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Happy Holidays

Created by Ice Crambler. on 24 Dec 2019, 02:00

Another year full of adventures is coming to an end. Time for a short recap of what has happened in Tibia during 2019.

Let us start with the two major updates. With the summer update, a new island, Kilmaresh, became part of Tibia, including the new city Issavi. Apart from other things, badges and titles, a depot search and the party list were implemented. With the winter update then, the new questline Feaster of Souls was added, for example, as well as a party hunt analyser and prey hunting tasks.

The prey hunting tasks had been discussed with all of you in a Dev Note earlier in the year. We hope that you will continue to support Tibia by giving your feedback about presented ideas in 2020.

Speaking of feedback: We want to thank you for your detailed comments about your experiences on the tournament servers that were introduced in 2019. We are working on optimisations that are based on your feedback in order to be ready for a new tournament phase in 2020.

Also, thanks to you, Tibian hunting grounds have become a lot cleaner. After it has been asked for by many Tibians, in September this year a new map refresh mechanism was introduced.

Consistent topics throughout this year have been taking a closer look at Tibia's economy, and the housing system. While rent for houses was raised for the very first time, new features for houses were added, too. In addition, many houses have received a makeover and completely new houses were implemented as well.

With the new and shiny golden outfit, Tibians have received a way to display their immense wealth. Until mid November, over 60 players have bought these very expensive clothes from the Tibian emperors.

Regardless of their ingame fortune, many Tibians partied like there was no tomorrow in October this year. There were many activities, lotteries and plenty of beer during the new Orcsoberfest. In 2020, this event will return. Get your steins ready, so that they can be filled up again in March.

Before we end this year, we want to suggest visiting NPC Ruprecht on Vega to trade in your Christmas tokens for some nice deco items. This will not only get you into the holiday spirit, but rumour has it, he has a new doll in store: the santa leech. If you do not have enough tokens for this cute little doll, try your luck in our holiday raffle! Tell us what you have received from Santa in the feedback form: What has Santa given you?, and win one of three santa leeches.

So - before Ned Nobel will provide you with fireworks to welcome the new year, we would like to say thank you to all of you for spending this year with us in Tibia. Thank you for your dedication, your patience, your feedback and comments, your criticism, your joy and your creativitiy. You are the ones who make the Tibian universe what it is.

We wish you all the best for the holiday season, and a good start into the year 2020. We hope you enjoy the Winterlight Solstice, the Double XP/Skill event over the holidays, as well as the celebrations of Tibia's anniversary in the beginning of next year. Also, the event "The First Dragon" is calling for your participation in January, too.

Happy Holidays, and see you in 2020!

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