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Exiva Restrictions for Optional PvP Game Worlds!

Created by Priyla. on 16 Nov 2017, 08:11

In August, Tibia developers had asked for community opinion on restricting the use of exiva (find person spell) on Optional PvP game worlds in a Dev Note.

As the community feedback was mostly positive, so they have now implemented such a feature, and plan to release it on November 21!

Check out how it will work:

  • After the release, players can open this new dialog via a new icon above the chat console on all Optional PvP game worlds to specify who can use exiva on their own character.

  • At pre-defined groups players can choose from are: guild members, party members, and all characters from their own VIP list.

  • Instead of single groups, players can select: "Everybody is allowed to use exiva." And they also can even define a hotkey to toggle between your previous settings and this entry.

In addition to this, there are two whitelists: One for guild names, and another one, to which you can add single character names. For convenience, players can also add names to this list via the context menu directly on their own VIP list. Whitelist entries dominate over other settings.

Please note, if the player guild participates in a guild war, all members of player guild, as well as the members of enemy guild will be able to use exiva on your character, regardless of your settings.

If you try to find a character, but do not have the exiva right, you will receive this message:

For further questions, the Community Managers have prepared a FAQ:

1- Will I lose mana, if I cast exiva and I'm not allowed to?

Yes, the regular amount of mana will be lost when casting exiva.

2- Does the other character know that I cast exiva on him or her?

The other character will be informed about the exiva attempt by a quick glow of the icon that is used to open the dialog. However, the other character will not know who the exiva attempt was made by.

3- Can I put endless names on these lists?

No. In order to prevent abuse there needs to be a limit for each list, which was set to 3000 characters. This should allow you to add around 100 names to each list.

4- Why is there no blacklist?

We decided against a blacklist, for the mere fact that a black list can be circumvented easily, for example, by creating new and unknown characters only to use exiva. A blacklist would give a false sense of security.

5- What is the default setting?

The default setting is: Party and guild members are allowed to use exiva on your character.

6- Why did you not add a feature to hide my online status?

Hiding your online status is very controversial, and it has a lot more consequences than just the one that players you defined will not see whether you are online or not. Out of these reasons we have decided to see first how the exiva changes will influence the situation on Optional PvP game worlds.

7- I play on a different game world type, but I see this icon, too. Will you implement this on other game worlds soon as well?

There are no such plans. We decided against hiding that icon above the chat console on other game world types simply for a better overall view of the remaining space there during future development processes.

We are excited about this change and what do you think?

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