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Annual financial statements for the financial year from 2016

Created by Uman. on 01 Sep 2018, 14:00

Year 2016 was not the best in Tibia community, CipSoft still had its own banning system for cheaters. Lags and DDoS on servers were also a problem at that time.

Yet for the company it was a pretty good year. Even tho the number of players was slowing downgrading ever since 2007 and with all the problems mentioned above CipSoft has managed to do 16% net grown income against 2015. We do believe that services like "new outfits" or a newly added in that year "potions to the store" was responsible for this.

CipSoft at the end of the year had 89 employees. Around 45 of them were working in development department, 34 in operation and five in administration. Due that the expenses rose by 3.3% to 4.8 milion Euro, while operating expenses fell by almost 10% to 2.4 milions.

The continued depreciation of the euro against the US dollar of 3, 7% in 2016 leads to an increase in expenses for service providers who settle in US dollars. On the other hand, the recovery of the currency in the most important sales market, Brazil, was expected to boost sales by 24.3% against the euro. "The risk of payment withdraw is very low as customers usually have to pay in advance" - they wrote in their tax paper.

Below we have tables explaining income/outcome as well as few other interesting fields.


31.12.2016 31.12.2015
A. Fixed assets 461,078.71 573,767.49
I. Intangible assets5,006.120.00
1. other intangible assets[/tdth5,006.120.00
II. Property, plant and equipment456,072.59573,767.49
1. other equipment, operating and office equipment455,484.35573,389.34
2. Advance payments and assets under construction588.24378.15
B. current assets7,050,749.355,266,889.36
I. Receivables and other assets1,169,494.441,112,906.96
1. other assets1,169,494.441,112,906.96
thereof with a remaining term of more than one year300,520.19308,826.21
II. Cash on hand, Bundesbank balances, bank balances and checks5,881,254.914,153,982.40
C. Prepaid expenses155,167.0473509.84
Total assets, total assets7,666,995.105,914,166.69


A. Equity5,152,692.293,778,053.14
I. Drawn capital26,000.0026,000.00
II. Capital reserve22837.8222837.82
III. Retained earnings3,329,215.322,207,188.34
IV. Net income1,774,639.151,522,026.98
B. Provisions772,972.25521,267.23
C. Liabilities255,812.03145,312.50
1. Liabilities to banks8,044.902,074.04
thereof with a remaining term of up to one year8,044.902,074.04
2. other liabilities247,767.13143,238.46
thereof with a remaining term of up to one year247,767.13143,238.46
D. Prepaid expenses1,485,518.531,469,533.82
Balance sheet total, total liabilities7,666,995.105,914,166.69

Income statement

1.1.2016 - 31.12.20161.1.2015 - 31.12.2015
1. Raw result8,176,980.287,698,475.51
2. Personnel expenses4,800,054.634,647,500.19
a) Wages and salaries4,004,215.773,894,362.61
b) social security contributions and expenses for pensions and support795,838.86753,137.58
3. Depreciation155,242.77155,114.56
a) Depreciation on intangible fixed assets and property, plant and equipment155,242.77155,114.56
4. other operating expenses665,933.73723,161.19
5. other interest and similar income4,139.9718148.62
6. Taxes on income785,251.59669,167.23
7. Result after taxes1,774,637.531,521,680.96
8. other taxes-1.62-346.02
9th annual surplus1,774,639.151,522,026.98

As you can see from the table, CipSoft has spend 5 milion Euro for Employees. When we will divide it over 89 Employees and 12 month we will get that avrage montly salery in CipSoft is 4,5k. Of course not everyone gets so high salary. The possibility is that salary of management is so high that it change the avg. of Employees.

In 2016 CipSoft has paid around 529 thousand Euro for bonuses, 84 for vacations not taken and 14 thousand for statutory accident insurance.

Other unrecognized financial obligations essentially consist of the concluded rental agreement. They amount to € 250 thousand in the coming year, € 1,000 thousand in the years 2018 to 2021, and € 250 thousand in later years.


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