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Of Matchmaking and Spell Breaking...

Created by Rejana. on 05 Feb 2019, 08:00

On her last visit to Liberty Bay's tavern, Snoopy had noticed a hand-written note pinned to the wall. It had mentioned a missing ring, a contact person, and a reward. She had forgotten about it, but now that Valentine's day was close, and people were talking about truelove teddies and heart backpacks, the image of the note kept flashing back up in her mind. She sensed a sad story behind it. So without further ado she packed her things, saddled Truly Dooly, and headed to Liberty Bay. She wanted to find out if the ring was still missing, and if she could be of any help.

When she entered the Silverhand Manor, home of the contact person Lady Eleonore , she could hear sighs coming from upstairs. She found Eleonore dressed in a beautiful gown, sobbing deeply. When Snoopy mentioned the note, Eleonore explained that a ring had been stolen by a parrot and that it was indeed still missing, probably lost forever. She indicated the direction that the parrot had taken off in - the Vandura Mountains.

Eleonore seemed a bit distanced and Snoopy figured that she would not get more details here. A bit disappointed because there had not been a story, she accepted the mission to look for the ring nevertheless. The search for the ring gave her a good reason to explore the mountains.

She was not in any rush. Travelling through the mountains felt quite peaceful. She was only startled once when something was moving quickly towards her. It had only been a tarantula, though, no real threat.

She then noticed a tree. It really stood out in this barren area. She regarded it thoughtfully and saw something colourful move in its crown. As she got closer, she recognised a parrot. This cannot be the parrot that took the ring, this would be too much of a coincidence!, she thought. But, if I were a parrot in these mountains, I would be sitting on this tree, too. I better check it out.

She tried shaking the tree, and nothing happened. She took out the rake then that she had packed due to Eleonore's advise. She combed through the upper branches of the tree. The parrot remained unimpressed by her presence, even when a ring fell to the ground with an almost unhearble "bling bling".

That was too easy, she thought. Unbelieving, she pocketed the ring and headed back to Eleonore . Snoopy did not care much about the reward she received for returning the ring. This endeavor had not felt like even half of an adventure, so in her eyes, she did not deserve any reward, either.

Eleonore sized her up. She seemed to like the fact that Snoopy was not hyped about any riches. Hesitant, she asked if Snoopy would do her another favor. Snoopy had sensed the shift in mood and was indeed a bit curious about what would follow. So she agreed.

Eleonore asked her to deliver some money to the herbalist Charlotta in the south-western part of the town. Snoopy and Truly left for this mission right away, in hope to experience something a bit more interesting. They found Charlotta in a hut, and when Snoopy mentioned that she was running an errand for Eleonore , the plot thickened. Charlotta said: "Hmm, it seems that Eleonore trusts you. Perhaps she is right. However, since we need some help right now I guess we can't be too picky. Return to Eleonore and tell her the secret password: 'peg leg'. She will then tell you more about her problem."

Snoopy was hooked. This felt much more like what she had come to Liberty Bay for. She rushed back to Eleonore , and did what Charlotta had asked her to do. And here was the sad story that she had covertly hoped to be hearing all along!

Eleonore told her about a freedom fighter, Captain Ray Striker . Her father had not approved of him, but she and Ray had secretly fallen in love. She had lost contact with him, however, and was worried sick. She feared the worst. Having difficulties to hold back her tears, she asked Snoopy to try to find out something about his whereabouts. Making sure nobody else could listen in, she revealed to Snoopy how she could travel to Ray's hiding place. Touched by the story, Snoopy promised to try her best to find him.

Following Eleonore's directions, Snoopy and Truly scurried over to Captain Waverider , taking a couple of detours to ensure that nobody was shadowing them. When given the code word and a bribe, Captain Waverider invited them to board his boat. When they landed, Snoopy was amazed by the sheer beauty of the island she was going to set foot on. Enjoying all these new impressions, she never forgot, however, that she was looking for Raymond Striker, the secret love of Eleonore . After a while she made him out in a house at the center of the island.

What she heard from him, however, was not a message she wanted to return to Eleonore with. He did in no way speak of her as she had talked about him. He told Snoopy that he was in love with a beautiful and passionate woman, a mermaid. He said: "The mermaid is the most beautiful creature I have ever met. She is so wonderful. It was some kind of magic as we first met. A look in her eyes and I suddenly knew there would never again be another woman in my life but her."

...A mermaid? Snoopy sensed something fishy. This could not be for real. She was not even sure that mermaids were real...

She decided to walk along the shoreline in order to look for this creature. If the legends were true and mermaids existed, she would only find one close to the sea. And indeed, not long after she had left Ray Striker , she noticed a creature in the distance that looked just like she had always imagined what a mermaid would look like. Very beautiful, half fish, half human.

When she came closer, she tried to engage the marine creature into a conversation, making sure not to scare her away. Very fittingly, she found out that the mermaid's name was Marina . When Snoopy confronted her with Raymond Striker , her suspicion became stronger that something was not right. Marina talked about Ray as if he belonged to her, as if he had been put under a spell.

Not knowing what to do with this information, Snoopy and Truly wandered off after the chat. Truly lead the way, since Snoopy was caught up in her thoughts, frantically trying to figure out how she could set this right again. She took no note of her surroundings until Truly suddenly stopped. They halted in front of a masonry, which, as they soon were to find out, was home to a djinn called Ocelus . Snoopy quickly deduced that a djinn with magic powers would probably know how to lift a curse or break a spell. Maybe he could help.

So she told the story to Ocelus , who seemed to be blushing when he heard Marina's name. Could this be...? Snoopy felt as if Ocelus had a crush on the mermaid. She wondered... Maybe the solution would not be to break a spell, but rather to be a matchmaker. If the mermaid became interested in Ocelus in a romantic way, she would most certainly let go of Ray Striker , and he would then hopefully remember his love for Eleonore again. That sounded like a decent plan, and Snoopy did not hesitate to suggest to Ocelus that she could help arrange a date.

Plan in mind, she steered Truly back to Marina . When Snoopy mentioned the djinn to the mermaid, though, it dawned on her, that this was not as easy as it had seemed. Marina was not impressed by Snoopy's words. She demanded something way more poetic.

With a sad look on her face, Snoopy returned to Ocelus . He, however, did not regard this as problematic. He knew that the greatest poets could be found among the elves. He asked her to travel to Ab'Dendriel for him and to come back with a poem. He was certain that this would impress Marina . Thinking about Eleonore , and Valentine's Day, Snoopy did not shy away from the time and costs of the journey.

It was not difficult to find a poet willing to sell a love poem in Ab'Dendriel. Love poems were an easy way for elves to make money these days. With the treasure in her luggage, she and Truly stood in front of the masonry again after their return to the beautiful island Meriana. When they greeted the djinn, Ocelus quickly put Snoopy under a spell to make her sound like a true elven poet before she could object. He then sent her back to the mermaid.

And, a successful matchmaker she was! Marina not only agreed to date Ocelus , but also lifted the spell off of Ray , and even gave Snoopy permission to ride sea turtles! That sounded way too cool. Even though she was on a really meaningful mission, she had to try that. She hopped on the back of a turtle, and enjoyed the ride. This was fun!

She enjoyed this only for a short while, though, because she knew that back in Liberty Bay, Eleonore was waiting desperately to hear from her. So, she first delivered the good news to Ocelus , who was now really nervous and prepared for his date.

When she checked back with Ray , she was happy that the plan had worked. He remembered his love for Eleonore and was hoping to meet her soon. It hurt him deeply that the mermaid's magic had lead him to forget her. He was guilt-ridden and hoped that Eleonore would forgive his weakness.

When Snoopy returned to Liberty Bay with good news, Eleonore was relieved. Snoopy was confident that Eleonore and Ray would live happily ever after.

Feeling good and filled with joy, she returned home to all the love birds in Edron, wondering if she herself would ever be able to find true love...

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