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Eric a Sorcerer from Dolera

Created by Uman. on 21 Jan 2016, 17:00

1. How old are you?

I will be 23 next month.

2. Where are you from?

I'm from the USA.

3. How started your journey with Tibia?

When I was ten years old my friend and I were in the public library of my hometown when we met a random kid on one of the computers. He had come up north for the summertime and was playing Tibia in the library. It was the summer before my fourth year of school, 2002, so it must have been version 7.0. I remember the summer test server was going on and he let us on his brother's account to try the game out. We were in Rookgaard and the GMs were summoning monsters. I remember it took every Rookgaardian hundreds of deaths to take down a single Dragon. That's what got me hooked.

4. What you think about Tibia nowdays?

It is nowhere near the same game, but it is still a very unique game with so much to do. I've never been able to find a replacement for Tibia. Cipsoft could work harder to get rid of the cheaters, but if you focus solely on the gameplay it's really not a bad game. I try to remember that it's not all about PGing day in and day out, and that's what keeps me playing.

5. What is your favorite city? Why?

Definitely Thais. By the way, IT'S PRONOUNCED "THIGHS"!!!!! The game has bone references; of course it's "thighs", not "tay-iss" or "thays" lol. Anyways I've always loved Thais because it's the "main city". Back in the day I would sit outside the depot all day every day just making runes and chatting/PKing. There's so much depth to the city and the surrounding area that you just don't find in the new ones anymore.

6. What kind of world do upu prefer? Why?

Hardcore PvP for sure. I've always felt it's the most "classic" way to play the game; there are absolutely no restrictions. You can hunt all day, PK all day, or have a combination of both. There's no way someone can trick you into losing all your items and you can deal with people who won't respectfully play alongside you.

7. Tell us what is your favorite Tibia memory?

Hmm... there are so many. The one that sticks out the most right this moment is when my good friend David and I as well as some others did a perfect sneak on the enemy team. I like this memory because it encompasses everything I love about Tibia: friends, exploration, strategy, and PvP. Anyways, we killed a level 200~250 knight, I believe his name was Numberone Two outside of Thais. We then ran to the Desert Dungeon and my friend David roped me, Mike, Michal, Ben, and another Polish guy whose name I forget into the sorcerer room (of the classic Desert Dungeon quest). Now we thought we had got away scott-free, but our enemies somehow figured out how to get into the room. They brought their entire sorcerer team into kill us. We were surrounding the entrance inside but they overwhelmed us and we had to run to the end near the hole and make a shoddy defense.

At this time Ben was suggesting we all suicide because we all thought we were going to die anyways, but we didn't. They even had a member of their team message Ben on a character named "Psykiik" to try to trick him into roping them up the hole. He said he almost fell for it. After they tried to break the defense for a while, we started attacking back. Their leader was playing the highest leveled sorcerer on Dolera at the time, Almighty Deviusz (400~ MS). After an extremely lucky combo, we dropped him. That was probably one of the most exciting PvP moments I had ever experienced. Our little team took down the highest level on the server. They were totally demoralized after that and slowly backed out and teleported their team out. We were victorious. That was one of the last perfect actions Clairvoyance ever made before my good friend David quit :(.

8. What is your current goal in the Tibia?

I've never been a huge leveler, but I recently adopted the mindset of just hunting my 2 hours of green every day I can and it's been working out great. I'm currently aiming for level 300 and to finish my Demon Task for that awesome PvP spellbook.

9. If Uman could tell you just one of the Tibians secrets, which one would you choose to learn? Why?

I love reading about the mysteries but never really got into them because I hated not knowing if they were actually solvable. I always thought the Sword of Fury was really interesting though. I've heard so many theories about performing a ritual with four corpses and pulling a secret lever to make the sword disappear, but never heard of anything more than that. I would love to see this mystery finally solved.

10. If you could ask Zathroth to destroy something in Tibia, what do you choose? Why? How do you to rebuild it?

I would ask him to destroy the entire world, because I hate how everything is a separate island you must boat/teleport to. I would rebuild Tibia as a giant Pangaea where you can walk from one end all the way to the other. My favorite lands are the free account ones because there's so much depth and you can just explore without hitting the water edge. Whatever happened to adding tunnels for the sole purpose of tunnels? Why not add noob monsters in new areas (like a slime spawn in Oramond or something) to make all zones friendly for all players again? I'll stop this rant here.

11. Do you often follow any official tibia fansite? Why?

Not really, but I've come to love Tibia Royal :D. I was a big user of TibiaNews and back in the day, but for some reason I lost interest in TibiaNews and got shut down ;(.

12. What kind of information do you look at an official tibia fansite?

I like a site that offers some useful calculators or other information. I love TibiaRoyal for the screenshots, comments, and especially the boss spawn timers (can't wait to see this for all bosses!). I use Lootpic for calculating profit/waste on a hunt, TibiaWiki for calculating the HP of a target before I try to kill them, Tibia-Stats for max hit and magic level training... every site has at least one nice feature.

13. What would you like to find in an official tibia fansite?

I would like to see a fansite with a community again, like I love reading forums; I'm actually very active on which has a nice community on it, and I would like to see a fansite where people can come together to share things like that again.

14. Do you usually participate and comment in official tibia fansite's forums? Why?

I used to, but not much anymore. Only because there never seems to be anyone. I forums I mainly browse are the Dolera board, Gameplay board, and /r/TibiaMMO.

A small quiz at the end

A Tibian place? Demona

A Tibian item? Magic Plate Armor

A Tibian boss? The Old Widow

A Tibian Druid? Moeseph

A Tibian Knight? Bubble

A Tibian Paladin? Lowix

A Tibian Sorcerer? Cachero

A Tibian Dream? Magic Longsword

Tibia Royal would like to thanks for the interview once again!

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By Cidragon on 22 Jan 2016, 17:57

Very interesting interview :D

EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 25 Jan 2016, 07:11

I enjoyd this as much as the famous lady sooz interview ;d

By Zathroth on 25 Jan 2016, 06:35

Your wish will be granted soon...

By EturnaLL Me on 25 Jan 2016, 07:02

Wish? O.0

By Zathroth on 26 Jan 2016, 05:10

"If you could ask Zathroth to destroy something in Tibia, what do you choose? Why? How do you to rebuild it?

I would ask him to destroy the entire world..."


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