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Deadly Breezes of Perfume and Fish

Created by Uman. on 15 May 2018, 10:00

I saw an interesting advertisement in the paper the other day. Young dancers would give you a great show in an old temple in the jungle of Tiquanda.

Of course I went there immediately and as it turned out the ladies were really pretty to look at.

I had heard the stories that behind those pretty faces and their initial hospitality, they are bloodthirsty demons but well, you know... The things you do for free wine, a nice dance and other intoxicating substances...

The asuri realised very quickly that my strength was surpassing their own by far and they guided me discreetly through a door on the top floor.

They told me that I would meet their princesses but to be honest, I was absolutely convinced that they were just afraid that I could discourage the other visitors.

Oh boy, I have never been so wrong in my entire life. Behind that door, I faced the true horror.

Countless swords and daggers had struck me down from all directions. I had no idea what happened to me and before I knew, I woke up in the temple.

That was a very painful experience for me and even now, two weeks later, my armour still smells of the sweet perfume of the midnight asuri.

Eduardo, Elite Knight, Port Hope

That was close. I barely made it out alive. Turns out that diving can be quite dangerous these days.

Those black "things" I encountered are ruthless and murderous. If I translated their language correctly, they call themselves deathlings.

According to what I saw in that lost temple in Tiquanda, they are gathering in large numbers. Someone has to stop that from happening!

There is a visual resemblance between the deeplings and those creatures. Somehow, they must be congeneric but it looks like they are fighting each other.

I should report these findings at the Edron Academy, they looked into fishy business in the past.

The deeplings can be quite annoying already but you can keep them under control and you get used to their smell of fish.

If they lose this fight and the deathlings take over their realm, one can only imagine the terror they are going to spread over the whole island and ultimately over all Tibia!

I hope the deeplings are willing to form at least a temporary alliance against the deathlings.

Elborin, Elder Druid, Stonehome

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)

  • Take a look behind the curtain and face asuri in their true demonic form.

  • On the top floor of Asuri Palace, a door leads into the hidden rooms of the four-armed demons.

  • Collect items in the battle against the asuri princesses and complete a miraculous instrument. The ballad will lead the way.

  • Beware of the sharp blades of the asura warriors. Only the strongest warriors can take more than a few blows.

  • Cruel deathlings, allegedly descendants of the deeplings, have appeared on the surface and threaten their conspecifics.

  • Join the war and help the deeplings to defend their realm.

  • Without your help and your strong weapon, they do not stand a chance against the deathlings. Driven by a dark power, their strength has grown considerably.

  • Rebuild destroyed shrines and convince the deeplings of your good intentions. They will stand by you in the fight against the head of the deathlings.

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Tarmon Gai Don
By Tarmon Gai Don on 15 May 2018, 17:14 - 11.75

nice to see so many screenshots :) looks good! also looks dangerous; definitely worth a visit. Do we have any reporters yet to provide us with guides and updates from the Test Server?

By Uman on 15 May 2018, 19:57 - 11.75

If you wish to help us there is always a place!


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