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2017 - A Retrospective

Created by Uman. on 06 Dec 2017, 10:00

Even if it is hard to believe, December has arrived, and the year 2017 is already coming to an end. Traditionally, this means it is time for us to recap what has happened throughout Tibia this year. 2017 felt busy, busy, busy! Let's see if this feeling proves to be correct.

First Quarter of 2017

We started this year with an explosive celebration of Tibia's 20th anniversary! Among many other smaller festivities, including a can knockdown stall and a piñata smash, we all dove into a feeling of nostalgia with a visit of the Nostalgia Exhibition and a PvE arena fight, especially designed to remind us of the classic and really scary dwarven bridge luring from the olden times.

To ease the journey further into Tibia's past, players were also sent on a new quest, in order to look for traces of the First Dragon and his descendants.

There is no real good way to describe Tibia's journey of the past 20 years with words. Check out this video for a reminder of how it all started and how things have evolved:

Coming back to more present times, in February we announced the integration of BattlEye as a proactive protection system against cheating. Throughout the entire year, more and more game worlds became protected by BattlEye, leaving only two game worlds unprotected at the end of 2017. We are happy to see that this measure is indeed showing positive effects.

On a sidenote, in March, we asked your opinion on a possible Soul Point Usage for Spells, a project that was then cancelled due to the feedback you provided.

Second Quarter of 2017

When we announced Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds and a Mac client for Tibia on April 1st, some of you suspected a cruel April Fool's joke, however, that was not the case. A Tibia 11 Mac Client was actually released in May then, and Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds came to life in August.

Further smaller improvements happened in April as well, for example, a CM Tracker and a CM Post Archive, as well as a Tibia Support Webinterface were added to the website, and a spell list and action bars were implemented for the Tibia 11 client.

Still remembering the fun and nostalgic celebrations of January, we called May retro month, and kicked this off by asking you How Thais really received its name. You had some really nice explanations for us. In order to continue with the retro theme, we opened new Retro Open PvP game worlds that month, and released retro outfits!

Before the second quarter ended, the teasers for the upcoming summer update started in June.

Third Quarter of 2017

Apart from a new questline and a huge new area, the summer update in July brought many new features to Tibia, for example, an analytics feature which we had discussed with you in a Dev Note in April. This feature was inspired by Tibialyzer, a popular, unofficial extension for Tibia that had been created by Mytherin. Further features of the summer update were daily rewards, a new day and night cycle, and summons for each vocation. Also, reducing the different methods to strengthen your weapons and equipment with temporary effects to just one system was part of the summer update.

Since the time after an update is also the time before the next update, we asked for your opinion on several topics in August, including, but not limited to, features for the winter update. There were Dev Notes on Quick Looting, Exiva on Optional PvP Game Worlds, Monster Shards, and - as a follow up due to your feedback - another one on a Monster Cyclopedia. In addition, a Dev Note concerning a Skill Level Training followed in September, however, this project was postponed after we had evaluated your comments.

Also in September, over 40 game worlds became protected by the previously mentioned BattlEye system.

Fourth Quarter of 2017

The fourth quarter started with the merger of several game worlds. 17 game worlds with quite low populations were merged into just 5 in October. An additional Merge of Special Game Worlds ended the era of preview game worlds. A result of this merge were the two game worlds Zuna and Zunera, which are experimental game worlds.

October also brought a Split Chat Feature for Tibia 11, and we finally announced the end of Tibia 10 and the Flash Client, making the Tibia 11 stand-alone client the only official Tibia client, after it has been constantly improved throughout this year, as well as the previous year.

Further exciting news in October were the update teasers for the winter update that then kept us busy for most of the remaining time of 2017! Apart from new questlines and bosses, imbuement improvements and other things, the winter update brought Quick Looting and an all new Bestiary that was added to the Cyclopedia.

The winter update was not the only thing happening though in this last quarter. In November, the previously discussed exiva restrictions for Optional PvP game worlds were released, and a technical adjustment featuring a new automatic system to optimise the connection quality was implemented and activated as well. An extensive evaluation of this feature is still going on as this article is written. In addition to all this, December will also bring new game worlds.

Many other smaller things happened throughout the year as well, for example a compendium was added to the Tibia client, or the introduction of mana casks and two new blessings. Also, plenty of technical improvements were made in the background. There have been smaller patches throughout the year almost on a weekly basis.

The overall main topics for us in the year 2017 for Tibia had been working on improvements concerning the major problems, meaning:

  • the botting situation,

  • the server stability,

  • as well as improvements of the Tibia 11 stand-alone client.

We will definitely continue to walk this path in 2018! And in addition, we have many things in the pipeline for you already. We sincerely hope that you will help us out again with your feedback in 2018!

We hope that after this year, not only we, but also you will say: Yes, Tibia has indeed improved. Despite its age, or even because of its age, Tibia is a fun game to play and a bright future lies ahead of all of us!

Thank you for being part of Tibia and for keeping this game young at heart!

We wish all Tibia players a peaceful rest of the year 2017, a happy holiday season, and all the best for 2018!

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By Cidragon on 14 Dec 2017, 22:41 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

This was a really good year for tibia. I seriously thought I would never comeback to tibia again (almost 2 years off) and only give it a try again thanks to battleye, sadly I couldn't play due heavy lag caused by the anticheat system and just days after we got the new "Optimise Connection Stability" option.

There are still a lot of things to improve, almost 10 years of ineptitude can't be fixed in 1-2 years but cip is in the right path right now.

I'm still hoping for the best and prepared for the worst.


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