Topsy. They must be involved in something very strange.

"I had one once. He should have bought better armor. Actually - he's upstairs." - Topsy

Topsy is the only one from the party, who speaks about her boss. She truly believes that he is upstairs... however, he is not, and probably never was. She also mentions that he should have bought a better armor. Does she know something about his whereabouts? Since she provides magical supplies only, how can she be sure, that the armor of her boss was not good enough... and good enough for what? Was he eaten by some creatures and his body is yet to be found somewhere deep in the oblivion? Or maybe Topsy was the one responsible for his disappearance?

This mystery is very old, but we must know the truth. We must find the man before it's too late... or is it now?

Old light scroll quest

East from Thais, in Troll cave lays old and forgotten temple. It is said that it was build by Teshials - elven race, who were ruling this land back then. As you encounter the room you will immediatelly feel the heat coming from the center. This is caused by a few lava fields.

Standing on a specific spot you can Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate yourself up and find yourself into a very similar room, but this time with some patrolling trolls. Getting rid of them is like a walk in the park, though. There are 2 chests south of the room. However, those are not connected with any quests.

Following right you will end up seeing a closed door. By peeking through the lock you can see another room with a Magic Light Wand and a scroll containing 'utevo lux' spell. In early days heroes were learning magic through scrolls. This room was probably left as a tribute to old Tibia days. We are not sure, though.

Is it possible to enter the room somehow? This place is indeed hard to reach, but since we know what is the content of the scroll from early days...

It must be very valuable! I need to have it! I bet that there must be a hidden door somewhere here...

Liberty Bay

Locked trunk

This thing drives people crazy. Seriously. So you have this trunk in front of you, ready to look inside, and... bang! It is locked... and bang!! There is no key. You have no idea how to open it and yet you are so curious that you run around the city yelling: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Howww... toooo... opennn... this... It is said that some people lost their hair from nerves. It is not a normal situation, indeed. Usually it is a hard way that is rewarded with a prize. But here you are, in a crowded place, with a trunk, which even the toughest Tibian ever could not open.

Some people asked dwarves from Kazordoon to blow this thing up. However, those little guys were pretty sure that the explosion would destroy everything what is inside. So the idea was abandoned... and so was the chest... It is heavy, locked and cannot be moved. Three words which creates the ultimate nightmare.

So who put this heavy thing on the highest floor of a warehouse? Was the trunk already full and brought by magical powers? Is there a titan who will claim its content one day?

Maybe I have to knock the secret code on the trunk. Knock knock... wrong again...

Secret demon

If you are curious enough and check all squares on Tibia earth, you may fall down into a tight corridor one day. Do not forget to bring some torches, otherwise your adventure could have a very dark ending. When you put yourself together after the terrible fall, do not scream yet. The horror is yet to be revealed.

You will find yourself in a very tight shaft. It appears to be the remains of a long forgotten mine. If you are courageous enough, you will finally get to the place with some bones on the floor. Furthermore, you will hear some evil whispering... And now, you freeze. The whispering sends shivers up and down your spine... It is a Demon ! Hey, relax. There is a huge pile of stones between you and the monster. However it looks at you with contempt. When you light more torches you will notice that the pile of bones before you was not the only dead thing here.

On the other side, where the monster lurks, there are at least 2 more bodies. They are buried under some rocks and equipment like pick or shovel. They were probably digging without noticing how dangerous could that be. And they met their final fate. A fatal one. A big red walking omen of death. It is worth noticing that the demon is surrounded by some trunks and chests.

Those dead wanderers were probably thieves trying to reach the store's vault. As you can see the anti-theft system works perfectly even now.

Did they have some information about the hidden treasure there? Were they killed by the demon, or were they just unlucky when the shaft collapsed? Did they manage to see what is inside those chests? I guess not.

I am scared. But hey, somebody has to do it. If you are with me, take those picks and follow me. The truth has to be revealed... at any cost...

To dig to the demon, start from here!


Hellgate tower

Ab'Dendriel... You might say that this is a simple city run by brave superior elven race bound with surrounding nature and its gifts. After reading this sentence you would probably never believe what lies in depths of this beautifully blossomed place. Hellgate (yes, you read it right - a path leading straight to hell). It is said that elves were locking bad people or convicts there.

In early days this place was a nightmare for beginners. It is full of creatures waiting for tasty tiny human beings like you! First of all, there is this Elathriel , who is the sole owner of the key to this damned and long-forgotten place. It seems he is earning for the living selling the Key 3012 for 5000 golds to unexperienced players. With this key you can... (literally) go to hell!

More experienced players, who knows the exact path, are able to reach the isle of dragons, but... I am going to write about something different than that.

Those who decide to wander through this place can find some very interesting spots. The one worth mentioning is 'the sealed tower'. Why is it so special? Because it is... sealed! There is one Giant Spider wandering near the entrance to the tower, but it is hard to state whether it is guarding it or just got lost. The tower itself is heavily guarded by a single, but effective wall of energy so a single spider in front of it is a pure joke. Standing near the energy gives us creeps and shivers.

As far as I am concerned, noone and I mean noone was ever able to desintegrate this wall. Furthermore, there are 2 more doors on the way. Doors have locks. Locks need keys, which we don't have... yet.

Some people speculate that is has something to do with the race of Bonelord and their digit laguage, more accurately named '469'. Other people claim that before 2003 the wall of energy was absent, and that the tower was accessible, but nobody managed to unlock the door. Also there was no spiders on the way.

Further to the east and south of this tower we can find a library with A Wrinkled Bonelord bonelord, who is talking numbers. He is overwhelmed with knowledge and surrounded with approximately 70 books containing (yeah, you guessed it right) digits only! If we could know how to decipher those...

Why is the tower-o-library sealed? What secrets lies within? Is it possible to access the tower somehow? Are bonelords and their strange language the key to this mystery? Maybe we are not ready to discover the truth about the tower. The knowledge stored there may change everything we know about Tibia. After all it was built on the way to hell!










One of the book from Bonelord library

My urge to know the truth is strong... I have to know the truth... I have to know... the truth...

Now, where that damned key might be...?

Treasure room

This is an ancient place commonly known as the vault with unreachable treasures. In my opinion it is more likely a tomb of some important figures. From the middle section of this place we can see 5 huge menhirs located on lava and successfully blocking the way... What is hidden there? We can see that there are 5 dead bodies and each of them is covered with some more and less valuable items. Golden Helmet Blessed Shield Crown are a few of many to mention. Probably possessions of the buried ones. But who were they?

Reading every book and leaflet in Tibia you will find nothing about this place or dead people who live here from ages. It is not guarded, and it is easily accessible. Many people claim that those items are obtainable and the area itself has something in common with the Draconia Quest and switches there.

Why were those corpses buried here, and who were they? Are those items obtainable? Is this a sign of what happens to careless wanderers who are too curious?

I mean, they must have a purpose... They were not buried here for nothing... We should stick to this idea and find something useful here...

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By Cidragon on 06 Jun 2016, 20:37

Very nice reading! I just missed the locked trunk :).

There a few more interesting places in Tibia, maybe we can have a 2nd part!

By Uman on 06 Jun 2016, 22:22

It is first from many articles which we want to release about mysteries in Tibia :)

By Emfulz on 27 Jun 2016, 13:16

Good read. I definitely didn't know about the "Old light scroll quest".

By Uman on 04 Jul 2016, 16:11

Yes, sad that it do not exists anymore, or do it?

By Eric on 07 Jun 2016, 22:18

This was very interesting to read!

By Trululu on 06 Jun 2016, 18:03

Cool info, I did not know all of this. I need check.


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