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Supply Stash

Created by Uman. on 23 May 2018, 08:50

Great news for those of you who struggle to find their items in the depot. With the upcoming summer update, we will add a Supply Stash for our premium players.

In your locker you will find a new icon for the Supply Stash. All stackable items that are tradeable via the Market (except Tibia Coins) can be stored in that stash.

When you open your Supply Stash, you will see an overview of all items that are currently placed in there.

Different filter categories (e.g. creature products or food) and a search bar will help you to find the items you desire faster and in a more comfortable way.

How to stow items into the Supply Stash?

In order to stow stackable items into your Supply Stash, you just need to stand in front of a locker. Open your backpack and open the context menu of the item you want to stow. Select "Stow" and choose the number of items you want to move. You can also select "Stow all items of this type" which will search through all of your backpacks and move every item of that type into your stash. The same method works in depot chests and your Inbox. You can also drag and drop such items to the Supply Stash if you want.

How to withdraw items from the Supply Stash?

To remove items from the stash, simply click on the item and select or type the amount you want to retrieve. Based on your loot container settings, the items are now automatically placed in the respective loot containers in your inventory.

Supply Stash Interface
Applied Filter: Valuables

The Supply Stash is directly connected to all imbuing shrines. This means that you no longer have to carry around the materials you need for your imbuements. They will be taken directly from your Supply Stash if you want to imbue your equipment at one of the shrines.

There is another small feature that will make your daily life a bit easier. Standing on a glowing switch , the context menu of each item will contain the option "Show in Market". This option will open the Market interface with the item preselected.

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell

  • The Supply Stash is a new feature for our premium players which is accessible via the lockers in the depots.

  • All stackable items which are tradeable via the Market (except Tibia Coins ) can be stowed into the Supply Stash.

  • Stackable items that were bought via the Store and daily reward items cannot be stowed into the stash.

  • If a player loses the premium status, no further items can be placed into the stash. Items that were already stowed in the stash can still be retrieved.

  • Stash slots will be counted against the maximum number of available slots in the depot chests. The maximum limit of 10,000 slots per character for premium players is thus not exceeded.

  • Stowing 321 small health potions into the Supply Stash will occupy 4 slots, for example.

  • The Supply Stash offers filtering methods and a search bar to find items more quickly.

  • Items that are taken out of the stash are sorted into the different loot containers of the player's inventory according to the individually set loot container rules.

  • Your Supply Stash is connected to imbuing shrines . Stocked creature products are therefore automatically taken from the stash if you only have an insufficient number of the required creature products in your inventory.

  • Standing on a glowing tile allows you to open the preselected Market interface of an item when you click on "Show in Market" in the item's context menu.

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