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Snoopy, a Spook?

Created by Uman. on 04 Apr 2019, 10:00

Last night, Snoopy overheard her neighbour talking to someone who was hiding in the shadows. She did not hear much, but she made out the words CGB and Carlin. This sounded suspicious. She had heard of the Carlin's Girls Brigade, but no details. Everything about them seemed secretive. Now, that she suspected her neighbour to be involved somehow, and nosy as she was, she decided to try to find out more...

She woke up early the next day and headed to the harbour. The Sheriff's office in Carlin was her destination. She thought it would be a good start for her research. She was surpised when she crossed paths with a woman there who introduced herself as Emma, head of the CGB. She spoke very openly about the organisation. Snoopy learned that absolute loyalty and the willingness to sacrifice one's life was demanded from the agents in the defense of Carlin.

Getting a scent of adventure, and thus speaking before thinking, Snoopy asked to join. Emma was sceptical about this enthusiasm. Nevertheless, she gave her a mission: Our relations with Thais can be called strained at best. Therefore, it is not really astounding that the Thaians financed Edron's academy but refuse to share some knowledge with our druids. But we won't accept this so easily. With the help of divination, we learnt that the knowledge our druids are looking for is found in a certain book. It will be your task to enter the academy and to steal this book for us.

First mission, first conflict. Snoopy wondered if this was coincidental or a loyalty test. Stealing from the academy...? She was unsure if she could reconcile that with her conscience. She loved that place. On the other hand, the druids in Carlin were facing injustice. That did not sit well with her, either. All druids should be educated as much as possible. This thought was a good justification, so she decided to fulfill this mission.

Stealing the book would not be difficult, she figured. She was known in the academy and could enter without raising any suspicion. She also already had an idea about where the book could be. She knew of one book that was locked away. She had once asked Spectulus about it, but he had replied giving phony reasons. Back then, she had not cared enough to ask any further. Now she knew...

She entered the library without any notable incidences. To her suprise, the door that had been securing the book opened with ease. As if it was meant to be. She quickly pocketed the book and hurried to Carlin to report back. Easy as pie!

Emma seemed pleased, and gave her a follow up mission. She told Snoopy that a druid who had visited the Green Claw Swamp had noticed a malignant presence there. Searching for the source of evil, he had found an old ruin where he ended up being attacked by bonelords and their undead minions. He escaped, but the evidence that he had found let him conclude that the bonelords in the ruins were raising death trees. Trees full of negative energy that corrupt the surroundings. After the druid's return, divination had confirmed: With the help of these death trees, the bonelords were building up an army of undeads.

It became Snoopy's mission to rip out the heart of the master tree. In theory, this would lead to a withering of all unnatural trees there. Emma wanted the heart as proof of success.

Snoopy gulped. She new the swamp, the ruin and the evil creatures underground. She had been there before with an older friend. He had even shown her where the key was to get inside, but told her to never go alone. She was scared, but since she had grown a lot stronger since then, she bravely accepted the job.

She began her search for the master tree in the swamp. After hours of fighting she found herself in a strange room that she had not noticed on her previous visit. The room was filled with many creatures. Bonelords, scorpions and even a black knight was suddenly attacking her. To her own surprise, she handled her magic masterfully.

All the way in the back of this room she noticed two doors. One was sealed, but she could open the other. Behind it was a dead tree. As hidden as this tree is, this has to be the master tree, she thought. She reached underneath the bark and ripped out its rotten heart. Quickly, she hurried back to Carlin to meet Emma.

The head of the CGB smiled when Snoopy returned. Without many comments, Emma handed Snoopy a mysterious box full of rust bugs. They were to be released in the smithy in the Ironhouse in Venore, so that they would ruin all metal, including weapons that pose a threat to Carlin. Without hesitation, Snoopy left and did as she was told. She started to feel proud and confident as an agent of the CGB, even quite powerful. She could hardly wait for her next assignement.

And she did not have to wait long. Right after her return, she learned about plans of the city of Venore to build a fast and resilient ship that would improve their dominance over the sea trade. This was obviously not in Carlin's interest. Snoopy did not care about trade, but about her new job. So she accepted her mission to acquire the plans. They were assumed to be hidden in the Venorean shipyard or the harbour. With ease Snoopy delivered them to the CGB. Mission accomplished.

Her next task would bring her to the south west of Venore, to the ruins of an ancient cathedral. That cathedral was a project that the Thaians had begun, but never finished. Suspicious activities had been reported there and she was sent to check this out.

This mission turned out to be a real mess, though. The cathedral that she had expected to be empty was full of wild warriors, smugglers and bandits. In addition to that, she had to defend herself against assassins, demon skeletons, and dark monks. Even mummies had inhabitated this place, as well as witches, hunters, dark apprentices, and dark magicians. She even saw a stone golem there.

She had troubles staying alive and she couldn't prevent questioning herself whether this was really worth it. Each time that she felt death reach for her she was regretting to be in the service of Carlin. She remembered well that she had agreed to risk her life. That made her feel really stupid now. Obviously, she was not willing to do that. If it had not been for the help of some strangers, she would not have made it out of the cathedral alive.

It is hard to believe after this chaos and the close calls, but she did master this mission, despite the odds. This was way more luck than skill. She had found some suspicious documents in the cathedral and returned with them to Emma.

Snoopy was not feeling proud and confident anymore, however. When she was sent on her next mission, she was still debating with herself how to break the news to the head of the CGB that she wanted to quit. She was not sure if agents actually could stop being agents. Also, she did not want to appear as a coward, and she did not want to let Carlin down, either. So she simply followed her next orders: Extracting a book containing ancient family histories and family trees from a grave in the crypts on the Isle of the Kings.

After a relentless search, Snoopy was finally able to find the book. When she handed it over to Emma, she found herself with a new mission before she had had any time to object. Also, she did not have the courage to object, either. Once again, she was shying away from the conflict.

This time, Snoopy had been ordered to kill a mad dwarf who threatened to destroy Carlin. He supposedly had a laboratory in Kazordoon near the technomancer hall. Snoopy was to return to Emma with his beard.

This mission reminded Snoopy of the time when she had to steal the beard of the dwarven emperor when she wanted to become a jester. Her adrenaline level had probably been just as high back then, but the job had been really exciting! It had included time travelling. Working for the CGB, on the other hand, was merely tough and serious. She regretted the position that she had gotten herself in. Nevertheless, reliable as she was, she set out for this mission.

For once, she did not stumble into a fight unprepared. The Dark Cathedral had taught her well. Before heading to Kazordoon, she filled up her supplies and packed tons of sudden death runes, too, just in case she would enter panic mode. And - indeed. After fighting decently for a while, she became impatient and fed up and started firing SDs at everything that was moving. That was not really panic mode, but rather beserk mode. She did not want to be there. She ended up killing the Mad Technomancer while still fighting his dwarf henchmen. With this rage inside her, she almost forgot to take the beard once the dwarf had fallen. She remembered just before she was out of reach.

On her return to Carlin, she was emotionally fired up and ready to tell Emma that she would quit. Emma, however, smilingly handed her a beautiful looking package with the seal of the CGB, leaving Snoopy a bit speechless. She unwrapped it, fearing a bit that this would lead to new orders. Her chin dropped as she held a squeezing gear of girlpower in her hand. Nifty! Her first reward as an agent. When Emma called her a top CGB agent, she did feel a bit of pride again, but quietly decided to avoid Emma and Carlin the following weeks. She did not want any new missions. For her taste, she had risked her life enough for the Queen. Time to relax.

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