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Dev Note: Reaper Weapons

Created by Uman. on 19 Feb 2018, 09:00

Dear Tibians, we would like to present another dev note to you. We plan to introduce new weapons in the summer update.

Those so-called reaper weapons will differ from the previous items. Coming with their own leveling system, you will be able to level up these new items and make them particularly effective against a specific creature class.

In order to be able to describe this rather complicated topic in an comprehensible way, we have prepared a very detailed dev note with elaborated examples and we would kindly ask you to read it very carefully before you answer the questions!

Until February 26, 10:00 CET you can share your opinion, ideas, suggestions and criticism about this idea with us in the comments.

We want to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts about reaper weapons and provide us with valuable feedback on that topic.

As we stated in the news, we plan to add new weapons in the upcoming summer update. Those new so-called reaper weapons are designed for higher level players and will be handed out as a one time reward to each player who has successfully finished a new quest line. In addition, they are added as a very rare drop in various bosses and possibly also monsters.

The stats of the new weapons correspond exactly to those of the umbral master weapons resp. the rod/wand of destruction. This also applies to the number of imbuement slots, with the exception that for reasons of consistency, those are also reduced by 1 for the new rod and wand (critical hit imbuements are available).

What makes reaper weapons special is that they come with their own leveling system and that they are going to offer a damage bonus against a particular creature class. The higher the level of the weapon, the higher the bonus. Only characters that meet the weapons' minimum level requirement of 300, will be able to level up such items and use the corresponding bonus.

In the further course of the dev note, a distinction needs to be made between the already known player XP (PXP) and the new item XP (IXP) as well as character level (CL) and item level (IL). To reach its maximum item level a reaper weapon requires 5,000 IXP. It is very important to understand how PXP and IXP relate to each other so please read the following example carefully:

A level 300 player starts a hunting session and gains 85% of the PXP required from level 300 to level 301. Assuming that the player had his new weapon equipped the whole time and killed only monsters from the assigned creature class, the weapon would have received 85 IXP. This means that IXP do not depend on the actual character level, but are converted 1:1 from the percentage of the character's level progress.

In such "best case" scenarios in which only monsters of the assigned creature class are killed, you would need to gain 50 character levels to reach the maximum item level which is currently 100. In other words, your weapon increases every half character level by one item level. If you kill a creature that belongs to another creature class, you will receive just the regular PXP but no IXP.

You can change the weapon's assigned creature class whenever you want. However, every change costs 30% of the weapon's so far gained IXP. It is up to you to decide whether you want to sacrifice the IXP or to level up a dedicated weapon for another creature class. If your character dies while having such a new weapon equipped, the weapon will receive a 5% death penalty on its IXP. Blessings will have no effect on that loss.

Reaper weapons offer a bonus against the creature class they are assigned to. The selectable creature classes are analog to the ones listed in the Bestiary. The bonus increases by 0.15% with each item level.

Once you have reached item level 100, this results in a 115% efficiency against the selected creature class compared to the non-leveled version of the weapon. The damage bonus affects spells and runes as well. Against all other creature classes, reaper weapons offer a 90% efficiency.

At item level 100, two additional features are getting unlocked as well:

1. The item will provide an additional skill boost of +2. The skill boost depends on the weapon type, which means, sword/axe/club fighting skill for the corresponding knight weapons, distance fighting skill for the paladin weapons and magic level skill for the mages' weapons.

2. The weapon will be renamed to "ItemName of CharacterName". This is a one-time change and cannot be undone or edited. Even if you trade the weapon or perform a character name change, the original name suffix will remain.

Possible extra features are up for discussion:

Option A. Weapons with IL 100 will offer 100% efficiency against all non-assigned creature classes.

Option B. Every item level gain increases the weapon's efficiency against non-assigned creature classes by 0,1% which results in a 100% efficiency at IL 100.

Option C. None of the above mentioned extra features, umbral master weapons resp. rod/wand of destruction should remain the most powerful "allrounder" weapons for higher level characters.

Items with a leveling system cannot be traded via the Market. It is possible to trade them via the safe trade function, though.

Since we provided you with a lot of theoretical information so far, we would like to illustrate the new items and their function in a proper example:

The knight Tibicus is going on a hunting trip at CL 300. He has just reached this level after completing a challenging quest and received a new sword as reward. As he takes a closer look at it, he notices that this sword has an IL of 1 and an assigned creature class called "Lycanthrope".

He is not a big fan of lycanthropes which is why he decides to change the creature class to "Dragon". This process costs 30% of the sword's IXP. Since he has not gained any IXP yet, the change is for free.

Afterwards, he starts hunting in an area where only dragons live. He hunts for a little while and manages to reach CL 302. During this time his sword has reached IL 4. As he reaches CL 325, his weapon has reached IL 50. He continues his hunt and reaches CL 350.

His weapon has now reached its maximum IL of 100 and receives +2 sword fighting skill and the suffix "of Tibicus" in its name. Compared to the umbral masterblade, his new weapon now deals at least 15% more damage to all monsters listed in the creature class "Dragon".

Soon after, Tibicus dies from carelessness, however. As he wakes up in the temple, he notices that his weapon no longer offers the additional +2 skill boost and has lost 5% of its IXP which downgraded it to IL 95. As he wants to have the skill boost and the full 15% bonus, Tibicus now tries to get the weapon back to its maximum level. In order to do that, he needs to gain another 2,5 character levels.

Eventually, he does not want to hunt for dragons any longer and would like to hunt demons instead. When he tries to change the creature class, he notices that, due to the 30% IXP costs, his level 100 sword would fall back to IL 70 if he changes the class now. Since he does not know if he wants to hunt dragons again soon, he decides to save the costs and to loot another of these improvable weapons in a boss fight. Once he succeeds, he can then use it to level up a dedicated weapon for the demon creature class.

Please keep in mind that this is just a design concept and a lot of things, especially provided numbers and stats, are subject to change.


  • How do you like the general design concept? What do you like, what do you dislike?

  • Do you consider the minimum level requirement of 300 to be reasonable or do you prefer a higher level requirement?

  • Which option concerning possible extra features do you prefer and why?

    • Option A: Weapons with IL 100 will offer 100% efficiency against all non-assigned creature classes.

    • Option B: Every item level gain increases the weapon's efficiency against non-assigned creature classes by 0,1% which results in a 100% efficiency at IL 100.

    • Option C: None of the above mentioned extra features, umbral master weapons resp. rod/wand of destruction should remain the most powerful "allrounder" weapons for higher level characters.

  • Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with this design idea set as presented on a scale from 1 (not satisfied at all) to 5 (extremely satisfied).

  • Do you have any suggestions or concerns you would like to share concerning the overall idea?

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