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The Challenger - Paralyse Attacks

Created by Uman. on 05 Nov 2018, 10:00

Vibrancy imbuement discovered

The inner research circle of the Imbuement Research Academy reached a big milestone in the creation of new imbuements today. After months of research, Pietro van Pestocci's team succeeded in capturing nightmarish thoughts of various war-proven test subjects and extracted a rubber-like substance from that dark matter which can be used to produce a very special imbuement. Applying such imbuement to your shoe soles results in very interesting behaviour patterns since the substance reacts to the well-known attacks of paralyse runes and stems the impact of such runes.

Thankfully, Pestocci provided the Challenger with an example to further explain the functionality of this new imbuement: "Let us assume that a Tibian who is wearing such imbued shoes is ambushed by two druids. The first druid attacks the poor fellow with a paralyse rune to slow him down. Usually, the second druid joins the attack and throws another paralyse rune to make sure that there is no way their victim can escape. However, this is where the new imbuement comes in.

Wearing shoes with the so called vibrancy imbuement, shields you from additional paralyse attacks which means that only the initial paralysis attack negatively affects the wearer. All further attacks are thrown back at the respective aggressor. At the moment, this effect has only been observed in fights between Tibians. It seems to have no effect on slowdown attacks that are initiated by monsters."

Pestocci continued that there is also a certain probability that the wearer will be freed from the initial paralysis effect whenever subsequent paralysis attacks are launched at him. This effect has been verified in fights between Tibians as well as in fights with monsters. The chance of successfully triggering the effect depends on the quality of the imbuement.

King Tibianus about to overrule Magic Court decision

Hard times seem to lie ahead of paralyse attackers. Only recently, a food messenger who was on his way to Raincastle was prevented from serving the ordered food to the royal table in time by the excessive use of paralyse runes. King Tibianus is said to have been so furious that he now wants to overrule the former decision of the Magic Court on the minimum allowed time between the use of two paralyse runes. First rumours coming from the castle speak about a raise from 2 seconds to 6 seconds.

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell

  • Throwing a paralyse rune is now limited by a 6 second cooldown.

  • A new imbuement called vibrancy protects your character from stacking paralyse attacks.

  • When your character is paralysed from a previous attack, subsequent paralyse attacks are reflected back to the aggressor (PvP only).

  • There is a 15% (basic imbuement), 25% (intricate imbuement), 50% (powerful imbuement) chance that additional paralyse attacks can remove the initial paralyse effect from your character.

  • If the aggressor is also wearing shoes with the vibrancy imbuement, the paralyse effect is not reflected again. However, if the aggressor is already paralysed while his attack is reflected back to him, the removal chances of the vibrancy imbuement apply to him as well.

  • Shoes like boots of haste, zaoan shoes or magma boots, for example, can be imbued with the vibrancy imbuement as well.

  • The powerful vibrancy imbuement will be unlocked after you have defeated the final boss of this year's winter update questline.

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