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Cyclopedia Map

Created by Uman. on 05 Jun 2018, 07:00

In the last teaser for this year's summer update we would like to present you a new Cyclopedia feature. Since the test server will already start in a few hours, we will focus on a short overview.

In the upper right corner of your client interface you will find a button that will open the new feature: The Cyclopedia Map!

You can choose between two different display modes. The Surface View provides an in-game graphic display of Tibia's surface and all layers (floors) above. The Map View provides the classic minimap view. Layers that are situated below Tibia's surface will always be displayed in the Map View.

Thais City with unlocked NPCs and Passages
Different areas of the main continent

The Cyclopedia Map is subdivided in different areas and subareas. Areas always describe a larger territory of land mass such as Thais. Within this area, there are different subareas such as Thais City, Thais Surroundings or Thais Trolls' Cave to stick to our example.

Discover the map

Many subareas of an area can be discovered. Select the respective subarea name by mouse click and press the "Start Discovering" button.

Several Points of Interest will now be randomly placed in the selected subarea. You will have to find at least seven of them in order to discover the subarea completely.

Those points are only visible in the game window of the respective character and can be reset if required.

Once you have fully discovered enough subareas, you will unlock new useful functions of the Cyclopedia Map:

If you have fully discovered at least 30% of all subareas of an area, locations of NPCs within that respective area will be shown on the map.

At a minimum of 70%, passages to subareas on other map layers and teleports are displayed as stair symbols on the map.

Once all subareas of an area have been discovered, creatures that occur in those subareas are listed when you click on a subarea's name or on a passages symbol that leads to this subarea. Creatures for which the Bestiary entry has not yet been unlocked are displayed as a silhouette.

In addition, a player who has completed an area will be notified whenever a raid is about to take place in that area within the next hour.

You might want to pay a visit to NPC Charos from time to time since players who have completely discovered 10 areas can look forward to a new outfit. Discovering 15 and 20 areas unlocks the first and second addons respectively.

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell

  • New Cyclopedia Feature: Cyclopedia Map.

  • The map is subdivided in areas and subareas and offers two different view types: The modern Surface View and the traditional Map View.

  • On the Cyclopdia Map, there is no black fog on Tibia's surface layer (floor) and all map layers above. Map layers which are situated below the surface might still contain black fog depending on how far you have already explored your minimap.

  • The maximum zoom factor for the Surface View is capped at the moment. You can zoom further into the map but you will see no new details and the view becomes more pixelated.

  • Markers that have been set on the minimap are also displayed in the Cyclopedia Map. It also offers the function to filter by individual markers.

  • The map offers a new "discover" feature that places several Points of Interest in a subarea. In order to fully discover a subarea, you will have to find seven of them.

  • Points of Interest are set randomly for each character and can only be seen in the respective character's game window.

  • Only one subarea can be discovered at a time.

  • Fully discover enough subareas of an area to unlock additional markers and information for that area like NPC markers, passage markers and notations for upcoming raids.

  • Only imminent raids that are announced via a raid message in the game window (e.g. lions raid near Darashia) will be announced to players who have already completed the respective area in advance.

  • As soon as a raidmessage has been displayed in the game window, the location in which the raid takes place will be marked on the Cyclopedia Map for all players.

  • A new outfit awaits those who have completely discovered at least ten areas.

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