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Tibia Tournaments

Created by Uman. on 20 May 2019, 15:00
Table of Contents
Test Tournament
Tournament Coints:
Rules of Tournament
Actions of Tournament


Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush and excitement at the start of a new game world? It is but a small taste of what is to come! Within the last months, the Tibia team has been working diligently to bring you a new thrilling experience that many of you have been asking for.

Tournaments are a new opportunity for ambitious and committed Tibians to prove themselves. Score as many points as possible within a predefined time period and Tournament setting.

Tournaments are not about how much time you can spend playing, they focus on who are the most efficient and skilled players. Therefore, the daily playtime of a Tournament character between two server saves is limited to 4 hours. Can you come up with the best strategies to make most out of it?

To participate, you need a Tournament character and a ticket, and you need to fulfil certain criteria. Tournament characters do not count towards the character limit of an account, but an account can only have two of them, one for each Tournament world type we offer:

Restricted Store Regular

For those who enjoy a slower-paced, more demanding experience.

Here, the following Store products are not available: XP boosts, casks and kegs, exercise weapons and dummies, potions and runes, gold converters, blessings, temple teleports, Prey wildcards and permanent Prey slot, gold pouch, charm expansion, and hirelings.

For those who want to speed up and facilitate their progress.

Here, the Store offers the same products like every other game world.

Ticket price: 500 Tibia Coins Ticket price: 10,000,000 gold
Game Worlds: Endura, Endera, Endebra Game Worlds: Velocita, Velocera, Velocibra

All Tournament characters start with level 20, basic skills, and 20,000 gold on their bank account. Upon sign-up, you can select your Tournament world, your vocation and city to start in. The character progress will be reset after a Tournament has ended.

Once a tournament is over, you will be rewarded with Tournament Coins, Tibia Coins or Tournament Ticket vouchers depending on your final rank in the leaderboard of your Tournament world. You can spend your Tournament Coins on exclusive cosmetics such as mounts and outfits which will be unlocked for every character on your account.

The leaderboards for each Tournament world can be viewed on the website and ingame. Moreover, the Character Tracking Channel ingame allows you to keep a close eye on the top 11 of your Tournament world as well as on your own rank and characters close to your rank. A level up, a death, a kill – this channel shows it all. So keep your wits about you as you see your competitors rise in rank and your pursuers gain ground!

On all Tournament worlds, the following features are not available:

  • Stamina

  • Daily Reward System

  • Achievements

  • Guild System

  • Loyalty Skill Bonus

  • Highscores and Kill Statistics

  • PvE Arena Fights

  • Boost Events (e.g. Double XP/Skill, Rapid Respawn)

Test Tournament

And since nothing compares to first-hand experience, you can sign up for the test Tournament VANGUARD after tomorrow's server save until May 27, 10:00 CEST. VANGUARD will run from May 27, 10:00 CEST, to June 03, 10:00 CEST. The PvP type will be Open PvP.

The ticket prices for VANGUARD will be lowered to 15,000 Gold (regular) and 1 Tibia Coin (restricted Store). Your participation in VANGUARD will be honoured, albeit rewards will not be on par with those of a real Tournament.

Rules and score set for VANGUARD will be kept simple. After tomorrow's server save, you can check all details on the Tournament website section and the Tournament window ingame. The Tournament window is also the place to go to purchase a Tournament ticket.

Tournament Coints:

Tournament Coins are bound to an account and cannot be traded with other accounts. Mounts or outfits purchased with Tournament Coins are available for all characters on the account, including future ones. However, if you decide to spend your Tournament Coins on house decoration or furniture, make sure to purchase it with the character that owns the house.


To participate in a Tournament, your account needs to fulfill certain criteria:

  • you need at least one character with level 100 on your account

  • you must have created a Tournament character for the Tournament world type on which you want to take part

  • your account must have Premium status

If you fulfill all criteria, you can purchase a ticket for the Tournament during the sign-up phase. Tickets for the Tournament world type: restricted Store can be purchase in the Store while tickets for regular Tournament game worlds need to be purchased via the Tournament interface in-game.

Rules of Tournament

  • PvP Type: open, optional or hardcore PvP

  • Daily Tournament Playtime: maximum time you can play on a Tournament game world between 2 server saves

  • Death Penalty Modifier: defines the number of experience points you lose upon death in relation to a regular game world

  • XP Multiplier: defines the number of experience points you gain in relation to a regular game world

  • Skill Multiplier: defines the number of skill points you gain in relation to a regular game world

  • Spawn Rate Multiplier: defines the rate on which new creatures spawn in relation to a regular game world

  • Loot Probability: defines the loot amount in relation to a regular game world

  • Rent Percentage: defines the prices for houses in relation to a regular game world

  • House Auction Duration: determines how many days a house auction lasts

Actions of Tournament

  • Area Discovery: determines how many Tournament points you score for discovering an area completely

  • Character Death: determines how many Tournament points you lose upon death

  • Charm Point Multiplier: all obtained Charm points will be multiplied with this number before added to your total Tournament score

  • Level Gain/Loss: determines how many Tournament points will be added to your total score whenever you gain a level, but subtracted when you lose one

  • Creature Kills: determines how many Tournament points you receive for participating in a creature kill of the named creature

  • Quests: determines how many Tournament points will be added to your total score when you complete one of the named questlines

  • Skill Gain/Loss: determines how many Tournament points will be added to your total score whenever you gain a skill level, but subtracted when you lose one

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