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2018 - A Retrospective

Created by Uman. on 07 Dec 2018, 10:00

Tibians, December is here. Once again, time to look back, time to remember all the moments that the year 2018 had in store for us.

In the beginning of 2018, we all still had the beginning of the year 2017 in mind, which had been loaded with 20th anniversary celebrations. Our own nostalgia made it into the game subconsciously at the start of this new year, too. CipSoft employee event creatures like Lionet or Delany reappeared ingame and dropped loot from the 20th anniversary celebrations, confusing Tibians around the globe. This was fixed quickly, however, getting everybody's mindset back to the present.

An intended remnant of the 20 year celebrations was the very first regular appearance of the first dragon world change. Between the server saves of January 14 and February 12, players had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills against various dragon species and to face the First Dragon .

Then we wanted to hear your thoughts on some ideas that had been floating around. So we started the Dev Note: Cyclopedia Map & Portal System. As you all know, the Cyclopedia Map has made it into the game in the meantime and has become a popular feature. The plans for the portal system were not carried out after close consideration of the feedback you had provided us with.

January ended then with a writing contest. We asked you to share a short story about a death experience that has stuck with you. In the end, there were 10 winning stories that have been preserved in a Tibian library.

In February, we asked for feedback about another idea, in a second Dev Note: Reaper Weapons. The idea was to implement weapons with their own levelling system, which could be extremely effective against a specific creature class, for example. The feedback we received during the dev note, however, made it quite clear that you did not consider our plan to be such a good idea. Needless to say, reaper weapons have not made it into the game.

March started with a double XP and double skill weekend. Logging in each day during March was really worthwhile. It was the month of double daily rewards. All Tibians received twice as many items from the reward shrine. Even the daily reward XP boost lasted twice as long.

We then surprised you with a new form of event weekend. The very first Rapid Respawn weekend in Tibia took place between the server saves of April 06 and April 09. Since your feedback afterwards was extremely positive, there have been further rapid respawn weekends throughout the year. Since you seemed to be thrilled each time, respawn times have been reduced constantly in the meantime and a new feature has been introduced as well, a type of donation system to further reduce the respawn times of monsters in specific areas.

These changes happened in September of 2018. In a website poll, a bit over 60 % of poll participants stated that they think that respawn times in general are now about right. The opinion about the new donation system is not so clear, however. Just over 40 % of website poll participants give it a thumbs up, almost 34 % give it a thumbs down, and approximately 24 % do not really care about this feature.

Nevertheless, to sum up, reduced respawn times in Tibia are a direct result of your feedback concerning the rapid respawn weekends, which first appeared in April of 2018.

Apropos April... Our April Fool's joke this year, was rather subtle. We had sent out invitations to a survey in which we asked you a few quick questions, hinting at somewhat odd ideas... Topics were pickpocketing, lockpicking, the merging of vocations, taxes, and the destruction of a Tibian city by an asteroid. The majority of players wanted Thais to meet this fate.

We had been a bit surprised by the positive feedback that the ideas received, so maybe the joke was more on us than on you. We showed you the results of this survey in our featured article in May, in case you are interested to read up on that.

Also on the first of April, we made a really quick contest, asking you for a short limerick, combining Santa and Easter somehow. It was amazing to read what epic stories you created out of this idea and with the constraints given by the limerick form. Check the winning stories here: Limerick's on the way!.

Other things happened in April, too. Exercise dummies and exercise weapons were implemented, as well as an overview of the current Twitch streamers and YouTubers on the website and on the start screen of the Tibia client.

Other than that, a really huge topic in April was the merging of many game worlds. 27 game worlds were merged into just ten.

In May, the summer update teasers started, which kept us busy the entire month. The test server then started in the beginning of June, giving you a preview of all the new things that were then introduced with the summer update in the beginning of July.

This year's summer update brought new features like the Cyclopedia Map, a Supply Stash, an Automatic Screenshot Feature and a Customisable Status Bar, as well as many new quests, like the Secret Library, the Lament, and the Order of the Falcon through which you can get new rare high level gear, for example.

August started with another Rapid Respawn weekend, giving players a perfect opportunity to complete some Bestiary entries or to gather new creature products for imbuements. Also, three new Retro Open PvP Game Worlds were launched, Pyra, Carnera and Nossobra. Everything seemed peachy till August 17, when the unspeakable happened. First of all, we had to reset all game worlds, some even more than once, and then the reset itself did not go through without further issues and bugs, resulting in a well-deserved over 100 pages complaint thread in the Auditorium.

In September then, the aforementioned changes concerning the respawn times went online, and on a graphical side, a new antialiasing mode called "Smooth Retro" was introduced as the default graphic version of Tibia. This new mode combines the smoothness of the pre-existing antialiasing mode with the crisp and clear look of the pixel mode. In the beginning of this month, we have asked players in a website poll what graphic mode they are using to play. Many have changed their graphics settings back to the regular antialiasing mode, but almost 30 % of Tibians are using the new default mode. So Smooth Retro has become an accepted Tibia look in the meantime.

In October then, the start of the teasers for the winter update sounded the bell for the end of the year. With this update, the dreamborn became known in Tibia, living in a mystical realm of elvish dreams. This new questline, the dream court, as well as two other quests, new monsters, boss fights, achievements, many missions and riddles and new items were part of this update, as well as new mounts and a new outfit.

Further, the stash that had been introduced with the summer update was extended with a filter mechanism, and a coloured frame was added to items to represent loot value. Also, boosted creatures are now part of the game, yielding more XP and loot for a day. They also respawn at a faster rate, thus complementing the increased respawns of monsters that had been a topic throughout the year, nicely.

The popular Cyclopedia was also further extended, now displaying an overview of your character's current stats, as well as its achievements. In addition, the Cyclopedia Map now allows you to walk via map click. Further, the vibrancy imbuement was introduced, in combination with adjustments to the paralyse rune.

On a sidenote, Tibia has an event calendar now. This new feature was also part of the winter update.

Apart from the above mentioned features, 2018 was full of several smaller changes, too, like bug fixes or interface redesigns. Also, monster balancing was a big topic for us throughout the year, as well as reducing fps drops and working on a better way to deal with game world resets. New Store products were introduced, too, such as mounts and outfits, house decoration, and the magic gold converter, for example. Other reoccurring topics this year were adjusting the prey system, as well as the Bestiary, for instance.

We are ready for 2019 and we are happy that you are with us on this path into the future. But first, let us indulge in nostalgia once more. As part of the new world quest that was also implemented with the winter update, the Winterlight Solstice, you can soon expect a splendid birthday celebration for Tibia. From January 07 till January 10, you will be able to visit Nostalgia Island, where you can hunt monsters with old monster sprites, you can dig for treasures and knock down cans. The pinata dragons will also be spawning everywhere.

Apart from technical updates, new quality of life improvements, and new features, also completely new challenges will be waiting for you in 2019! We strive to provide you with lots of fun and entertainment. You deserve to enjoy every bit of it!

Thank you for being a part of Tibia's awesome community! Thank you for all your feedback, your comments, your passion, your laughter, and also your tears and rage. Thanks for being with us, in prosperity and adversity! ;)

We wish you a peaceful rest of the year, a happy holiday season, and all the best for 2019!

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