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Write a book - CipSoft's Official Competition

Created by Priyla. on 30 Jan 2018, 09:44

After a longer server save Tibia returns with a new feature for the community, a new official contest!

Community Managers want to recruit writers, adventurers and philosophers to prove them skills. The same way that the community helped Edgar-Ellen with poems to recite, the players now time have the chance to literally write yours history!

But it can't be any story. They are looking for a very special story. A story about a death that you have experienced in Tibia and which you have always kept in mind.

Skim through your memories and reveal the funniest, strangest, saddest or most painful death your character has suffered in Tibia.


  • Tell a story about a death experience that has stuck with you, a memorable death (heroic, tragic, funny, embarrassing etc.)

  • Your story should reflect the role play style of Tibia. Try to stay close to the fantasy setting and avoid real life words like XP, level, account etc.

  • The minimum word count is 100.

  • The maximum word count is 400.

  • It is not allowed to mention the character name. However, details of vocation and game world such as "a clever druid from Belobra", for example, are allowed and welcome.

  • Allowed writing perspectives: first person or third person.

  • The event runs until Monday, February 05, 10:00 CET.

  • Please make sure that you have read and understood the copyright infringement disclaimer in the start post.


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