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The Lovers

Created by Fafnar. on 15 Feb 2016, 01:46

Valentine's day has arrived!

The love is in the air and all the lovers are preparing something special for their crushes.

Do you know what you gonna do for your beloved Girl?/Boy?

A little tip here ! I have hear that Valentina arrived to the tibia lands and with her many romantic items did aswell!, a beautiful gift that you can trade with her! it can help!, if you don't have any present yet!

A Present filled by Crimson Rose , Flower Bouquet , Heart Backpack ,[We do not have this item] , Truelove Teddy , Valentine's Cake and Valentine's Card handwritten, could be perfect for your Girl/Boy this day!

And in this Romantic day we want to share something else with our dear users... a little story.

Like Romeo and Juliet story, with a romantic and magic start but, a tragedy end, our dear Caramellia has her own story too.

Her father trying to hold a respectable image in society, misguided by false friends not just only ruined his life also the life of his daughther.

The father of Caramellia wanted to married her with a wealthy Venorean... then! He forbid his daughter! she couldn't to see Winfred by being a mere commoner… but for Caramellia, Winfred was her one and only true love…

Even when her father forbid her, they met anyway and had plans to flee to Port Hope... to start a new life there, but a druid in service of her father, had spied them… after know what her daughter and this commoner were doing! brought her daughter to a remote place and locked her into a tower… the Druid casted a powerfull spell!... some nature-magic on the plants.

Winfred tried everything to get back his beloved Caramellia, the information about her location cost a fortune to him but nothing could stop Winfred, he travelled and almost died! and when he found out the place where Caramellia was! he tried to get in there but sadly he could not… the grass was almost impassable for him…

Caramellia just could see her beloved Winfred from the window of the tower, and one day he disappeared. She knew immediately that something horrible had happened to him.

Nowadays, Caramellia lives her life into this tower which started being her prison and now becomes her refuge.

In a dead body in a cave a man professes his love…

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By Cidragon on 15 Feb 2016, 18:09

The last part... xD!

By EturnaLL Me on 16 Feb 2016, 21:50

rofl ;d right


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