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Tibia Royal - 5 years!

Created by Uman. on 01 Feb 2018, 07:00

Table of Contents
5 years of work
Current fansite's statistics
Fansite item
New horizons


Today is a very special day for all of us, 5 years ago two Tibia players decided to face a new challenge... And so Uman and Zathroth were born and the Tibia Royal project has started.

We evolved a lot since 2013, but we also know, we have a long way ahead and it is necessary persistence and hard work to keep offering to the community a good content about Tibia.

Our goal is not just to give players easy access to information about the game and the republication/translation of content and/or the content available in game, but also a place for players to create and publish their own content related to Tibia as a way to share their progress in game, tips and hints. Therefore, share experiences and help each other. In other words, we don't intend to create and keep a technical site, cold, far from community... we don't want to be only a fansite with data so people can consult. We want to go beyond that and offer a space of creation and shared growth.

5 years of work

We are improving and expanding our database about the game each day, implementing functionalities in our interface to make it more functional, intuitive and friendly, we also develop tools to to facilitate people's game experience. Between our most important accomplishments we highlight:

Current fansite's statistics

General data

Total Members


Total Topics


Total Posts


Daily Creature Deaths's Records


Shoutbox Messages


Blog Entries


User's Avatars


User's Avatars Background


Daily Average Users


Tags for SS & Video


Guide Tags


Hunting Analyzer


Database data



Houses / Guildhalls














Itens / Objects


Community contribution data



Database Contribution




SS & Video


Translate contribution


Fansite item

Our fansite item is the Shield of Destiny , it was implemented for the first time in game in December 2015. And, since then, there are already 46 shields in game, being 30 of them rewarded by the Contribution System, 10 were given as prizes of our last event.

Undoubtedly this is another important differential, we don't have the intention to make our item rare. In fact we want that every Tibia player has the opportunity to have one, but of course if they are worthy. Thus, we have a reward and points system that works in a very transparent way. Any person can follow the scores on the Hall of Fame.

New horizons


With the growth and popularization of social medias, it's common that players also use these means to share the advancement of their character. Can you imagine if there was a specific platform to create and share the profile and progression of your character?

Well, we thought, and that is why, being attentive to the needs of Tibia players that we take the opportunity to share one more feature of Tibia Royal to players: a Timeline!

Through the user profile you can edit the information of your characters that will be displayed to the community in a page that was completely reformulated to show, just like a social media profile, relevant information about your character, like level, skills, equipment that you use, achievements progression, completed quests, outfits and mounts you have, etc.

Then-do like Ice Crambler and others, and start right now a Timeline for your character and share it with everybody!

Multi Language

Since we decided to create and keep a fansite in a totally self developed platform and motivated by the idea to integrate and interact more and more with players on the second quarter of 2017 we released the polish interface.

To become multi language was a challenging step, but it was also important to reach more and more players. To follow our ideal to strengthen and unite the tibia community into one single place.

And, now, with a more functional interface, fast and practical for people to contribute, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce that 90% of our site, including the data base, can also be accessed in Spanish, Portuguese (Br) and German.

We want more people to know, use, edit and publish on Tibia Royal, and we believe that doing it in your own language is something more pleasant and fun. Besides, once there are Tibia players of many nationalities there will always be demand for content and translations in many tongues. However, we don't come only to communicate the expansion of the platform to other languages, but also to invite everybody to contribute with translations, editions, guides, spoilers and discussions.

Therefore, we complete today 5 years online and we thank everybody who helped us!

Tibia Royal is not only made by the staff but by the colaboration of all!

So, make of Tibia Royal your tibia home outside Tibia, join us, contribute, make part of this history!

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By Vaeshh on 01 Feb 2018, 08:30 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

Happy birthday Tibia Royal!

I am really excited what's coming in the future and wish you the best and I will try to be as active as I can in this community.


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