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Shattered Dreams

Created by Uman. on 16 Oct 2018, 05:00

Imagine a place full of peaceful creatures living in a perfect symbiosis. A place without envy but with a thriving and prospering community, isolated and protected from any danger or negative influences.

It may sound too good to be true but I know that such place had once existed.

It must have felt like a dream come true.

Maybe nothing would have ever changed if he had not left us.

If he had stayed with us, keeping everything in balance... Who knows if the poisonous seed had ever sprouted its pesterous roots.

But he abandoned us, his very own creation, and the emptiness he left filled with rivalry and resentment.

We are divided, torn apart, nothing but fierce opponents and untrusting enviers.

Our once loyal and united tribe of dreamborn is no more.

Now, it is too late. What has happened can never be undone. Both sides should know better, but they are obsessed with its force and thirst for the strength of this nightmare.

They will blindly steer their own people into doom and darkness... AGAIN!

The prison walls are already crumbling, soon the beast will break loose.

But they are not listening, they have fallen for the empty promises, the beguiling lies and ancient rumours instead.

Once the beast has escaped its chambers, its sinister outgrowths will relentlessly roam through every corner of the Dream Labyrinth, searching for a way out. The seven doors will never withstand such brute evil force. They will burst wide open and the courts will fall.

Does it really have to come to that? What has become of this once so beautiful place? Please, help us! Please, wake me up!

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)

  • Visit a mystical realm of elvish dreams and offer your services at the Winter or the Summer Court of the dreamborn.

  • Find a way to recharge ancient ward stones and proof yourself worthy to one of the courts.

  • Gain access to the dream labyrinth and solve the courts' riddles to unlock shortcuts all over the nightmare dungeon.

  • Bread and circuses - Join the ranks of the dreamborn and stand strong against different bosses in the courts' arena.

  • Become the champion of the arena and face the evil nightmare that is threatening the realm of dreams.

  • The brave saviour of the realm awaits a new outfit and a new mount.

  • The difficulty of the monsters ranges between the monsters of the warzones four, five and six and the deathlings.

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