Tibia Royal Anniversary - Part II

Created by Uman. on 18 Jan 2016, 01:11 , 1 users liked this news

After seven days of rituals and magic ceremonies, our wizards contacted Uman. But we paid a high price. Since Uman and Zathroth are different sides of the same entity, we couldn't summon Uman without letting Zathroth knowing our plans. He was present in the ritual aswell and now is aware that we are trying to stop him. There is no doubt he will come after us. Uman tried to share some knowledge and information with us but the forces we are dealing with are stronger than we expected. The messages were confusing and really complicated to decode. Zathroth was interfering and invading the minds of the wizards. Many of them were severely injured. We failed...probably Zathroth stole precious information that Uman tried to grant to the we can only's time to be prepared for the worst.

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