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Gnomebase ins and outs about the lore of the gnomes

Created by Tarmon Gai Don. on 13 Mar 2018, 21:00

Entrance to Gnomebase

Wandering the great halls of Kazordoon I find a room filled with peculiar crystals. The dwarf guarding the area, Xelvar , explains that the crystals are the key to a teleportation device built by Gnomes. The Gnomes are a magnificent race, for they have great mechanics, a spirit for war and combat and an excellent taste for mushrooms! Apart from that I hear they are very much to themselves and trust little to noone with the knowledge of their existance, let alone their devices.

These Gnomes are caught up in a war with the foulest creatures, which seem to surround their homes completely. Because of this and the neigh depletion of their resources they have asked the dwarves for help; dwarves like Xelvar, who take it upon them to recruit adventurers who happen to wander around and visit him.

After obtaining a Teleport Crystal I enter a great cave with well organised directions by means of signs. The cave is as if cut out of a mountain and the whole floor and walls are covered in the crystals I mentioned earlier. After meeting my first gnome i learn that the crystals are a powersource providing the required essence for the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System, known as GCTS. From the crystal environment these hard working creatures manage to create the teleport crystal.

But of course, you do not yet know what a Gnome is! Let me explain to you what my first impression is. A gnome is a very intelligent, friendly, small but hardworking creature with a pointy hat. After a few quick words with Gnomette - note how each gnome will actually have the word “gnome” in their name – I get a clear confirmation that they are indeed very intelligent and well organised. According to Gnomailion :

Gnomailion: We gnomes are masters of growing and working crystals and we also mastered the raising of a variety of mushrooms for different purposes.

The gnomes seem glad that the time for secrecy is over and are eager to start working on more inventions with the knowledge from others.

Help wanted!

These creatures are indeed recruiting help, but not just any help. You have to undertake a series of tests ( Bigfoot's Burden Quest ) to make sure you are in fact a suitable person to help in the fight against those below as they call them. Those below are creatures that the gnomes are no longer able to hold at bay, such as the Lost – a type of dwarf enslaved ages ago by their masters and turned into murderous savages -, or magma creatures – a variety of golems and elementals with a range of fiery attacks -, both strong and fearless they pose a great threat to those who approach them.

In order to recruit humans to the noble cause of protecting Gnomebase, the place where the creatures live, and keeping the dangerous creatures at bay the gnomes have asked Commander Stone , a human with the highest possible rank in Gnome-standards, to lead the human recruits. The recruits are sorted by rank in what is called the Bigfoot Company. Bigfoot soldiers are very disciplined as they allow themselves no time for a chat while they are on duty. Commander Stone is a great commander and coordinator, however you might not like him as a fellow adventurer as he is as dangerous to his allies as well as his foes. He is certainly one of many professions.

Commander Stone: In my former life I have been many things: a mercenary, a grave robber, an adventurer, a dragon slayer and even a husband.

Although he speaks little of his marriage he seems proud to have a daughter called Rosetta, who became a linguist of some renown.

About mushrooms

After a thorough inspection, and trust me if I say thorough you ought to think of double the measures you’d normally get to get close to a Gnome-inspection, you are sent off to a few missions as your first step to becoming a true member of the bigfoot company and a war hero. These missions should not be taken lightly and they can not be done too often in order to keep the masters of those below from being suspicious. As you rise in rank, after a few days you will be able to take on multiple missions in the mushroom fields or crystal grounds. During your missions you will learn about various creatures with enormous strengths, such as Wiggler or Crystalcrusher . Their defences aren´t high, but their ferocious attacks make up for it. You learn that the Gnomes value 2 things greatly: Mushrooms and Crystals. The mushrooms provide them with a source of food, however they also grow other plants and mosses for this purpose. In the last century mushrooms have become more and more important for producing raw materials and tools and less important for sustenance. In order to keep the mushrooms growing healthily you are taught to collect spores and help raise little pigs Little Pig to become mushroom sniffers.

About crystals

The Crystals are a different matter. They provide mostly power, but also make good tools. How they work exactly is difficult to explain, but they seem to be alive as they can form a connection with another crystal. It is this connection that is used to create the teleportation devices. Crystals resonate at a certain frequency. If two crystals share the exact frequency they are bound to each other. They share not only the frequency but also other properties, foremost the same place in time and space. This means that by using a teleport crystal while standing on 1 platform, you will at the same time be able to stand at the other platform: teleportation! This is only a fraction of the crystals ability, however the gnomes are very secretive about further details although we are led to believe they are used for a multiplayer game called resonating crystal hero.

This resonance has something to do with what we would call Music. There are creatures that react due to the right vibrations. For example there are the Crystal golems: Damaged Crystal Golem Enraged Crystal Golem . The golems are controlled not by sentience but by complex melodies that dictate their actions.

During one of your missions you will learn about crystal golems and the way they behave, if you are willing to listen to Gnomezer, who considers himself very superior to the human race and insults us with almost everything he says. The poor guy seems quite distracted, which I think is caused by the massive amount of vibrations near him at all time. He explains how you can signal a golem to return to the repair shop, however why you would want to do so is beyond me as the healthy Enraged Crystal Golem seem only to want to hurt us. Perhaps it is another test in strength or training for what is to come in the real war.

The war against Those Below

Well if training for the war is what you’re after, you’ll like the Hot Spot. An area filled with lava and fire-creatures, each blazing with an extraordinary powerful flame which they are quite willing to scorch you with. Extreme precaution is recommended! Your task here is to retrieve a whetstone from the rocks in the lava with your bare hands, while fighting off the various dangerous creatures, such as Vulcongra , Massive Fire Elemental and Dragon Lord . Although it takes a lot of luck to retrieve a whetstone, once you manage to do so feel free to boast about your skill to the gnomes and they will no doubt believe you.

After repeating your missions many times you will rise in rank and be rewarded each time with several Minor Crystalline Token and Gnomish Supply Package , which can contain numerous items, including vouchers for their outfits: The Crystal Warlord Premium Crystal Warlord or Soil Guardian Premium Soil Guardian .

Eventually you are done training, with the possibility to obtain more minor tokens and packages if you wish to do so. The gnomes seem to consider the crystalline tokens, both Minor Crystalline Token and Major Crystalline Token , as their currency. When you have obtained the highest rank in the Bigfoot company your true task will start: Fighting Those Below and their masters!

About the area

Gnomebase is sorted into 4 separate sections: The teleporters Floor, Main Base –a safe environment-, Gnomebase Alpha –the protective floor against hostile creatures- and the Warzones.

These Warzones are the reason for your training. Each warzone is a section kept by the masters of those below. These masters are extremely powerful monsters which attempt to overtake the gnomebase and possibly the rest of the Tibia land and turn it into a dark place of evil. It is said that the many Lava Golem and other fiery creatures are the sole cause of the global warming and therefore must be stopped at all cost.

Now entering: The warzones

The three known bosses from the warzones are Deathstrike , Gnomevil and Abyssador .

Warzone 1

Deathstrike is the boss of the first warzone, he is a plantlike creature with the force of Nature itself. He surrounds himself with rock, earth and leaf and uses strong creatures such as Hideous Fungus , Humongous Fungus , Stone Devourer and Armadile . If you believe your training so far has prepared you for this kind of strength, I regret to inform you it is nowhere near yet. Investigating the Warzones more thoroughly have required your reporter to obtain access to a very strong team of many high ranked bigfoot soldiers: other human adventurers. In order to access the Warzones you must get permission from Gnomission and you will need a very large, very strong team in order to clear it. The path towards the boss is dangerous and poisonous. Warzone 1 is not done often on most worlds, as the boss has such an ability to heal that it is simply too hard to find a large enough team for it. Because of this, leading guilds have been known to clear the Warzones in unison with Neutrals, however there are also other teams assembled at times.

Warzone 2

When you are done with the first Warzone, you and your team will be ready for the second. The second warzone is the main reason for the gnomes fear for global warming, as this is the area for Lava Golem , Weeper and Magma Crawler , along with other such creatures. The Magma crawler can be tamed, using Glow Wine . Succeeding will earn you Way to Hell .

Although the second warzone will require a lot smaller team for the boss, Gnomevil – a gnome who went mad with his thirst for power -, the way to the bossroom is more difficult due to the many beams of fire monsters there seem to use frequently, damaging your team with ease. Once there, Gnomevil himself is rather easy to defeat. Like all other bosses, he will target the person who deals him most damage. His strongest attack is his melee and thus he is simply kept from reaching his target by getting surrounded by knights, or getting trapped in a corner. Although Gnomevil is in fact a gnome, he is far from little and very dangerous to an ill-prepared team.

Warzone 3

If you manage to stay alive and still have all your teammates from the first warzone around, you may start thinking of defeating the boss in Warzone 3. The way there is filled with creatures with immense area attacks, extreme mana draining and lots of health, such as the Cliff Strider , Orewalker or Ironblight . The Ironblight can be tamed, using Iron Loadstone . Succeeding will earn you Magnetised .

To get to the final Warzone boss you will have to prove to be both cunning and strong as a team and even then it is possible that you face a total party annihilation as you will first have to defeat Versperoth , the guardian of the teleport, and his minions. Having that done you can enter the boss room with your team.

Abyssador is probably a distant relative to the centipede, however nowhere near comparable in strength. As he often uses invisibility and does seem to target the player who deals most damage most of the time, this boss is known to switch targets more often. His attacks deal very high amounts of damage over a large area, making it unsafe for anyone who enters his lair. One of his abilities is to heal himself completely full again, making his sustainability immense. This boss is by far considered the hardest of the three!


Should you manage to defeat this boss the gnomes will have a great reward ready and name you a War Hero once you provide proof that you have slain the bosses. Keep in mind that you need a large team to do this and only 1 person will obtain the required proof each boss! By defeating the 3 masters of those below the existance of the Gnomes is secured, however evil will return to threaten the World and we can only hope to indefinitely prolong it spreading over Tibia.

To protect the beauty of nature from being overrun the gnomes have built a protection for the mushrooms and cultivate the crystals resonance to wage war on those who mean the World harm. Aid them in their cause for good and you can expect honour and a well deserved reward.

Statue of Deathstrike Statue of Gnomevil Statue of Abyssador

You will be able to trade with Gnomission after finishing 20 warzones.

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