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Upcoming New Store Products

Created by Uman. on 17 Apr 2018, 10:00

Next week, new products will be added to the Store. CipSoft would like to inform you in advance about what you can expect and how the new products will work. Please read all information provided to ensure that you are fully informed...

A new way to train your skills is coming to Tibia. In every major city (and in the Adventurer's guild) you will find an Exercise Dummy. They are placed near the offline training statues and can be used by multiple players at once. In order to train with such dummies, special equipment is required.

  • Exercise Sword, Axe, Club, Bow, Rod and Wand can be purchased via the Store. Each item costs 20 Tibia Coins and can be used 500 times before it vanishes.

  • Equivalent training weapons with 50 charges can be collected on the sixth day at your reward wall.

  • Use an exercise/training weapon on a dummy to start your training. Your character will then automatically hit the dummy every two seconds until your weapon runs out of charges.

  • Talking to other Tibians and nearby NPCs or opening dialog windows like the Cyclopedia will not interrupt the skill training.

  • Your character will no longer attack the dummy when you move your character, cast a spell, move/take items or perform other "use" events.

  • In terms of skill levelling speed, the skill training progress is comparable to a mage's magic level training with an Ultimate Mana Cask : Knights who train their axe fighting skill with an exercise axe and paladins who train their distance fighting skill with an exercise bow will have the same skill levelling progress as mages who train their magic level via spells and mana potions or with the new exercise wand/rod.

In case you rather prefer to train all by yourself at home, you can purchase an expert exercise dummy for your house in the Store.

  • There are three versions available: The Ferumbras Exercise Dummy, the Demon Exercise Dummy and the Monk Exercise Dummy.

  • Compared to the public exercise dummies, an expert exercise dummy provides a 10% higher skill gain.

  • An expert exercise dummy can only be used by one character at a time.

  • Each dummy costs 900 Tibia Coins.

Another new item in the Store is the Magic Gold Converter, which is automatically going to convert a full stack of gold coins into one platinum coin or a full stack of platinum coins into one crystal coin.

  • The Magic Gold Converter converts a total of 500 full coin stacks before it breaks and vanishes into thin air.

  • The automatic conversion only works on coin stacks that are placed in your inventory or your Gold Pouch.

  • It can be turned on and off in case you do not want to convert your stacks all the time.

  • Once turned on, it will automatically convert all full stacks in your inventory.

  • A Magic Gold Converter can be purchased for 15 Tibia Coins.

Additional information


Hello everyone and thank you for your feedback.

We have been reading through the comments and decided to make the exercise weapons also available for gold coins.

When we launch the store products next week, you will be able to buy those exercise weapons with 500 charges at all magic and weapon shop keepers for 210.000 gold per weapon as well.

Those weapons cannot be traded via the market.


1. Why are exercise weapons only available in the Store?

Since every game world comes with its own economy and therefore different value of individual items, it was not possible to set a global, uniform gold price for these weapons without this price being clearly too high or too low on some game worlds. Tibia Coins are the better currency to determine the value of these exercise weapons since they provide a price in line with current economic strength of each game world that is regulated through the supply and demand of buying Tibia Coins for gold on the Market.

2. I am a Sorcerer, can I buy an exercise sword to train my sword fighting skill?

Yes, all exercise weapons can be purchased by every vocation. However, keep in mind that vocation based restrictions concerning the skill levelling rate apply to the new weapons as well.

3. On the sixth day of the daily reward system, I have received a temple teleport scroll and a temporary gold converter so far. What happens to those rewards?

The temple teleport scroll and the temporary gold converter will be handed out on the fifth day. The original reward of the fifth day will be removed from the reward wall.

4. Is this new way of training going to drain my stamina?

No, training with the new exercise dummies will not reduce your stamina.

5. What about the shielding skill?

We focused on the offensive skills for now. At the moment it is not possible to train your shielding skill with the exercise weapons.

6. How many training weapons can I get from my reward wall?

Free Account players can obtain one training weapon while premium account players will receive two. Keep in mind that training weapons obtained from the reward wall will expire after 7 days.

7. Is the Magic Gold Converter going to start converting all my stacks right after I purchased it?

No, per default the Magic Gold Converter is disabled. This gives you the opportunity to check your inventory first before you start to use it.

8. Compared to the regular Gold Converter , the Magic Gold Converter is quite expensive. Why though?

We consider the additional features of the Magic Gold Converter as a big improvement in terms of usability. It saves you time and "clicking" which should justify the higher costs.

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By Vaeshh on 18 Apr 2018, 12:36 - 11.72

When we launch the store products next week, you will be able to buy those exercise weapons with 500 charges at all magic and weapon shop keepers for 210.000 gold per weapon as well.

Those weapons cannot be traded via the market.

By Uman on 18 Apr 2018, 19:58 - 11.72

Cool that they have changed their mind!

By Vaeshh on 19 Apr 2018, 12:45 - 11.72

yeah but the amount of money needed is still insane... I will atleast do some testing for mages. I want to compare time & money between the exercise weapons and gmp


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