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Contribution System Update

Created by Zathroth. on 22 Mar 2016, 00:02
Table of Contents
Setting a new objective criteria
The Video Issue
Final words...

During the last days, we have been solving several issues related with the Contribution System. In this news, we explain everything that happened and how we solved certain problems reported by our users, trying to find the fairest solution. We also have made some fixes and improvements. It is really important to read everything carefully in order to be aware of how the system is going to work from now on.

Setting a new objective criteria

One of the main problems of validating contributions was setting an objective criteria to evaluate each type of contribution. This is why we thought about creating tutorials and guidelines to let our users know exactly what we are looking for in the content submitted by the community through our system. Sadly we couldn't create them in the right time and this is how several issues came up, like the video problem that perhaps most of you are aware of and that will be explained in full detail below. We didn't expected certain things that occurred, which lead to paralyze the system, in order to cover all the gaps we have found and prevent possible abuses. Furthermore, the Contribution Programme page is being improved and this brand-new tutorials containing all the necessary guidelines were born. We ask you to read them carefully, that way you make sure you will be aware of how you must proceed and count with all the hints and tips necessary to get your contributions approved. Hopefully this new criteria will give more stability to the system and step by step, it won't be necessary to make big adjustments anymore.

The Video Issue

The situation

At the very beginning of the Contribution System, submitting a video was rewarded with only 1 contribution point. But once the first users started to send videos, we saw many good content and also received feedback that obtaining 1 point for a video was too little compared with the effort that takes to create and edit this kind of contribution. We agreed with that, and started to brainstorm ideas about how to compensate such efforts and encourage users to submit more useful videos for the Fansite. By that time we were really busy (as we always are) attending several things we were working on, like our Anniversary Event, even some of our members were on vacations since it was holidays season. In the anxiety of rewarding users we set a new point assignment, hoping to receive videos of the same quality as the ones we previously got, but sadly we were wrong. Since we lacked of a guideline to approve the contributions, cause it was still under construction, our available staff started to approve videos only following the information we had (the point assignment and few basic copyright rules), until we realized that some users started to send bunch of small and simple videos, getting an extremely huge amount of points, reaching the 2.000 points in matter of days. It was an obvious gap in our system and we couldn't prevent it. Immediately, we decided to suspend the delivery of the Fansite items.

How we decided to solve it

After an intensive internal discussion (that caused us a lot of stress, and that almost ended in the lost of a valuable member of the staff), we decided to create a definitive criteria to validate them and review all the submitted videos (old and new ones) re-assigning the contribution points according to it, with certain flexibility in order to cause the less impact possible. Besides it could seem illogic to reassign points under new rules that didn't exist before, we reached to the conclusion that this was the fairest solution for the following reasons:

  • The amount of 2.000 points was never meant to be reached in just a couple days. It is supposed that our Fansite item should be granted after making a considerable effort submitting content of quality and this obviously takes a reasonable time.

  • Very good videos submitted during the first stages of the Contribution System only received 1 point and they were not adjusted until now.

  • Most of the videos submitted after the new point adjustments weren't the kind of videos we expected. We honestly consider that most of these videos don't worth 25 or even 50 points each. Some of these videos only last few seconds and their subject could be easily covered by other means, like a comment, a screenshot, etc. In other cases the users made the video and then a guide including the video on it. We can only suspect that they were trying to gather more points for content that is repeated and that could be easily included in just one video, or one guide. And is hard to believe this was done by mistake because they proceeded in the same way repeatedly occasions, everything about really simple game content that doesn't need detailed explanations. We recognize that we lacked of rules and tutorials but, we think these arguments we present are a matter of common sense, and since we didn't experience this problem with the rest of the users, our system stood in the base of trust more than in a complex list of rules. We didn't want to do so either, since the goal was to create a system as “user friendly” as possible, but now we feel forced to do that.

  • This was a gap in the system, and besides we can't be sure, perhaps the users involved were aware of it and decided to abuse the system in order to get our Fansite item easily. If this was the case, we can't allow it under any point of view and this is one of the main reasons we can't left old contributions as they were before this last adjustment and let users that may abused the system get the rewards under the pretext “You can't change old points assignments under new rules”. But since it was our mistake to not set a proper guideline to submit and evaluate contributions, we decided to consider all the users involved innocent, and try to re-evaluate their videos being as flexible as possible (honestly, deleting the major part of the videos submitted and assign 0 points was one of the options considered), creating a detailed tutorial to avoid future misunderstandings. They are still able to participate and win the Fansite item, but under a more controlled environment.We will also compensate the most affected users with 250 Tibia Coins.

Video's evaluation criteria

This is the new evaluation criteria we set, trying to make it the definitive one. From now on, videos will be approved and rewarded in the folling way:

Invalid Video

0 Points. It will be instantly deleted.

Valid Video made by yourself

3 Points.

Valid Video + Logo + Link

+2 Points.

Valid Video + Narration/Explanation

+2 Points

Valid Video cosidered as Valuable.

+5 Points.

For more information, check the tutorial

Videos sent to be added in Tibia Royal's Youtube channel

We ask to all the users that sent videos to be added to our Youtube Channel, to use the contribution System and re-send your submissions using the classic "Add video form". For now, only videos created by our Staff will be uploaded in this channel.

Final words...

As you may know our system is pretty new and, as we stated from the very beginning in our Contribution Programme and in our Terms and Conditions (available at the bottom of the Contribution Programme page), it is still under a beta phase, and until it reaches certain stability we are able to make the adjustments we consider relevant to make it as attractive, fair, and stable as possible. This was carefully thought and stated in the mentioned pages to avoid possible problems or misunderstandings, cover possible “holes” in the system we could not prevent with the required anticipation before releasing the feature. It doesn't mean we will always do it, all we are working on is focused to improve the system in a way that our community can contribute peacefully. Our commitment from now on is to achieve this stability, try to take the system out of the beta phase, and prevent these problems from happening again.

We recognize our mistake, problems of communication between the team, and lack of time to create and publish the tutorials. We seriously apologize for that and we want to let you know that we are working tirelessly to solve everything. We are not professional people but voluntary players trying to create a popular Fansite, and really busy people in real life. We were not mean to be “picky” with these points readjustments, it is not a “personal thing”. The problem already was really time consuming in order to fix it, and we don't need that at all since time is precious for us. We hope you could understand our point of view and, if you see the pontential we see on this system and the rest of the present and future features offered in Tibia Royal, help us to make it better with effort, trust, and serious commitment. We are not looking, and we don't need, users trying to get prizes the fast and easily possible. We are looking for people with a fervent desire of helping all the Tibia players to have a great experience playing the game, even if they are the minority. That is exactly what we want to reward and what we will only reward from now on.

In the following days, more parts of this news will be published with a detailed list of the videos reviewed, user by user (in alphabetical order), together with suggestions for future video submissions. So, we ask you to stay tuned.

Kind Regards,

The Tibia Royal Staff.

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