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Interview with Pestilent Muskrat a level 630 ED

Created by Ice Crambler. on 11 Sep 2018, 09:00

Interview with Pestilent Muskrat

We've interviewed Pestilent Muskrat, a Level 630 ED from the world Monza.

He is playing the game for almost 15 years, and reached already several milestones

in his Tibia-career like the title Sage of Tibia.

Hello Muskrat, nice that you've accepted our invitation for an Interview!

So, to start of tell us something about yourself,like how old are you, and where are you from?

Pestilent Muskrat
Thanks for having me! I'm 30 years old and Swedish but I've lived in Helsinki/Finland for last six years.

Was Pestilent Muskrat your first Character?

Pestilent Muskrat
Muskrat has been my main character for around ten years but before that it was quite random and I didn't have a real main.

Why did you choose Candia (now Monza) as world to play, and not a different one?

Pestilent Muskrat
I started playing on Libera in 2003 and got a taste of the pvp life which wasn't really my thing as I'm more into pve, questing and "char-loving" in general xD. So I moved on to Secura, Harmonia and eventually Candia as my friends was changing servers as well.

How did you discover Tibia and what were your first impressions from playing?

Pestilent Muskrat
I think it was in seventh grade when some school friends showed me the game and made me try it and I got caught right away! I realized fast the satisfaction of leveling, getting higher skills and upgrading my equipment. I had only played strategic games before like Command & Conquer so it was very refreshing somehow.

May we ask how many years have you been playing Tibia so far?

Pestilent Muskrat
I started playing 15 years ago (this account turned 15 about three weeks ago!)

What is your favourite profession and why?

Pestilent Muskrat
I do like druid the most because in team hunting there are always a lot of things to think about so it keeps you busy. The responsibility of others health and having low health yourself always keeps you on guard. But I also started liking knights a lot after the imbues came around so I have actually played more on my knight than my druid in the last two years or so.

What is your favourite Tibian city and why?

Pestilent Muskrat
I can't say one city is my favorite really because I like many for different reasons. Yalahar is very nice for having so many hunting spots so close to the city. Svargrond and Ankrahmun I like for the design, and I will always like Thais just because that's where I spend my first years in tibia so it's very nostalgic.

What's your current goal in tibia and why?

Pestilent Muskrat
Lately it has been completing the bestiary and I have gotten almost 9000 points already, but with the summer update there will be a lot of more work to do xD. I have always loved the high scores so I'm constantly working on my skills and achievements. The magic level though has gotten really hard, party because of people cheating so my former first place is probably never going to be taken back again. Also I want level 700 on my druid and 400 on my ek!

What kind of hunt style do you like to play and why? (Slow and Chill or Hardcore)

Pestilent Muskrat
I have to say both, when I have exp boost or a good prey I like to use it to maximize the exp rate to use them well but then it's nice to relax with some bestiary or boss camping in between so nothing gets boring.

Do you have any funny story about one of your hunt sessions that you want to spare with us?

Pestilent Muskrat
Actually I had a death few weeks ago which was very annoying but I laughed the same time. I was hunting minotaurs in oramond for bestiary and had my grovebeast up when my computer got a blue screen and restarted itself. First I got pissed and waited for the pc to come back alive so I could log in and buy my blessings, but then I noticed that I was actually still alive on black health, thanks to the beast. But I only got to be happy for about 0,5 seconds because the monsters attacked and killed me right away because the beast started running around the same second I came online so I didn't have the ten seconds of protection as you usually do. So my beast both saved and killed me at the same time xD

By any time, had you already retired from Tibia? If so why? and how long? and of course why did you decided to return?

Pestilent Muskrat
When my account turned 15 recently I got curious so I actually checked how many days I have had premium of the accounts existence. It turned out that in 15 years I have been free acount about 5 months which all was in the beginning before I even knew about premioum. I have never quit Tibia and the longest I have been away is probably two months when I've been backpacking in Asia!

What do you think about Tibia nowdays?

Pestilent Muskrat
The game it self is better than ever! I have liked pretty much every update more or less (the latest ones has been superb!). The community is as good/bad as it has always been but the problem now days is that the toxic players have higher levels than they used to so they affect your gaming more than before.

Could you tell us your favorite tibia memory?

Pestilent Muskrat
Oh there are so many. I kind of had a "first dragon" moment but with the harder monsters at the time which was PoI monsters, when I was hunting dragon lords in PoI. I was about level 80 or so on Muskrat and I went upstairs to take a break at the firewalls before the lever area. Turned out someone had roped like 20+ of the creatures from levers and opened the fire walls so when I got up I died in a split second! I had never seen or heard about such luring or trapping before, my heart stoped for a bit xD.

If you had the chance to change something in Tibia for yourself, what would it be?

Pestilent Muskrat
Even though I think the game is well designed it self, I hate how few people can ruin the game so easily for bigger groups. I don't know exactly what would be the best solution but I would like to see more people enjoy all the parts of Tibia. The problem often comes in luring, exp stealing and running over wild growths making some things impossible for people.

How do you find the current changes and new client tools?

Pestilent Muskrat
I like it very much! At first I thought there's little too much going on but you get a grip of it quite fast after all.

In your eyes.. what's the best creation of Cipsoft in the past years?

Pestilent Muskrat
It's hard to pick one thing but lately, imbuing was amazing as it made solo hunting so much more fair between all vocations. Also I liked bestiary a lot since it has made me explore and hunting tons of places I would never have visited otherwise. But the single best thing must be battleye, cheating has been a huge problem and it is insane how different the game is now! Also of course way back such things as when hotkeys came around and you didn't have to use shift+up when you casts spells was a huge game changer.

Which Mounts/Outfit you like the most?

Pestilent Muskrat
I always loved the ladybug, but also slug and black sheep for goofyness! When it comes to my outfit, 99% of my time I have used the mage outfit on pretty much all characters since I started 15 years ago. Still waiting for the hat though! :D

Whats your opinion on the Game world merges of so many old Servers?

Pestilent Muskrat
I totally understand if it's more economical for Cip to merge servers that are not active enough but I feel like Candia was doing just fine already so I wish they would have left us alone.

Would you say that any vocation is at the moment unbalanced?

Pestilent Muskrat
A lot of people complain that paladins are too good and I can agree a little bit. But paladins have been suffering for such a long time that I think it is their time to shine for a while! Also druids and sorcerers should be little more separated. I'd like to see druids being able to support the team in more ways while sorcerers can deal damage and boost the team with maybe higher damage output or skills.

Are you a collector of rare items? if so could you name us some you own?

Pestilent Muskrat
I have never been a collector at all. I always prioritated using my gold on magic level and achievements. And sadly enough during my 15 years, the best thing I have looted was Orshabaals brain just a few months ago! But It was my first encounter with him so that was really neat :D.

You once was the leader of the most respected guild on Candia called Perfect Gentleman, why you decided to close the guild?

Pestilent Muskrat
We were losing members due to retirements and shrunk a lot, and after such a long time of helping people and arranging things I just got tired of feeling like the rest of the server was not interested in working towards the same atmosphere as we wanted. Now I try to mind my own business more and helping my close friends of course (forever Gentlemen)

Thank you once again Pestilent Muskrat for that awsome interview full of intresting answers!

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