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Auto Screenshot, Status Bar and Bestiary Additions

Created by Uman. on 17 May 2018, 11:00

The summer update brings some great new features for the Tibia client.

The client will be able to automatically take screenshots to capture important stages in the life of your Tibian character.

In the advanced options menu you will find a new submenu, which allows you to activate different events for which a screenshot should be taken.

You can choose whether you want to capture only the game window or the whole client interface. Assign a hotkey and you can trigger the screenshot feature whenever you want.

If you have activated the option "Keep Backlog of the Screenshots of the Last 5 Seconds", additional screenshots of the last 5 seconds will be cached in the client and saved whenever the auto screenshot feature is triggered.

Another new feature is the Status Bar. The Status Bar offers you bigger health and mana bars and can be placed on the bottom, the top, or on the side of your game window. Right-click on the bar and you can choose from four different styles "Compact", "Default", "Large" and "Parallel". Furthermore, you can select your skills and character level to be displayed as well. The Status Bar can be activated in the HUD submenu of your advanced options menu.

Last but not least there are some changes for the Bestiary. For example, the newly added Occurence parameter will determine the rarity of a creature as "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare" or "Very Rare". There is also a new level of difficulty called "harmless". Creatures are classified as harmless if they give neither XP nor loot when they get killed.

With the exception of "Very Rare" classified harmless creatures, 25 kills are required to complete the respective Bestiary entry of a harmless creature. Each of these completed entries yields 1 Charm Point.

Besides all harmless creatures, we also added many other creatures to the Bestiary that have been missing so far. If such creatures, regardless of their level of difficulty, are classified as "Very Rare", it will require 5 kills to complete their entry. Based on their difficulty, completed entries of "Very Rare" creatures provide 5 (Harmless), 10 (Trivial), 30 (Easy), 50 (Medium) or 100 (Hard) Charm Points.

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell

  • The automatic screenshot feature takes and saves screenshots of special events like a death, a player kill or a character level up, for example.

  • The feature can be configured in the options menu. A hotkey can be set to trigger the screenshot feature manually.

  • Premium account players can activate all events while free account players are restricted to two events at the same time.

  • A new status bar can be activated in the HUD submenu of the options menu.

  • It can be placed left, right, above or beyond your game window and displays bigger health and mana bars.

  • Right-click on the bar to open a context menu in which you can choose from four different styles.

  • Additionally, you can choose different character skills and your current character level to be displayed in the status bar as well.

  • Many new creatures and a new creature difficulty category (harmless) have been added to the Bestiary.

  • Each creature entry now shows the rarity of a creature.

  • "Very Rare" creatures require only 5 kills to complete their entry.

  • Based on their difficulty, completed entries of "Very Rare" creatures provide 5 (Harmless), 10 (Trivial), 30 (Easy), 50 (Medium) or 100 (Hard) Charm Points.

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Tarmon Gai Don
By Tarmon Gai Don on 18 May 2018, 15:32 - 11.75

hurray for Bestiary additions :D ... though im not even close to done with the current ones :| and it means we'll have more info to update on the site too. Means we'll have to find out how those rarity categories work and how to best mention them for the mobs


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