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Bugfixes and Content Changes

Created by Ice Crambler. on 06 Aug 2019, 00:00

With today's server save, we have released a new client version. It includes the following fixes related to the summer update:

  • The total gold sum in the Market now shows the correct amount.

  • Searching the Cyclopedia and Market now works when accessing them through the depot search.

  • The depot could not be opened when the stash was still open at the Hireling Steward. This has been fixed.

  • It is no longer possible to receive a fake white skull in the PvP arena.

  • On Retro Hardcore, attacks on party members via right-click now work with classic controls.

  • All guild members can now make use of the show/hide messages function in the guild chat.

  • The bear skin item now has earth protection +11 instead of ice protection +11.

  • The curse of the Cobra Bastion no longer attracts aggressive rats but harmless ones.

  • In order to complete the quest Fafnar's Wrath, players now only need 10 sphinx feathers instead of 20.

  • The teleport after killing Gaffir in the Cobra Bastion now works when killing him subsequent times.

  • Cobra viziers are now less talkative while their combo attack now deals more damage.

  • Access to Urmahlullu can no longer be blocked.

  • Missing PZ fields were fixed, e.g. in Issavi temple.

  • Some minor NPC fixes were implemented.

Moreover, we changed the following, among other things:

  • Monsters which are classified as "hard" in the Bestiary can now appear as boosted creature.

  • Explosive barrels in PvE arenas now deal damage to monsters.

  • Personal summons can no longer be used when fighting the Last Lore Keeper and Dragonking Zyrtach.

  • Depleted collars of green/blue/red plasma are now considered by the supply analyser.

  • The mounts Lacewing Moth and Hibernal Moth are no longer accessible to free accounts.

  • The outfits Dream Warrior and Discoverer are no longer accessible to free accounts.

  • Giant sapphires, green emeralds and rubies can now be stored in the stash.

  • A crate which is required to finish the fourth mission of the quest "What a Foolish Quest" is now available from Black Bert.

  • The Market categories of several items have been corrected.

  • A multitude of map and NPC bugs, typos and minor graphical issues have been fixed.

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