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Peculiar Questions...

Created by Ice Crambler. on 03 May 2018, 00:00

On this year's April Fools' Day, we have tried to trick you in a pretty sneaky way. Some of you have smelled the rat right away, but we hope that we were able to tease some of you nevertheless.

So here is the story. Just shortly before April we had sent out invitations to a survey in which we asked you a few quick questions. We explained that we are constantly thinking about new features and content to enrich your Tibia experience - which is indeed true - and we then presented you a couple of questions, hinting at somewhat odd ideas...

We did not include all players in this survey, to make it seem more legit. We usually only invite a sample of players to such surveys. The sample is drawn by a tool according to factors that we can determine. (For more details, please have a look at the news that we published when these type of surveys were introduced first, as well as the accompanying thread.)

We had hoped, of course, that maybe somebody would share the questions of the survey with the rest of the community. We were happy to see that this did happen. We followed the discussions that developped with great interest, and were pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback and comments concerning some ideas.

At the end of March, we had sent out survey invitations to over 38,000 Tibia players, and received over 6,000 answers. A thank you to everybody at this point for taking the time to answer our questions. Thanks to your replies, we have gained a few insights into the mind of the Tibia community. We are going to share these insights with all of you here, right now.

Out of all who participated in the survey, there were about 29% free account players, and 71% premium account players. 39% were Brazilian, 15% were Polish, there were about 12% unregistered Tibia accounts, and about 8% were from Mexico. So it is pretty much safe to say that Brazil, Poland and Mexico currently make up the top three countries of Tibia players.

The first question of the survey was: If an asteroid was heading towards the world of Tibia, where should it strike? And as choices, we presented a list of Tibian cities, including Rookgaard. Everybody had to decide for one option only.

Almost 20% of Tibia players would not mind if Thais would be levelled to the ground by an asteroid. Around 12% of Tibians would prefer Carlin to meet this fate. Ab'Dendriel comes in on third place, with almost 11%.

If we look at the top three cities only considering answers from players whose accounts have been created before 2010, there is not much change here. Thais still leads on that list with 18%. Ab'Dendriel appears here as the second least liked city, with almost 12%. Carlin comes in third, with 11%.

Now looking at the results only checking the answers from players whose accounts have been created after 2010, Thais still leads with 21%, Carlin is second with 12%, and Ab'Dendriel only gets about 10% of the votes.

Top 3 Cities to be Destroyed by an Asteroid

We took a closer look at the results, only considering answers from players from different countries. And we can say, there is no difference among the top three cities that should be hit by an asteroid regarding the opinion of players from Brazil and not either from Poland. For Mexicans, however, the top list is a bit different. Mexicans would choose Thais (21%), Carlin (10%), and Kazordoon (10%). Ab'Dendriel only comes in on 5th place, reaching barely 8% of votes. Maybe many Mexicans like elves a bit more than they appreciate dwarves...

Another distinction we can make when looking at the results is the account status of players. If we had asked premium players only, the top three cities would still have been Thais (18%), Ab'Dendriel (12%), and Carlin (11%). For free account players, however, the choices were Thais (24%), Carlin (13%), and Venore (10%).

At least the opinion about the top city that should actually be hit by an asteroid seems to be pretty independent from the age of Tibia accounts, the account status, or the geographical location of the Tibia player. Thais always wins. Except, when we only look at answers from German players. Ab'Dendriel is the top city here to be destroyed, with about 19%. Germans and elves do not seem to go together well... The next city to be destroyed considering only Germans, would be Port Hope, still reaching a bit more votes than 9%. Thais only received around 7% of votes from Germany, and Carlin only 5%.

When interpreting these numbers, however, you have to keep in mind that there were only a few Germans in the sample of players who have been invited to take this survey. The number of completely filled in surveys from Germany is way too low to be representative. So this does not have any significance at all.

So - Thais it is. Or did you maybe not have in mind that the city would be completely destroyed by an asteroid when answering this question? Quite possible, too... You never know for sure what the person who answered had in mind, when you are interpreting the results of a survey. Possibly, the question was not posed clearly. So here is a shout out to all Thaians: Please do not fear, no asteroid was sighted, you are not in any danger!

With the second and third question of the survey, we wanted to open the possibility for you to think that we could be considering a melting of the vocations, so to speak. We did not want this to be too obvious, so we asked:

Are you in favour or against a vocation that is both a sturdy warrior and a great archer? and Are you in favour or against a vocation that is both an amazing healer and a master of a deadly arcane magic?

Looking at the results, the feeling is unavoidable that most of you did not consider this to be a question hinting at the melting of vocations, but probably new vocations.

Over 60% of Tibians would be in favour of a vocation that combines the traits of knights and paladins, and even over 63% would like to see a vocation that combines the traits of sorcerers and druids.

Currently, though, neither a melting of vocations, nor the introduction of a new vocation is planned.

The fourth and fifth question hinted at a future skill in Tibia: Stealing. We asked Would you like to learn how to pick a lock to break into houses in Tibia? and Would you like to learn how to pickpocket to steal items from the inventory of other characters in Tibia?

At least for this answer block, our predictions were correct. Almost 69% of Tibians disagreed with the idea of pickpocketing, and 61% of Tibians would rather not be allowed to pick a lock and to be able to break into houses. Supposedly, the 39% of Tibians who would like to master such a skill are not house owners themselves!

As a last set of questions, we presented an idea for a tax system, and asked you to give us your opinion on possible tax rates that are within reasonable boundaries. The choices went from 1% to 20% of taxes to be paid, in steps of five. There was no option to tell us that you do not like to pay taxes at all.

Most Tibians agreed that the less taxes you need to pay, the better it is. About 55% of Tibians chose the option of a tax rate of merely 1%. 22% even agreed to a tax rate of 5%.

There were, however, almost 7% of Tibians who stated that they would agree to a tax rate of 20%! That seemed odd, so we tried to find out more about this group.

When we checked for anything special about this group, however, nothing significant came up. There is no clear connection between the will to pay 20% of taxes and account status, country or age of the account. It seems that about 7% of Tibians would actually be willing to pay that much, regardless of circumstances that we can check with our survey results.

The second part of the question referred to how married couples should be treated by the tax system, whether they should have a lower tax rate or not. And this seems to be a dividing issue among Tibians, the answers were 50% for Yes, and 50% for No.

Unfortunatley, we cannot check for the gender of participants of the survey here, nor can we check whether the players voting were married or not. These would have been interesting factors to look at regarding this question.

Tibians, we hope you enjoyed this little wrap up of our April Fools' Day survey. While no changes in Tibia will be triggered by these results, it was still interesting to have a closer look at the answers to the seemingly odd questions. And it was definitely interesting to find out by your reactions that you would actually rate these quesitons less bizarre than we did.

When you receive such an invitation to a survey, the topics are of great relevance to us, and we appreciate your answers very much. Thank you, Tibians, for letting us know what you think!

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